Next Stop The Bedroom

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She laid on the bed on top of the black satin sheets, her head on a shiny black pillow, long blonde shiny hair splayed around her like a halo. She rubbed her ass and legs on the softness of the sheets.

The long lace curtains billowed in the wind and the sun cast long shadows across the bed and across her creamy nude flesh, he stood still by the bed and looked at her body, a thin, yet curvy feminine form, slightly shiny skin; his dick was already stiff, but it moved slightly to see her right before him, displayed like that, all curves and sensual beauty, completely nude right there for his pleasure.

They had met on the train to work, he had been pressed up against her ass, a perfect high, round ass in a tight dress,he was locked into her by all the people around them, his hard chest and hardening dick felt warm and erotic as it snuggled into her body warmth.

He was embarassed at first by his erection and in that tightly cramped car of the train he tried to pull back and away, there were too many people pushed into his body on all three sides, everytime the train jerked and flew over bumps he would be bouncing and pounding his stiff dick and the front part of his body into her. He kept trying to pull away. But he noticed that soon enough her body was pressing back into him, and her ass at first held him still, just staying so tight on his dick and groin made it impossible for him to move, soon enough he relaxed and let his stiffness stay close to her, her toned ass was massaging his cock, round and round that ass sensually danced on his hard on. It did a sexy rhythmic sway on his prick. He could not help himself so he held onto her hips, just lightly, but enough so that the warmth of his hands sent chills down her spine.

She pushed her hands through the bodies pressed around her body and reached his hands she cupped and caressed them.This spurred him to press on her ass tighter.He humped slow upward thrusting humps letting her feel the side of his cock as it was in his pants, up and down he moved bending slightly and then straightening his knees. He released her hips and shimmied her dress up and over her thighs and ass and hips, he breathed long and hard as he felt her silky panties pulled tight across her ass, she pressed tight against him. He shakily put his hands in the leg holes of her panties and ran his hands up inside feeling her soft smooth ass cheeks, his cock hungered for her. He left his hands inside the back of her panties and they warmed her ass, the heat inside those panties was sexy and hot. He very nervously got to the top of her panties and holding onto the elastic pulled them down, he was angled against her so that he was unable to reveal both cheeks at once, he got the right cheek partially exposed, but the left side was still covered. He was frustrated, she reached back and helped, she pulled the left side down, they worked together to release and expose her perfect bare ass from the confines of her satiny panties. Her panties stayed under her cheeks, she felt so naughty and sexy being in that public place with her ass bared, dress on her hips, panties on the tops of her thighs, she shivered in lust and slight shame.

He was able to lean back slightly to look down between their bodies and see her round, white with slight pink undertones, sexy ass, he could see just the tops of her cheeks and part of her crack. He pressed and humped and grinded her ass. She juiced up again and again from his grinds and humps, feeling that horny hard branch in his pants.

He tried desperately to unbuckle his belt, then unbutton his pants, and unzip, he kept pushing his blazer to the sides, he was able to do all three and, damn, his dick was stiff and achy, it wanted pussy.

He rubbed his underwear covered erection on her ass, she felt that super stiff fleshpole as it moved across and up and down on her silky ass. She moaned.
He pulled his cock out and rubbed it on her cheeks back and forth sideways over the cheeks and crack, just back and forth, she responded by pulling her panties further down, trying to get them near her knees as she attempted this her ass wiggled on him causing his dick to move in excitement, as the train jumped and jerked those two strangers, a faceless woman and an anonymous man, riding on a train allowed their nude flesh to feel each other, they pressed together for a while, her pussy was liquid, pure slick liquid and her lips were puffy from excitement, her little hole was tight, but ready and her clit was extended and sensitive, it twitched as she pressed against his dick. His dick was rigid as a stone pillar and filled with blood and lust, super sensitive to her unbelievably soft clear ass skin, her full ass was heated up, nice and toasty warm and so soothing to his cock,his cock embraced her heat and warmed up too, soon they friction skin fucked, it was so horny, so wrong but so right, sweat and heat made the friction feel more intense, they were getting hornier and higher by the second, but people started leaving the train, so she quickly pulled up her panties and pushed her dress back down, he followed suit by pushing his dick back into his underwear, zipping up, buttoning and rebuckling. He thought that she was leaving and he was right she started pushing through the thinning crowd, but she grabbed his hand and pulled him with her. They both walked out onto the platform. They looked at each other, both liked what they saw, their eyes feasted on each other’s attractive faces and nice bodies.

