Our Trip to Old Sacramento & The Sac Zoo 8

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Shelly’s sexy Storys 8 Proptery of:Shelly L. Stonebraker

Detacated to:My Old Home Which I think of Often……….

(Day 1 of 2)

(day 1)

Our Trip to Old Sacramento

On the next weekend we had off from work together we had planned to go to Sac and go to the Train Museum and the Zoo.
So the weekend came and we were very happy to finally have two whole days together.Working so much,it had been a few months
since we had some good time to spend with one another.Getting ready to go in my car cause it was of course cheaper on gas so
always took it on long trips.Pulling out of the drive way we are off to the Hwy down the rolling hills from where we live.My
car is pretty fast but can’t match your GTX.Sac wasn’t to far so we just set the cruise control and flow there in about an
hour.We headed strait for Old Sac where we wanted to go to the Train Museum and look through all our favorite shops.Finding
a place to park we get out and head to get us coffees then start our stroll.

Walking into our joke shop we like so much,we head rite over to the dirty section first to see what they have.There was the
same thing as lastt ime,joke sex dice,blow up toys and funny sex greeting cards.Games and funny t-shirts with boobs on them.We
where just looking around when out of the corner of my eye i spot up on the wall a costume i instantly fell in love with.It
was a red and black corset with a long black lace tail that hung down behind you.A black leather garter with a pair of knee
high black leather boots.I walk over to the lady and ask if they had the outfit in my size,and they did so i buy it,with you
smiling at me cause you love my sleezy side as much as i do.I then buy a set or red stockings to go with it and a red feather
skarf thing.Then you see in the back a solid silk set of red pajamma’s,so of course you buy them to match my out fit.

Bags in hand after looking through the store we walk out happy with what we got.And excited to use them later at the hotel
before bed and going to the zoo the next day.We walk around for awhile holding hands and laugh as we go.Passing the car we
put our stuff in it and kept going.I see ahead of us the place that does those old dress up western and gangster pictures,we have
talked about getting for days.So we decided to get one just for fun.So we go into the store and after dressing in the costumes
they take the western picture of us,me dressed as a call girl and you a cowboy with a gun to my head.The picture came out great so
we paid for it and moved on walking down the wood planked walkway in front of the stores.

Still strolling along we stepped out and there before us was the Train Museum.So looking at eachother we smile and stride
over to the entrance,pay and go in.And inside is an open area that leads back to where all the old engines are.So we head that
way to check everyhting out.We didn’t see hardly anyone,the place was pretty empty.But it didn’t really bother us at all.We
walked into this area where out of the wall is this huge old steam engine.Shineing black steal massive power.Looking around you
get the bright idea to hop up into the drivers part of the engine calling me behind you.And as always i follow you.You helping
me up we notice how big it was.And a large bunch like thing.So you sit down and take me by the hand then pull me in front of
you and wrap your arms around me with a soft loving hug.Looking then up at me you say”i love you my woman”, i smile and say back
“i love you my man”.Leaning down i kiss you on the forehead and pull your hair tie out and let your hair down.

I start running my fingures through your hair useing my nails and pulling softly enough to send you into my petting coma as you
call it.You love it when i pet you like a spoiled puppy getting love.Within a few secounds i start to feel your hands moving up my
my legs under my dress and up to my pussy.Me knowing whats gonna happen now i put one leg up on the bench so you can get to me
easier.My dress was pretty long so it looked like from any one walikng by that i was standing there with my leg up on the seat.
You were blocked completely.You start playing with me and smiling cause you know i love this shit.Expecially in public,i get turned
on,or you do and it just happens in the craziest places.

Me getting really hot and you enjoying yourself making me so,you can’t help but want to get me off in the steam engine.You
knowing how to work my pussy after all these years was so awesome to me.And only using your hands you’ve become the master of it.
Your fingure circleing around and around my clit and fingureing me hard you know i’m about to cum and you push in deep to making
my pussy tighen up and then she fires off hard with a light moan from me you know i’m done.Not to mention my body jumping and me
getting weak in the knees.

