Pornstar Ball in Las Vegas 9

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Shelly’s sexy storys 9 Property of:Shelly L. Stonebraker

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Porn Star Ball in Las Vegas

We woke up at sun up to catch our flight to Las Vegas.Rushing alittle as we got all of our luggage in the cab that showed up
to take us to the airport.Ready,we leave and the cab loaded we get on the road.Talking in the back seat along the way about all
our favorite spots to see while we are there.The ride takes almost all the time we had.Getting to the airport checking in our
bags and then we go to get on the plane.On the plane we make ourselves comfortable in first class and sit back and wait for the
plane to take off.And it does as the lady walks up and askes us what we would like to drink.So we tell her and off she goes.We
then start to chat and happen to joke about our flight home from Hawii in the plane bathroom a year ago,smiling at eachother.
The flight was only a few hours so we sit talking until the lady brings us what we wanted and some amonds to nibble on as we drink
our drinks.

Landing we got off the plane and head to the place to get our luggage and then to the rental car.Walking out to where our car was
the air was clean and fresh with a light breeze.The sun hung high in the sky warm and bright.As we get in the car you put our stuff
in the trunk.We got a new Dodge Challenger cause you wanted to drive one.Hopping in you look at all the goodies,top of the
line sterio sysdem had to be a must.We love our sound in all our rentals.I connect the ipod to check just how good it is.Turns
out pretty good. So we head out of the airport and for the strip.We booked a room at the Tanjeers for 2 nights a few months
ago.On the way there you get to open up the engine fully in the Challenger.Satisfied with the cars proformance we arrive at the hote
and pull in as the valet comes up to park our car and the bus boy comes to get our bags as we check in.

The reason we choose the Tanjeers was they were haveing the Porn Star Awards that weekend and we got tickets to it.Hoping to
see some of the ladies from movies they were getting awards for.Getting our room on one of the upper floors,we had to get in
advance.And the hotel full of sexy ass woman we were happy as hell to be there for the show.We reserved a sweet of course so we went
up to check it out since we hadn’t stayed there before.Opening the door,before us was one hell of a room.Kinda like the one
we got when we went to Hawii.Putting our stuff away then i go to check out the bathtub.

To my shock the bathroom wasn’t a bathroom at all.It was a whole room and in the middle was a spa bubbles aready on and rose
peddles in the water.I squeaked and then yelled for you to come check this out.With a quickness you came running thinking i
found something you had to save me from.Sliding around the corner you stop and say”what babe,are you ok”?Then seeing the
spa you know why i yelled and you hug me and tell me to not scare you like that,then laugh at me checking out the spa.The smell
of roses in the air from the water bubbleing. They must have smelly oil in the water to make it smell good.

The show wasn’t suppose to start for a few more hours and i hadn’t got an evening gown yet so we decited to go buy me one.You
had your tux from our wedding so being covered we left the room and headed to the elavator and as we walked out of the room
we were stopped cold by none other then Kitty Morgan herself walking by with two other goregous women.She looks right at you
and smiles as she and her friends pass us.Your face is all a glow and as they walk by,we stare like two young teenagers meeting
there dream girls and having nothing to say.Going by Kitty turns and blows us a kiss and we both blush,smiling away.Then the girls
step into a room a door down from ours.Tickled pink about who was so close.We went down in the elevator giggleing.

Getting to the lobby which is now filled with every kind of sexy female you could think of.Them all checking in and moving to
the elevators going up to there rooms.We walk out of the lobby looking at as many as we could.At the entrence we give the valet
the card for our car. And as we wait we watch all the limo’s bringing the girls in.Most dressed kinda sleezy but we didn’t care
after all this was Vegas.When the valet came with our rental we paid and got in and started down the road.

There were stores and Casinos every where.Then we see a gown store so we pull in to check and see what they have.Walking in you
know your about to help me pick out the perfect dress.And that kinda excites you alittle,not to mention all the hotties we just saw.
The lady in the store comes up to us and directs me to an area where they have gowns in my size and begins to help me look at
them.You sit in the dressing room in a chair so you can see me in the dresses i’m gonna try on.The lady and i pick two dresses
to try on first.One was a strapless open backed,long black flowing one and the other was a V neck,open backed, black one with a
short front and long flowy train in the back.It also had crystals on the boobs part that sparkled in the lights.And there was a
knee high set of black leather boots to go with it.I go into the dressing room to change and put on one to show you.First i come
out in the long flowing one and show you,doing a silly little dance and twirl as i do.You smile and shake your head.So i go back
in.Next i come out with my boots on and from the look on your face i knew this was the one.I fit the Vages sene perfectly for
the show we were going too.I go back into the dressing room to put back on my normal clothes so we can buy the dress and head
back to the hotel in time to get ready.

So we rush back to the hotel to dress and get our seats before the awards start.Coming out of the elevetor at our floor
we step out and there again is Kitty waiting to go down to the lobby.She was wearing this emerald green V neck open backed
dress that huged her perfect body like a really tight glove and 9 inch steletos.Sexy as hell,our mouths open we step aside and
let her in as we step off.Again she smiles and blows us a kiss as the elevator doors close.We look at eachother and both are
thinking the same thing.Dam we sure would love to play with her.Opening the door to our room we run in and start to get dressed.
You in your tux and me in the dress we just bought.My hair took a minute but not to long.All ready we headed down the elevator
to the lobby and out back to the stage area where the show was being held.