She took his hand and without any words exchanged she led him to an apartment building, they got in it and took the elevator to her floor. She pulled him into her apartment and led him to the bathroom, a very pink, frilly, girly bathroom that smelled of roses, and she kissed him, she stood on tippy toes and kissed him giving him a long tongue probing, lingering French kiss, she rubbed his neck, and squished her breasts against him. She smiled and pulled away and dropped down from her tippy toes and started undressing and walking, dropping clothes and walking. He watched as her dress came up and over her body, she revealed her hips, the ones he had held in the train, they were rounded and perfectly sculpted, he saw how her hips ran up and curved seductively into her waist, a pulled in narrow waist, the femininity of that shape alone made him drool, he saw her belly button, a tiny innie one, the smallest hole ever, he looked at her upper torso, her toned midrift area, her deep crevice line between her ribcages, he saw her bra, it matched her black satin panties, it was a half-cup bra, black material covered only the soft underside of her breasts, but the cups were push ups so that the rest of her fleshy breasts were exposed, her red areolae and nipples completely out, no material on them, they looked sexy and unusual in their positioning and in their nudity, her tits looked at him as if they were begging him to touch them, suck the, bite them. She reached around and unhooked her bra, her breasts slightly bounced down to their normal position, they were full and generous breasts, they were so big that they were full even to the outer sides as well as into the inner sides, they were just big, big tits on a small woman. He licked his lips, he wanted to suck on those. She smiled and turned around, he followed as she walked in her satin black panties and slowly pulled her panties down, very slowly she showed him her ass, and what an ass it was, so high, so round, so tight, so perfect, she walked with her panties under her cheeks, her pussy dripping knowing he was staring, she loved exposing her ass to men, especially ass men since they delighted in seeing pretty, feminine, hot asses. She turned back and he started undressing, first his blazer, then he unbuttoned his shirt, flinging it off, his chest was defined, not too much just enough that there was no doubt he was in shape. He unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped and removed his pants, his hard cock was bulging in his underwear. She smiled and shook her as
s, he responded by reaching in his u
nderwear and pulling his beautiful dick out. She licked her lips. And stared at that dick, taking note of its rigidity, its skin texture, the color of it, the veininess, she looked at his long pubes, wild and hairy so manly,she saw his balls hanging there but she imagined filling with more cum to give her one hot fuck. She quickly turned around and bent over straight legged and whipped her panties down to her slender ankles. Whoosh in one second her ass legs and pussy were shown to him in one full view. She stayed bent over, he saw that swollen, red as a late summer rose pussy and smiled. He took his underwear completely off and walked over to her. He pressed his dick into her slit from behind, he slid its head up and down in her juices, he felt the incredible silkiness of her pussy, he wiggled in her slit to poke her hole, but she stood straight and giggled and ran, she ran right into her bed and laid there pushing her hair around her head waiting for her carnal desires to be fulfilled.

He came in and he stood by the side of her bed and took in her beauty, his eyes tracing every curve of her body, lingering on her pussy, a blonde slightly tufted haired pussy, just a little curl of blonde hair on top of the lips, no hair anywhere but there. Her pussy lips were very full, he had never seen such full pussy lips, they were raunchily erotic. They were pink blushed with horniness.

He got on the bed, it lowered slightly to his weight and the spings creaked. He leaned into her and kissed her he slightly touched her nude flesh with his. She quivered in delight. He reached down and touched her bare pussy for the first time, this made her jump, he pulled away, she pulled him back, he took his third finger and ran it up her pussy slit, her wetness was intense, he did that vertical finger slide in her, a nice firm up and down slide in her slit and then he went for the gold, her honey hole, he found it and it was tiny, hot and tiny, he leaned back he wanted to see her hole, so he half knelt and opened her lips and there was her hole, hidden in her puffy, pussy lips. It was super red and slit-like looking. His dick wanted in. He leaned up on her and just grabbed her big, fat, full, sexy breasts with both hands holding them like he never wanted to let go, he pushed them even closer together making her nipples extend out a little further and he started doing sloppy, long, wet, tongue licks all over her breasts. Soon her tits were shiny with his saliva, her nipples were super sensitive they almost hurt, he reached down to her pussy he found her clit and he just pressed his third finger on it and at the same time he sucked hard on her nipple, she moaned and arched her hips, he pinched her clit for a mere second and she shrieked. He quickly got on top and rammed his cock in, no warning, just a hard thrust, they both groaned, her pussy drooled, he fucked her ramming in and out of her, that bed sounded like it was being fucked the way it was squeaking and creaking with his every thrust, she was so excited, she started moving her legs, pulling them higher up, he knew what she was attempting, so he grabbed a handful of each thigh and placed each leg over his shoulders, he felt the silk of her bsack thigh skin and also the musled tightness of her hamstrings as they layed over his wide shoulders, and all he could do now was deep pussy fuck her, in and out, in and out, over and over he maincally screwed the hell out of her pussy hole, his balls slapping and swinging, her pussy slurping that sexy wet sound on his cock, the bed creaking and groaning, their heasrts beating wildly and sweat dripping off their flesh. He had to cum, he knew it was a big one, so he pulled out and came all over her breasts it splatted on her hard nipples on both breasts, she was half angled up to him, so the cum dripped and slid off her nipples toward her neck, it was a massive amount of white gooey sticky steamy cum, he smiled, he looked and saw her pussy was drenched. that tuft of hair was saturated and laid flat against her skin, it looked like her pussy had run a marathon and was exhausted and perspiring. Her pussy lips were opened wide and still puffy, wet shininess in the slit, it was too sexy for him. He shook her lower body back and forth she moaned in pleasure. He let her down gently and quickly went to eating her pussy, he was so good with his tongue, lips, nose and chin that she orgasmed, a shrieking, hair tugging, face-smothering orgasm. He smiled knowing her got her off.

He moved up her body and laying on top of her every inch of her covered by him and he kissed her over and over while their hearts pounded and their minds reeled.

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