my first time with my teacher part 4

I was headed to my car “well kitty I know what you and Mr Mr. Moss have been doing maybe his wife would love to know” Marcus said “you wouldn’t dare” I said “oh I would unless you are willing to do whatever I say just for me not to tell” Marcus said “are you trying to blackmail me” I asked “call it what you want but I have these pictures what a filthy whore you are” Marcus said “fine ill do it but you can’t show them to anyone ” I said “so you will do whatever I ask you to right” Marcus said “yes” I said ” come on over here kitty and show me your pussy” Marcus said we went between two cars I pulled up my dress “there” I said “its beautiful I’m not gonna fuck you just gimmie a blowjob” Marcus said “I have never done that” I said “just get onyour knees take my dick out put it in your mouth and I will do the reast” Marcus said I got on my knees I undid his pants I stuck it in my mouth he grabbed my hair and forced my head back and forth I gagged and chocked as he forced his cock down my throat “oh yea I like that feeling your throat feels so good I wanna cum right now” Marcus said I tried to pull loose but he had a tight grip he moaned out loud. I tried to pull again as I felt hiim cum down my throat he let go I coughed and chocked gasping for air and trying to spit oh the cum “you are even that good Im still gonna tell his wife” Marcus said ” after I let you do that” I said “yes” Marcus said he pulled up his pants and left me sitting there I got up and got in my car and went home
Part 5 coming soon

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