Nightime Wanderings

The door to the math classroom opened quietly and two figures slipped in.
“Are you sure no one is going to be in here?” asked a male voice in the dark.
“Yes, now stop worrying! I’ve got it all under control,” answered a female voice.
A dim light turned on at a corner of the room and the male turned away from it to quickly survey the room with his blue-green eyes. Eric was tall, almost six feet tall, and had a solid build. His short blond hair stood on end, and a patch of fur graced his chin and upper lip. He smiled and turned to face the beautiful woman with him.

Around five foot five inches tall, Mieke struck a chord within Eric as he glanced up and down her voluptuous body. She had long curly brown hair, and eyes as dark as her hair. Her darkly tanned skin glistened as she grinned excitedly. Eric’s eyes trailed around her large breasts, down her slim figure, and around her hips to her legs as he strode toward her.
“Damn, you’re beautiful….” he said as he took her into an embrace and lightly touched his lips to hers. She tilted her head slightly to meet his oncoming lips, and opened her own to receive his, her tongue coming out to lightly brush his lips. Tenderly, Eric leaned her against a nearby desk and let his hands roam her body as his tongue tasted her lips and toyed with her own. This night was perfect. They had just come from roaming around in his car, and neither of their parents had any idea where they were, just that they were with each other. This made things much more interesting, and Mieke had checked before hand that a certain classroom would be left unlocked.
Eric smiled as Mieke lifted her soft lips off of his and kissed him lightly upon his neck, slowly inching her way up to his ear where she sent her tongue in to brush it, sending shivers down his spine. Her small hands rested lightly behind his neck as Eric turned his head to meet her mouth and kiss her with renewed vigor. With no undo force, he reached his fingers under the hem of her blouse and lifted it slowly up and over her head. It was then Mieke’s turn to shiver as he kissed her neck, and came down to lightly kiss the tops of her breasts, and stroke her smooth stomach and back.
With a twist of his wrist, her bra came undone, and her wondrous breasts fell free from their confinement, but were soon taken up in the strong palms of her boyfriend. She shuddered as his lips came down to kiss her nipple, tongue lightly flitting across the hardened skin and send electric shocks through her body. His other hand stroked her other breast and he heard her moan in response. With a slight smile, he rose up to kiss her and found her more than willing as she hungrily kissed his lips. She pressed her body against him, so close he could feel her heart beat through his shirt.
In moments, without her even realizing, Eric had her pants unbuttoned and pulled down below her thighs where they slid slowly down to the ground. He kissed her ravenously as his hands reached below her bare ass and lifted her up, out of her pants, to sit her on a desk. With a last, lingering, kiss, Eric knelt before her, and between her legs, and brushed his lips against her thigh, and slowly began to kiss inward to her lips.
When he reached them, and lightly brushed his tongue against them, he heard Mieke moan in pleasure, and felt her lean back slightly to rest on one hand, while the other reached down to hold Eric’s head to her. Eric’s tongue flickered back and forth around the clit, stimulating it and pushing it, before backing off to lick the lips of any juices, and continued again, back and forth for a while. Suddenly, Mieke seemed to not be able to take the treatment anymore, and moaned louder and louder, and pushed Eric’s head closer, and his tongue deeper inside her. Her breathing was quick as she moaned loudly, and Eric’s tongue didn’t stop, as her orgasm came and she slowly let go.
His head released, Eric slowly kissed his way up onto her stomach, up between her ample breasts, onto her neck, then lightly tongued her ear. Shaking roughly, Mieke turned her head and stole his lips, hungrily tearing away at any tenderness he held. Her hands came up and fairly ripped the shirt from his back. Grinning in pleasure, she reached down and felt the swelling bulge in his pants, and hearing his groan, stroked it from the outside before unzipping his pants and dropping them to the floor.
She was slightly surprised when she saw the head peeking out of his boxers, but took it in stride as she slid off the desk and knelt before him, and slowly slid his boxers down, kissing his shaft softly, and licking it as she pulled them down. Looking up at him, she smiled and slid her mouth over the head of his reaching cock.
Her tongue flitted around on the head a moment before she moved her head farther in and sucked upon him, straining to get the precious juices from him. He groaned as she backed up and moved in, over and over, in perfect rhythm, her fingers massaging is ball sack, and her eyes upon him. She lifted her head from his member and licked the outside roughly, as if it were an ice cream cone, her tongue trailing around quickly, as her other hand moved up to stroke him quickly. As his breathing got heavier, Eric finally decided that was enough.
He reached down and grasped her, and pulled her up to him and kissed her quickly before turning her over a desk. Her breasts swayed as they fell over the other side of the desk, and Eric spread her legs as he stroked her beautiful ass with his hands. He reached down between his legs and lifted his member and stepped forward, and stroked her wet lips. She moaned softly, and then let out a cry as he quickly plunged in and rested a moment. Eric smiled then slowly began to move back and forth, his hands on her shoulders, forcing her body to move in time with his.
“Oh, you feel so good…” he said softly to her, as he thrust his hips forward, feeling inside her with his cock. Her body was fantastic, inside and out…tight, as she always seemed to be, but oh, how wonderful. Mieke just moaned and barely got out, “oh yeah, yeah…” before she started moaning louder. Eric smiled, but didn’t want her to orgasm again quite yet. He let off, and slowly pulled himself out. Mieke turned over and pulled him to her again and said, “No, I want you…don’t toy, I want you…” Eric’s lips formed a grin as he kissed her lips and kept her legs open.
She was facing him now, and Eric had no trouble aiming himself, but instead of just entering, he did just what she said not to, and toyed with her a bit. He rubbed himself along her lips, brining a groan from her head as she added, “I want you, now, now!” Eric complied and pressed in. He held himself there a moment as he moved her left leg up onto his shoulder, effectively turning her to come in at a different angle. He moved with more power this time, going almost all the way out, and slamming home again, time and time again.
Mieke began moaning again, louder, and louder, and Eric grunted as he thrust each time, filling her tight hole with his member. Mieke’s moans reached their peak, and Eric felt her buck, as her body compressed around his cock. Eric slowed down to an almost halt, and Mieke groaned and waited a moment before asking, “Did you cum?” Eric smiled and said, “Not quite yet, Love…not quite yet.”
Mieke groaned and said, “I want to make you cum. Now get on the desk…” Eric merely smiled and did as she asked, and waited as she climbed up on top and positioned herself over him. With a sigh she fell upon him and moaned, then began moving her hips back and forth, pulling herself almost off, and falling back on again. Eric had already been close to cuming, but this was becoming hard to take.
“Oh, baby, you’re gonna make me cum….” He groaned as she continued this treatment. She just moaned and planted her hands on the desk under him. Her breasts swayed over his head and Eric couldn’t help but grasp one and suck hard on the nipple, getting a fine groan of pleasure from Mieke. He did the same to the other one, but cu
t off sooner than he thought as he felt
his cock strain and then release it’s load into her. He sighed and said, “I told you you would, Love…I told you.” Mieke just moaned and rocked back and forth for a few more moments before settling down and just laying on him, with his cock still inside her.
“I told you there would be no one here…” she said as she rested her head on his chest. Eric chuckled and said, “Yes, you did tell me that…I should believe you more often.” Mieke laughed and they slowly got up, put on their clothes, and left, mostly without incident. In the back room the sound of a falling broom came, but they were already too far gone to hear it.
La Fin

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    that story was amazing…prolly the best i’ve read.

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