Ohhhh What a Night!

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Carl was pissed and Carrie knew it. “You dirty whore! Skank bitch!” he yelled, causing the other patrons to stare.

“You fucking bitch! You’ll screw anything with a dick and a heartbeat! Shit I bet you’ld even screw a corpse come to think of it!”

Carrie started feeling very uncomfortable seeing everyone was looking.

“Ohhh there’s the prick now!” Carl yelled pointing at Steve. “Hey buddy you got sloppy seconds there, I cam in her pussy twice today!”

All the people in the bar were now really watching.There were maybe all together 8 people in there.

“Mmmmm her pussy was just fine, I think my cock washed any remnant of you out of her!” Steve laughingly said.

Now Carl was pissed. “Craig lock the doors.” he told the bartender. Carl owned the bar.He walked to the back wall and changed the lights dimming them and making them give the room a blueish glow.

“Take off your clothes Carrie! Now!”
Carrie refused. “Do it bitch or I’ll rip them off!”

Carrie knew he was capable of that and she was wearing her Gucci blouse, so she started undressing.The bar got very quiet she knew everyone was watching her,she felt humiliated and turned on, she knew she had a nice body,but she felt very vulnerable being nude in front of all the clothed people.

She was down to her bra, thong and heels. “All of it! Take it all off!” She started unclasping her bra in the back and removing it when Carl came over and yanked her thong all the way down to her ankles, Carrie heard a few guys saying, “Yeah.” she looked and realized that she and Jane, the waitress, were the only women in there.

“Step out of those panties and toss that bra!” Carl ordered her. She did as she was told, all eyes were on her, she was nude except for her heels and her black choker necklace.

“Okay bitch we’re gonna pull a train!”

Carrie trembled, she could not believe what was happening. She watched as the men started undressing, she heard the sound of clothes moving, zippers opening, elastic on underwear snapping as the men quickly undressed.

She was shaking so much that she had goosebumps it was cold in there, it seemed like Carl lowered the heat. Her pussy tried to warm her up by heating up inside and even
oozing out her lubrication.Her nipples were rock hard, like little pink stiff erasers.

“Get over to the pool table!”

Carrie did as Carl told her she walked through the men, some rubbed her tight high ass, others squeezed her round tits, others just grazed their hands on her.

“Bend over the table and spread those thighs.”Carrie did that,the light was on above the table and it lit up her hair and back,her ass and pussy and legs. She was like a sex meal for all those horny hungry men. The men were eager to get at her.

Joe stepped up first and asked, “Ass or pussy? Or both?”

Carl smiled and said,”She’s a whore she’ll take it anyway she can!”

“Cool, hey got any lube?” Carrie shuddered knowing she was going to get an assfucking and everyone was going to see such a forbidden intimate act.

“As a matter of fact I do.” Carl smirked, I bought a new tube of K-Y Jelly just for this event. He went and got it and stood in front of Carrie by the other side of the pool table, he opened the package, “Let’s see, hmm use this all around Carrie’s asshole and you will get a nice easy tight ride! Hey Carrie even K-Y Jelly knows what a whore you are!” and he threw the tube at Joe.

Joe stood behind Carrie checking out her bare ass, it was so tight and round and small just perfect. He was stood behind her,nude except for his sneakers and socks,his cock was standing straight up ready to get into her tight ass.

“Splat!” Carrie shook when she felt that cold squirt of K-Y right in her ass crack.

Then she felt Joe’s finger he circled her asshole over and over and then he slid his lubed finger up down her crack, then he inserted his finger in her asshole in and out he moved it, he pushed it all the way in and wiggled it, her pussy responded by getting really wet and her pussy lips

“Oh yeah your asshole is gonna get a good fucking by me!” and with that said Joe removed his finger and slid his cock in. A few guys repositioned so they could watch this,half of them had never had anal with a woman so this was quite exciting for them. In and out Joe fucked her asshole, her pussy was going wild, he got in so deep that he touched the back of her pussy from the inside, he really fucked her and came in her, he pulled out achingly slow,pulling his cum out, it came out of her ass on the tip of his dick, like a long gooey string of cum.”Ohhhh yeah!” he moaned as he saw that,her asshole was puckered up tighter in response to his thrusts and it closed tight.
He slapped her ass and said, “Thanks for the hot fuck!” She puckered.

