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Part of my job was to go to the client’s apartment and take care of the packers and the rug cleaners. It was a corporate apartment and the last executive had left and another was schedule to arrive soon. The apartment was completely furnished with furniture to lines. The kitchen needed to be packed up and put into storage as he was bringing his own dishes and such and the large rug in the living room needed to be sent out and cleaned.

As I pushed the front door open and walked into the apartment I was in awe. The full floor to ceiling windows were incredible. The whole wall was a window in the living room and as I was soon to find out, the bedroom as well. I walked around checking out this small but obviously luxurious apartment. The bedroom had two ¾ sized beds which meant special sized linens. The wall of glass was only obstructed by a counter, hip high, of oak that seemed to float on air.

The apartment had two bathrooms. One very normal and somewhat small and the other, off the bedroom was twice the size. To the left was a whirlpool tub and next to the toilet was a bidet. Standing there I immediately felt the need to pee and so I did. Then of course, when in Rome. I moved to the bidet and adjusted myself. Not sure how to use it I moved slowly and could feel myself get excited. The warm water shot up at me and grazed my lips. Although I was a bit surprised I loved the feeling. I moved so that the water shot up at my clitoris and turned up the flow. My clit was instantly rock hard and I took my finger and caressed it slowly. God this was great! I masturbated there for about five minutes. I never actually achieved orgasm but I did make myself very horny. I moved from the bidet. My suit skirt was wet. I removed ,y skirt and spread in on the counter to dry. I turned on the heat lap in the room. The warm glow made my skin tingle and I felt my nipples straining through my bra. I am a very horny woman and I love sex and masturbation so stripped the rest of my clothing off leaving just my garter and stockings. I stayed in my heels.

Anyone who has been to New York in December knows that at 4pm it is dark outside and all the building become transparent as the lights go on and you see the inside of each office and apartment. I had all the lights on and it was 3:30. I walked into the bedroom and right up to the window. I climbed up on the counter and stretched out. The wood was cold on my skin as I spread my legs and began to finger myself, right there where the whole building next door could see. I could not get into a rhythm and I think being against the cold glass had something to do with it. Now I feel the need to cum. I have an unconventional way of masturbating. I went to the bathroom and brought back two bath towels. I laid naked on one bed, and spread my legs. I took the corners of the two towels and made a ball as big as my fist and then worked it against my pussy and into my slit and up to my clit. I opened my lips as to I could get more contact. Then I wadded the bulk of the towel and made a pile on top of my pussy. I rolled over and adjusted this pile so it was a lump to rub against. I held the towels to my pussy and started to hump against it. The sensation hit me immediately and I could feel my juices start to flow. I rode my towel pile, rubbing my lips and clit for about twenty minutes when I felt my orgasm start to rise moved harder and faster. Sweat started to form when suddenly I felt it. It was like a wave hitting my body. Intense and warm as the orgasm overtook me. I moaned and groaned finally slowly my pace to a halt.

I stayed in that position for a long time. When I started to feel cold I stood and walked to the window. Standing there naked I looked at the large building across the way. I did not see many people hard at work but I did see three or four men in a conference room standing by their window looking across the way at me. One waved and I waved back. They instantly dispersed little frightened school boys. A light going off and then on caught my eye one floor down from “the boys” and to the left. I watched as a man slowly turned the light on and off. He was standing in his office with his pants undone and his cock in his hand. He saw my attention turn to him and he stopped turning the light off. He came to the window and stroked his cock for me. I watched and found I was getting aroused once again. I climbed up on the counter and sat cross legged facing the window to watch. The man moved to the phone and talked into it. His door then opened and a woman come in. After closing the door she immediately came to the window and dropped to her knees in front of the man and sucked his cock into her mouth. It happened so quickly that I was not sure I had really seen it happen. But when I readjusted my forces there he was, a man in a suit in his office being sucked off by a woman I could only imagine was his secretary.

He held her head and fucked her mouth. His face was turned to me the whole time. He was watching me! He was doing this so I could watch him as well. I unfolded my legs without thinking of it and put my feet flat on the counter with my knees up to my chest. This opened my pussy up for him to see. I could feel the fluid start to trickle in me. I started to stoke my lips as I watch this stranger mouth fuck a woman in front of me. Soon I was fingering myself quite gingerly. I was really getting into it when the couple moved. The woman bent over his desk and he pulled down her panties and panty hose. I could not see her pussy but I could see his cock sticking out from the front of his trousers as he moved behind her. He did not enter her right away. He stood there and fingered her a bit and seemed to be talking to her. Then he did the unexpected. He spanked her. He gave her bottom firm slow whacks on her bottom. I rubbed my clit and felt the little marble roll with ease in the puddle my pussy had become. The man then grabbed the woman’s hair and said something to her. Her head slowly turned to look at me and she smile as the man pushed his cock into her. The sat there on the counter, fingering myself and exposing my pussy for all of New York to see as I watched a man fuck a woman in his office! Finally they came but I was not quite there yet. I had three fingers in me and I was cursing not having my dildo with me. They both stood at the window watching. I fingered myself with such abandon that I finally felt it happen. Like a shot of hot water on my back it happened and ran all over my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. It seemed to last a long time and when it had finally retreated I opened my eyes and looked at my fuck buddies across the street but they were gone! The lights were off and there was no one to be found. I looked around and if fact no one was watching me. I felt instantly self conscious and moved from the window. I went into the bathroom and dressed. I never looked out the window as I collected my things and left.

As I rode the train home that night I scolded myself for being such a slut and promised myself that it would never happen again. But deep inside I knew it would.

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