Our Car Show and Monster Truck Rally 7

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Shelly’s sexy storys 7 Property of:Shelly L. Stonebraker

Detacated to:a great day that inspires me……….

(Short Story)

Our Car Show and Monster Truck Rally

The local Car Show and Monster Truck Rally was in town so of course we had to go.
Getting up early to get there in enough time to spend all day looking at the cars and
that night, what we really wanted to see.Our favorite truck,Gravestone.Not those copies,
the origanl monster maker him self.So we were super excited.And with you having the
GTX we could park inside with all the other cars to show off your baby too.You shined
her up the day before and tuned the engine making it all clean for the show.Ready pretty
fast in the morning we hop in your lady and head to the show.The GTX floating down the
hills always made my day,feeling the road under us as we move was always exhilarateing.
We hit the bottom of the last hill we turn onto the main road towards the Hwy.

Getting off the highway at the fairgrounds offramp we pull up to the cars gate and the
dude running the gate lets us in and we park next to one of my favorite cars.A 1969
Mercury Cougar sport,this one was bright yellow and hot as hell for a car of that time.
Not your baby though.Getting out we grab our things and head into the lines of cars.
Each one all decked and open with the speaker systems through out showing proud and
the owners all around.Music playing all over as we walk holding hands.Then we see another
1968 GTX so of course you start talking to the guy that owned it.It had the same engine
yours has,and inside which was all white leather and black cherrywood inlays.The midnight
metallic blue paint job gleaming in the sun made for one hell of a pretty car.After talking
for a few we say our thanks for showing us the car and move on.

Walking some more we see the beer garden so pick up a couple of beers to cool off and
keep strolling along all the cars.Then we hear what sounds like a stage show so we go
to check it out.The evening was drifting in slowly so the sun was going down and we knew
that the truck event would be starting soon.So we find the stage and it’s a wet t-shirt
contest.On the stage was about ten very voluptuous girls with this dude with a hose
spraying them down with a mister soaking the white t- shirts and tank tops they were
wearing.Showing off the goods to win and ride in Digfoot.Us watching this of course we
knew would get us started thinking naughty thoughts but we liked the show so we kept
on watching you holding onto me around my waist behind me.

Then all of a sudden we hear this huge roar coming from behind this wall about 20 feet
away.We look at eachother and already know what to do.We instantly start to walk to the
truck pits to see all the trucks before the show.As we turn the corner there before us
was all the trucks we liked to watch on tv.We walked around each truck checking them out,
people every where.Then off in the corner we saw what we came to really see,Gravestones.
Two of them,one a newer one and there it was the first Gravestone that panel truck sexy
as hell.So we head strait for it like to little kids.Getting to it we see the driver hop
up into the newer one and then with a huge bang and rumbling the ground the,feul enjected
beast fires to life.Standing there in awe with our mouthes open,we watch as the truck
passes us and heads for the arena pits where they tune them before the jumps.

You decide to go over to the real Gravestone and check it out alittle closer.Hoping up on
the front tire you look into the cab and see through the windshield,all the inside was like
a normal unaltered truck.And then you hop down and tell me what you saw in the window so i
ask you,”is the truck open”?You get this look i know all too well.Then walk around and check
the door,and to your surprise is was.Then over the loud speaker we hear,”truck show to starting
in 15 minutes”.So we start our way to our seats for the show.

Sitting there in our seats we wait for the show to start.Then out of the huge door comes
El Loco his horns hanging high in the air,After him comes Max Des, to go head to head in
the first bout.They set up and the crowd starts to get loud and the enjection fires.With
the lights lite up the gun fires and bam off they fly.Dirt flying every where the two launch
in the air high and land hard on the cars put out for them to crush.The crowd goes nuts
at the first rush.El Loco gets Max Des by inches.Then the next two trucks come out and you
lean over at me and say”hey wanna sneak into Gtavestone and fool around”? With out skipping
a beat i say”hell yeah”.We stand up together and head out of the arena into the pits again.
Coming up on the truck we look aruond and there’s know one around do to the show going on,
so you climb up and open the door and we climb in and close the door behind us.

Sitting back inside our dream truck we smile at eachother and i put my hand out and you
take it allowing me to pull you close,kissing you passionitly.Looking in your eyes i say
“i love you my man”,you look back at me and say “and i love you my woman”And kiss again.
Then you start to remove your clothes as do i.Naked and touching eachother softly ,you
start to kiss on me and bite me firmly on the neck holding my head in your hand.Me loving
it when you do cause it makes chills go up my spine.Then moving down you curess my boobs
licking and sucking on my nipples,biting litely knowing that biting really turns me on.
Then you know what i want so you slide your hands up my legs to my pussy all tight warm
and ready.As you love the feeling of your fingures inside me making me jump and moan.Using
your hands like a master your warm me up how only you can.Stimulating my clit in circles
and when i’m about to get a clitcal orgasome you take your tongue and finish me,finguring
me hard to get that first real good nut.Then you lay back and i grab your hard cock and
start to lick the tip and down the shaft to your balls and back up again putting you all
the way in to my mouth slowly and baring down to where you can feel me in your chest through
your heart beat.Your legs go numb and all you feel is the strength and gentleness of what
i’m doing.Then when you just have to have me,you lay me back and push in to me hot as hell,
we begin to move together like flowing silk in the air,Sweat runnig down your back and you
hair in your face looking like an animal,continueing to drive my body wild.Your cock starts
to get that swelling feeling and i start to cum hard my pussy tightens around your dick like
a vice and causes you to shoot deep inside.And when you do you bite me hard again on my neck
while half choaking me.Still tight and cumming i let out one really good one and we fall back
on the seat agghausted and satisfied with our fun way of loveing monster trucks.

Then we kiss for a mintue til we get our breahtes back.You look out the window and still
don’t see anyone.So we get dressed and sneak out of the truck and back to our seats to
finish the show now that we were done making a show of our own.The show came to the
end and our truck had won.”Go Gravestone”!We cheer with the crowd.Then as the show ends
we head out to where the car was in the show lot.Get in and go home with an awesome
feeling we both share.Happy with the monster truck moment we now will have as another
naughty memory……..

The End………

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