Brent was next, he came up behind her and he slapped her ass, “Remember when I asked you out and you blew me off, Carrie? Payback!” He spanked her over and over laughing as her ass turned bright red, he stopped and then wham his dick was in her pussy pumping away over and over he rode her pussy he had a realk rhythm going in and out in and out in and out, her pussy wasa trying to keep him out by squeezing shut, but his dick always won out he opened her pussy muscles, she had her first orgasm with him. her pussy convulsed he stoped pumping to feel it, “Shit yeah! That’s it! Damn fucking hot!” He quickly pulled out and shoved his cock into her ass and came. He pulled out after he humped her asscheeks. Carrie felt her pussy wettening even more if that was possible. Next came Pete and John, they both wanted her at once. Carl made her lie on her side on the pool table, he ordered her to hold her top leg bent up to her hip so that her ass and pussy holes were available to Pete and John. Her pussy lips were so red and puffy and her cum was shining in between them. Pete got behind her and took the K-Y and lubed up his cock, he pushed it into her asshole, John got in front of her pussy and shoved his dick in, “Ohhhhhhh!” Carrie moaned as those two cocks were in both of her holes. The two men worked in tandem while John would glide his cock in, Pete would glide his out, it was like a two man sawing action, “Ohhhhh!!!! Shiiiitttttttt! OHHHHHhhhhh Fuck!”” Carrie cried as she felt those two cocks giving her a good fuck, her clit was very erect sticking out of its hood,very exposed and very sensitive. Jane who was watching the whole thing and was totally excited got on top of the pool table and using her index and third finger she rubbed Carrie’s horny hard clit she rubbed it just like she rubbed her own, it was silky soft and very wet, and hard and sexy. “Ohhhhh shiiiit! Ohhhhh Shiiiit!” Carrie moaned as she orgasmed,her pussy hole and asshole puckered rhythmically and her hard clit even moved. Jane laid down and started sucking on Carrie’s hard nipple, sucking it really hard. Carrie massaged Jane’s hair and head. Pete and John saw that and felt those pulses around their cocks, they had both of their cocks deep in each of her holes at the same time when Jane joined in, both came within seconds of each other, “FUCK! That was hot!” John yelled. He slowly pulled his red spent cock out of Carrie’s burning hot pussy and then Pete slowly removed his cock out of her ass. Both holes gulped and pinched closed after that.

Craig the bartender said he wanted her to give him head, while she took it in her ass from Steve. So Craig sat in a chair legs wide apart and Carrie bent over straight at the hips, no bent knees, and Steve got behind and fucked her ass, no lube needed she was well greased from the previous men and her own juices. ” Gaag gaag gaag.” she mumbled as Craig pulled her head back and forth on his cock, meanwhile Steve was doing a hard fuck of her ass, the sounds of her ass being fucked were like loud slaps.
“Suck my cock! Suck my cock!” Craig ordered her. While Steve was yelling, “How
you liking your ass-fucking Carrie? Feel good? Horny are ya?” Carrie was feeling horny and totally dominated.
aig moaned and came hard in her mouth, she almost puked it was such a forceful cum. She pulled away from Craig and let Steve
finish fucking her ass, he started pumping as hard as he could while he held tight onto her hips and he shot his load in her.

Carl during this whole time was jerking off and cumming like he never did.

“One last thing Carrie, ” he said, “You gotta go down on Jane.”

Jane was nude and laying back on the pool table, long dark legs sprad wide open. Her nipples were hard and pinched, her shaved pussy glistening with excitement. Carrie went over to her and rubbe her legs and kissed them she worked her way up to her pussy and licked her good nibbling on her lips tugging on her clit, flicking her clit sharply back and forth with her tongue pointed, she was still in her heels and bending over, Carl got behind her and fucked her pussy, it was the wettest and tightest it had ever been in and out he stroked the inside of her pussy with his rock hard dick all the while she licked Jane to an orgasm. Jane moaned and writhed and held Carrie’s head and rubbed her face into her pussy, Carl orgasmed and released his cum deep inside Carrie’s pussy, He pulled her back to him, looked at her content, happy face,and turned her around he kissed her and said, “Happy Birthday baby, you got what you wished for!”

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    like the story, love a good creamy gang bang, send her over I will lick her clean.

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