You smileing and looking at me all feeling naughty.Then kissing me and holding me tight for a few.Then we crawl down and holding
hands we walk through the rest of the Museum laughing and looking at the trains.When we saw every thing we felt it was time to go
and get our room at the hotel for the night.So we go get something to drink and find the car.And head out of Old Sac with a happy
feeling of a good day together and on to a better night.

Getting to the hotel we check in and get our room.A sweet of course,we don’t do cheap hotels.We put our stuff away and i head
for my bubble bath and relax with my ipod in my ear to soak in the hot water.As i do you plop on the bed and start to check out
the tv channels and relax while i’m in the bath.You had a shower that morning so you felt ok and didn’t need one.So you put
on you new silk pajamas and fall back on the bed again.Finding a CSI:Las Vegas on tv so you leave it there.Me in the bath still
for about 15 minutes and when i’m done i get out and dry off then pull out the costume i just bought that i took into the bath
room with me.I strap the corset on and it fits perfectly,pops my boobs out and curves my waist like an hourglass loose fitting
and flexable for comfort.I put on the garter and the stockings,the train flowing behind me.

When i was all the way dress i open the bathroom door and i hear you,hearing me and turn the tv off.I hear you say”come on out
sweetheart”.I ask you back “are you ready”?Then you say,”hell yeah baby”.When i step out your laying on the bed in the shineing
silk red pajamas looking at me with a huge smile on your face.Me looking sexy as hell with my hair down hanging over my shoulders
accross my titties the way you like it.For a big girl i pull off sexy very well when dressed right.I walk over to you at the end
of the bed and you reach over and turn down the lights.I crouch down at the end of the bed and slide my hands up the planket
and starting to crawl up the bed like kinda on my belly with my ass in the air.Looking at you all seductive.As i do
your dick starts to get hard cause you know i’m teasing you now.When i reach your legs i start to run my hands up them and as i do
you grow alittle more.

Then you start to smell my perfume and it excites you a little more cause you love the way i smell.Up your legs i move with my
titties rubbing on them as i slink.I keep moving closer i’m about to your waist when i notice you now have a huge pop tent.
And you smiling big i lean over you and kiss you on the lips,then start to unbutton your silk pajama top to show your sexy
chest.Kissing,biting,and licking on you as i slip back down again.Your cock rubbing my breats as i do and you running your fingures
through my hair.Then i reach over and turn on the ipod to our playlist that you hooked up to the room speakers,our music starts
to play low but loud enough for us and not to bother anyone else.As it starts to play i keep kissing your body softly and then
with you liking the sound and the feeling your having i pull down the waist band and pull you out showing me your enthusiasm
full and stiff like a rock.Me taking you in my hand and moving my fingures up and down you let out a breathe and as you do my favorite
song comes on and i put my lips on your stomach kissing then bite your hip as you jump i slip you into my mouth and you get
aliilte surpise cause i bare down right away.You have to grab the headboard to hold on cause i’m gettin it.And with me sucken
like that you have a hard time controlling yourself.I make you wimper like you did me on the steam engine,so you know i got really hot
from it.

Getting into it now i slowly stop and lean up and kiss you on the neck,then bite you again on the neck like a sexy vampire.Then
i staddle you and slip you into me deep hitting all the way the back,i let out a wimper again.My pussy wet and hot as hell.I start to ride
you getting it deeper with every movment.You loven this cause you sit up a little and barey your face in my now looking
huge titts as i grind on you.With a fast movement you throw me onto my back holding my waist.My long hair spread out around
me on the pollows and the corset holding my boobs,looking soft and perfect,and keeping my waist tight and firm.Still inside me as we
switch psitions.You push and pull my hips forward and lift my legs into the air,my stockings making my legs look long and sexy.
You start to pentrate me the way i like.The lights dim,you can still see and feel me getting off back to back,getting tighter
and tighter,thrust by thrust.Our bodies like energy flowing together as one,pleasure at that level only true passion and love
can bring.As our music plays we glide with it beat for beat,going with the rythme.At the end of the last song on the list i arch
my back and when i do you push hard and swell and cum deep down inside wrapping your arms around my waist again holding me
strongly with your hands gripping me hard.

