My Favorite Thing

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One chilly February afternoon, I decided to give my buddy and best friend, Jeffrey, a call. I wanted to just take off & go to Bike Week. When he showed up at my apartment I was waiting with only my leather chaps on. I figured I would tease him because it got me so moist and hot and it really got me horny!
We were on the way down South and I was in the drivers seat as he insisted. Finally as we neared the state rest stop he began to rub my willing nipples. That was just the beginning. As he rubbed and played at them with his wet tongue, Jeffrey pushed aside my top and shoved my skirt up. I needed him to take me. As we came to a stop, I screamed in pleasure. Then he did my favorite-he began to lick my hot wet kitty in the drivers seat as I reached for his throbbing cock. Then as my moans got louder he pulled my wet pussy up to his mouth–as everyone around us just watched! I came over and over, then he slammed me down on his waiting huge cock and and the more I exploded the more he slammed me. I loved the show we put on for the other travelers and there was no stopping now! I began to suck on his swollen cock as he played with my tits and teased my hot dripping pussy with his fingers. I begged him to fuck me again but he reminded me we had many more rest stops along the way> We took full advantage of each one !!!

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