Night At Strip Club

My wife was out of town and the kids were staying at their grandparent’s house, so after attending a football game a couple buddies and I decided to go get some drinks at a strip club before going home. We got to the club and it was surprisingly empty for late on a Friday night so we quickly had the dancer’s attention. A couple of dancers came over to our table and introduced themselves and I took an interest in Chloe. She was a skinny blonde with very small boobs and pretty eyes and face. We talked and she would banter and try to flirt with me. I mentioned I liked the blue color of her top and panties, and she remarked back it looked even better when it was off her.

Chloe said, “Come on, let’s go to the back and you can play with my pussy.”

I thought it was a cute joke and agreed to a private dance from her. The first song started and she was grinding on me when she took her thong to the side revealing to me her pussy. She took my hand and rubbed two fingers around her pussy lips as she smiled at me.

Chloe continued to grind her tiny ass on me through song two and said, “We should go to a more private room. It’s only $150.”

Being aroused and curious what would she do in a more private setting I nodded my head in agreement. We got up and went to the private room after paying the clerk and she shut the door and resumed dancing. Chloe unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them past my thighs, leaving me sitting in my boxers as she was grinding on my lap. Once again she moved her thong exposing her shaved pussy and rubbed it against my boxers. I was getting aroused and she felt it cause she smiled at me and then she dropped to her knees on the floor and blew hot breath on my crotch. Before I knew it she took my hard cock out of my boxers and began sucking on it. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock and I leaned back, enjoying the blow job.

Several minutes went by before she stopped and said, “Do you want me to keep going or would you like to fuck my pussy?”

I was a little stunned at the question and mumbled out, “Yeah, I can do that.”

Chloe smiled and reached in her purse and handed me a condom. I quickly tore open the package and put it on as she asked, “How do you want me?” I answered bent over, so she bent over the chair. ¬†I got behind her and slid my cock in her pussy and began pumping. My hands gripped her hips and she moaned as I thrust harder and harder. ¬†Eventually I came and she handed me a tissue to clean off with. Chloe mentioned to not say a word or she could get fired and she walked me back to the table where my friends were seated.

My buddy asked, “How was the dance?”

I smiled and said, “Very good.” Never said anymore about it and never told my wife.

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