You fall back on the bed sweat on your chest and your hair soaked and in your face.Us laying there holding eachother for a
few.Then you kiss me and go to take a shower.After your shower,you come out in a towel and see me passed out from our day.Knowing
i will get cold,you take the covers and pull them up over me.Crawl into bed next to me staring for a minute cause you enjoy
watching me sleep,then turning off all the lights wrap your arm around me and fall fast to sleep.

(End of day 1)

(Day 2)

The Day at the Zoo

The next morning we both wake up with the alarm on your watch to start our day at the Sac Zoo.Getting all our stuff an checking
out of the hotel we get on the road again.Arriving after a short time at the Zoo we grab a throw blanket out of the trunk and
pay and go in.Looking around we decide which way to go first.I wanted to see the elephents so we went that way holding hands
as we always do.Smiling at eachother as we walk.The sun shining and a cool breeze made it a beautiful day.We walk by a bunch
of animals before we got to the elephents,stopping and looking at each one.The gizzels and anilopes in the same pen and some
zebras too.Turning around a bend where in another area there where the hippos under water sitting there like huge round gray
beasts.Then next to them were the giraffe’s,all tall and cute looking.There right next to them were the elephents.

The handler feeding them as we stepped up.There were four of them eating the veggys he was giving them.Thrilled about this
i grin and grab your arm,laying my head on your shoulder.Such majestic animals and largest on land,and there trunks are so cute.
After awhile we wonder away onto ther next sets of pens.Which were the cats,then all the aps.One in every size shape and color.
Coming up on my next favorite,the polar bear.He was playing with his giant red ball in the water.Throwing it around and tossing
it in the air.On the fence it said his name was Bow Bow.And he knew we were watching him.So he gets out of the water and starts
to walk back and forth then he stands up and dives into the water again splashing as he goes under.In awe we stand there stareing
holding hands and watching the power of this animal.In the next set of cages were all kinds of differnt birds all cherping and
swalking away.Passing it we keep going,back where the open pen areas where they have ducks and things that live in the water.
There were bunches of different water birds and Coi fish in the water ponds.In one was the alligaters which was cool.Us walking
slowly and looking around.

We come up on the reptil house as we turn the corner,and we go in.Inside there’s all these windows to look in and every kind of
creep crawly thing you can think of.We were half way to the end when you spot a door leading back behind the glass cases.Wondering
if the door was open,you try it and it was.So you poke your head in to see if anyone was back there.And suprisingly there
wasn’t a person in sight.Pulling me by the hand i follow you in the door closeing it behind us.You turn and look at me and
with out words i already know what you want to do.I pull my hair down and then yours cause i love it when you look down at me
with your hair in your face.Getting down on my knees i start to remove your belt and open the front of your jeans.You looking
around to make sure we are still alone.I begin by softly breathing on your dick and growing more i open my mouth and tenderly
glide my lips on the tip,so you get that chill up your back.Then i take my tongue and do circles around and around the shaft
and back up again to the tip.I suck lightly for a minute and i know what i need to do,take it.And your all willing to give it.
Firm and hard i start to use my lips and tongue alittle roughly and you got kinda weak in the knees.Then with a few more moves
of mine you cum hard and about fall to your knees.I catch your nut and make sure you stay standing.Wiping my lips and smiling as
i stand up.You fix your pants and put your arms around me and hug me strongly.Then we sneak back out the same door and keep
going looking at the rest of the animals and enjoying the day togehter.

At the end of the day when the sun started to go down we headed home.Happy with the weekend we had.The train engine,the sexy
costume at the hotel,and the reptil house at the zoo.When we got home we hung the western picture up on the wall and headed
strait to bed to start another work week the following morning.

The End……

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