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My girlfriend, Kristi, and I had just finished eating out one night and decided to just drive around for a little while. After almost an hour of just wondering around we found our way to one of the local parks. It was a nice clear night so we decided to take a stroll down one of the paths. We decided to stop and sit on one of the benches next to the little river that the park was built around. As we sat there holding each other and we just chatted for awhile.

After talking for awhile we began to make out and started to feel each other up. I my hand down Kristi’s shirt massaging her cute little b cup titties. I had her moaning with pleasure, but not to be out done she started to massage my stiffening dick. Kristi took my hardening dick out of my pants and started to stroke it. It felt so good that at first I stopped playing with her little tits. As Kristi was stroking my dick I pulled up her shirt and started to suck on her beautiful nipples. We continued to fondle each other for a little bit longer until we heard footsteps slowly approaching our position. Fearing being caught we tucked everything back in and started back down the trail.

As we hurried back to our car we still remained pretty horny. As we got to the car I grabbed Kristi and forced her against the car and started to make out with her. Since no one else was around and the parking lot only had 2 other cars I forced Kristi down to her knees and told her to suck me. She unzipped my shorts pulled out my dick and started to suck me. Kristi would tease my cock by licking the tip of my head or send my dick to the back of her throat. She would stroke me and tease me. Kristi was good at giving head and she would keep me on the edge of cumming. Every time I thought I was going to cum she would slow down and kept me from blowing my load. Eventually I told her I had to cum and forced her head back and forth on my swollen dick. Making her mouth go faster and faster Kristi finally had my on the very edge and I gave in blowing my load into her mouth. After my cock was starting to deflate I pulled it out of her mouth and Kristi showed me the cum in her mouth before swallowing it.

As I was beginning to zip up and she stood up we heard tires crunching on the road and suddenly a spot light was shinning in our eyes. It was a cop and he wanted to know what we were still doing in the park. As we tried to look away from the light I noticed the other 2 cars had already left. Telling the cop we just enjoying the stars he told us to get in our car and head out because the park was already close.

We said sorry, she giggled and we got back in our car and took off. We broke out in nervous laughter because we were pretty sure the cop new what we had been doing but unfortunately for him he was just a minute to slow to catch us. While I had been satisfied I knew Kristi was still horny as hell. Kristi was fidgeting around in her seat and had a hand lightly rubbing her wet pussy. Kristi finally reached out and once again pulled out my now soft cock and started to stroke it. As it began to harden again she bent over the seat and started to suck my now hard dick once again. I got to tell you it isn’t easy staying on the road while a beautiful girl is sucking on your cock. Knowing I wasn’t ready for us to go home yet I took us to another park that was just a few blocks from her house. I pulled into another dark parking spot and Kristi just kept sucking my dick until I just came down her throat once again.

Two orgasm for me and she hadn’t had one yet so I had to return the favor. I pulled her shirt off and pulled her pants down around her ankle and started to suck on her tits and finger her tight pussy. As I was finger fucking her Kristi’s breathing began to pick up and I knew she was getting close to having an orgasm. Since she was so close I picked up the pace and fingered her faster and harder shoving a second finger into her tight pussy and this made her scream out in orgasm. She was so damn loud I was afraid that if someone was in this park they might hear her.

As Kristi slowly came down from her orgasm my dick was hard once more and I had her lay her seat back and she got down on her hands and knees and I got up behind her. We began to fuck doggy style for a long time. We had the windows fogged up and the car was a shaking from our fucking. Eventually her tight pussy got tighter as Kristi started to cum on my dick and I couldn’t take it any longer either and I unloaded deep inside her wet pussy. As we came we were both screaming from the pleasure as I just kept pumping in and out of her until our orgasm began to diminish. Once we had both stopped cumming I pulled out from her fell back in my seat and Kristi sucked our combined cum off my now limp dick. We got dressed and went back to her house where I dropped her off. With a good night kiss I drove into the night back home.

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