Our Trip to Moaning Caves 11

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Shelly’s Sexy Storys 11 Property of:Shelly L. Stonebraker

Detacated to:The Sweet Sounds of Wind………….

(A Day)

Out Trip to Moaning Caves

It had been a few since we had went any where really so it was about that time again.Looking online i saw something i had
always wanted to go and do.So i showed you and happy that i wanted to do something so fun.The Moaning Caves,a cave system
here in California close to where we live sounded perfect.Setting up the trip and getting all the gear we would need was easy
for the most part.So when that day came we woke up early and loaded the Mazda and headed there with out a hitch.

The drive was nice and the views and mountains as we passed was really relaxing.I decided to drive the moutain roads this
time so you could enjoy the scenery.But me never really doing it before made you a little nervous,but not to much.I drove
pretty well up the road and off to the side was sign pointing us in the right direction.So i followed it til we came up on
a small side road,well i couldn’t drive it so i had you do it,trading places in the car for both of our comfort we headed down
the road.At the end of the road it opened up to a breathe taking sight.

We were on a huge ledge made by nature.It looking like a huge chunk of rock had been scooped out leaving this opening in
the side of the moutain.There where groups of people and a lot of cars on the ledge,but still a lot of room.We walked up to
the tour guide station and got all the info,paid then went back to the car to put on all our gear,to head into the cave.Us
all ready we head towards the cave opening.

As we walk in,holding hands we stare up cause the whole cave opens up and the celing goes starit up and arched outward.On
the walls there was water flowing along the cracks down to the side trencth carved out by years of it flowing.There was the
sounds of people talking and water dripping and flowing all around us.We decide to go off on our own and look for the hot springs
we saw online.Looking at the signs on the walls we find where it is so head that way to check it out.The cave was really beautiful
all the many colors of algae growing on the wet walls.Walking a long still we come up on the opening for the hot springs.
We see it’s been roped off.You having the idea to go in anywaya,so we sneak in.

Wanting to be careful just in case,cause in caves there’s a reason why things get roped off so we took our time walking in
keeping our eyes on things closely.We step in through a small opening again and there before us was what i thought looked like
a large round bubble in rock that popped and left behind it’s core.The bottom of the bubble was a huge bowl filled with water
and the walls were steaming,the smell of water thick in the air.As we step up to the pool we see how clear the water in it is
and wonder how hot it is.So you pull out the water temp meter you brought to check.You put it in the water as tiny bubbles come
floating up from the bottom.The temp was 108 degrees,cool enough for us to get in it if we wanted.Off to the side it looked like
a bunch of rocks had fallen from the celing and were spread every where.Thinking that’s why they had it roped off.

Setting your gear down and then crawling up on this flat rock ledge next to the pool,you call me up to you.I put my gear
down next to yours and you help me up to the small ledge with you.Sitting there together we hear what at first we wondered
if it was someone moaning.Then we remembered where we were.As the wind flows in theses caves it sounds like a woman moaning.
Smiling at me you ask me “want to make our own moaning”? With that look you get.And of course i can never say no to you,i
say”oh yeah baby”,smiling.Knowing that we shouldn’t be enterupted by anyone cause of the area being roped off and all,we
start to kiss eachother softly.Our lips touch and our tongues start to roll and circle eachother and we put our arms around
our bodies.Holding close as go,you start to remove your clothes as do i and we start to feel the heat from the steam in the
on our now open skin.We take eachothers hair down,as always.

Us now unclothed and moving our hands over eachother,my nails sliding down your back,our skin wet from the hot air,i grab your
now hard dick and us still kissing,stroke you gently.You then take my boobs in your hands and start licking and with your fingure
tips play with my nipples.The touch we have for eachother stimulating our skin through the heat of the pool next to us.And the
sound of the wind moaning as we move in the cave made it a moment to remember.You slide your hand up my leg and into me,i moan
and when i do the cave sound came at the same time making an echo.Looking at eachother and giggled quietly.Then back to us
fondleing one another.Then softly i move down to your waist laying between your legs on my stomach,i start to take you into my
mouth.My lips curessing your tip and rim,sucking lightly then a little roughly.You looking down at me as i raise my eyes and
look up at you,and you say “i love you my woman”, i stop for a second and looking you in the eyes and say”and i love you my man”.
I go back to work with my tongue,around and around licking the shaft and watching you jump as i slip you in again.

When you can’t take it anymore and want to be inside me you pull me up and put me on my back,opening my legs,your hair now
damp and hanging down touching my breasts as you come up on top of me and slide in my wet tight cool pussy.The room being so
hot made it very arrouseing for you.You start to penatrate me deeply and i start to cum right away.My pussy pulsing around your
cock tighting and throbbing,with every thrust and push i cum harder.Wanting to make me sqirm you start to pound me hard.My
body start to jerk and you know you got me now.You then start to feel that swelling in your gut and with one good pump you
blast all inside me deep and hard.Laying over the top of me,still inside to feel me relax around you and then we kiss softy as
sweat and water from the cave,dripping down our skin.

You helping me down so we could get dressed and finish the cave adventure,we get dressed and carefully head back to where all
the people were.Stepping to the rope and going under it to get out,we noiced that know one even saw us.Happy and walking through
a few more caves and listening to the guides,we finish the day at the Moaning Caves and get in the car and head home.Going
down the mountain,i had you drive cause it was late,we were very exhilarted with the day.We held hands the whole way down the
mountain and all the way home.Where we got in bed and went to sleep in eachothers arms,again happy with another wonderful
naughty memory.

The End……

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