Handing the man our tickets we head into the show and sit down.The show goes on without a hitch and all the best girls in
the Porn industry,won, all wear pratically nothing.Which didn’t bother us at all.With all the eye candy around i see you starting
to get alittle frisky.Touching me with curessing fingures and spending a lot of time smiling with your eyes.The show was awesome
and afterwards we were heading out,back to the lobby and elevators back up to our room,when yet again there she was Kitty in her
green dress smiling at us.We went up the elevator again you,me and her.Not saying a word we smile back as we all get off,and you being
bravely you reach out and hand her a room key to our room.And then smiling you grab my hand and head strait for our door.Open it
and we walk inside and close the door behind us.Shocked by what you just did and chatting at me about how ballzy you just were.
You were hoping she would come by later.But not counting your chickens before they hatch doubting she would.

Me being bi has always turned you on cause i’m always down to share and so are you.So this was one of those times we had to
hope for.We decided to get in the spa together to soak in the heat.So i called room service to order some champagne for our spa
time.Telling the desk clerk to have the guy just walk into our room cause we would be in the spa,and he said ok.So we headed for
spa still bubbling with the rose peddles in it and smelling wonderful.We strip down and get in.Sitting there for a few soaking
the heat from the water up,we hear the guy with our champagne come in the room.He leaves the tray table and walks out of the
room without a word.I guess he saw us in the spa so didn’t want to disturb us.

So you have to get out and get our glasses and full them,when you see,he didn’t bring any ice.So you tip toe back to the spa
and grab a towel,put it around your waist and tell me your going to get the ice.You grab a room key and the ice bucket and out
the door you go leaving me in the spa.You poke your head out the door to see if anyone is there and your luck know one was.So
you go for it.Walking down the hall in your towel,no shirt and your long wet hair hanging down your shoulders,you sneak to the
ice machine.Getting the ice and heading back to the room.You were about to our door when Kitty’s door opened.And there caught by
one of the sexiest woman alive your standing there in a towel.She looks at you and lets out a tiny laugh and smiling so big
your face turns red.

Then she takes your hand and you and her walk to our door and step in together.Me still in the spa i see your not alone.To my
surprise it’s Kitty.Thinking “hot dam,he did it”! I smile and intoduce us to her,her smiling all the while.She askes if she can
get in the spa with me and of course i say yes.So right away she drops her dress and hops in.Your standing there with two naked
your hotel room,in your spa kinda frozen.So i say,”honey,champagne”,and you move and head for it to get me and her a glass and
yourself one.Coming back with the cart,you hand me my glass and Kitty hers and pour all of us our drinks.Then dropping your towel
in you crawl.Sitting back Kitty and i scoot to each side of you and we all toast and drink our glasses.Kitty starts to tell us
about her next movie and we sit and listen enjoying how beautiful she really was.

Then Kitty askes us very blunt”so what do you two want to do”?I get that grin you love and i say”i want to watch my husband
and you in bed”.Cause watching you and her would so turn me on,i’m kinky like that.So she agrees and your just sitting there going
with it.We all get out of the spa and head for the bed,where you two get on it and i turn down the lights and pull up a chair
from the other part of the room so i can see everything.

Sitting on the chair naked with only a towel on wathcing you two.You both look at me then eachother and with a swift gesture
of my hand you to begin to kiss.And i know how well you can bring it so i lay back and get comfortable.I see your grab her titties
licking a sucking her nipples,her perfect shapes in the shadows.You go for her pussy as she goes for your cock you both now in
the 69 position.You licking her clit and fingureing her hole deep.and her sucking hard on you.Her ass in the air and the curves of
her body looking sexy as hell to me.Expecially watching you with her.After awhile of playing you both move to where she’s on her
back and you slide into her,her legs over your shoulders.You drive in and out of her fast as a rabbit pumping over and over
again.You both making sounds like animals,moaning,panting and heaving on eachother.You gripping the head board for leverage.
Continueing to pound her trusting your dick into her g spot she cums harder and over and over.Then you want to switch positions
again to doggy style so you both move and grabing her hips,her ass rite there so nice and firm,you dip in again but this time you
pop your fingure in her ass and she lets out an”ohh yeah”,”like that”,so you go at her more and more.After a few you pull your
cock out of her soft wet pussy and stick your tip in her ass.AS you do she leans back and takes all of you in one move.So you
roll with it and start slipping in nd out of her ass picking up speed as you go.You reach up and grab her by the shoulders and
dig deeper,as you do she starts to scream and beg for you to do her harder.

Then i say”yeah baby pump it”,out of the shadows.You wave your hand at me to come over to the bed but i shake my head and say
“i love you my man”,this is for you.So you looking at me say”dam i love you my woman” and go back to pounding Kitty almost
vigorously.She was loven it so i sat back and kept on watching for awhile as your bodies began to sweat i knew your time was
close so i stood up and slowly without you two seeing me and stepped over to the bed.Dropping my towel i come up behind you and
run my nails down you back.You both notice me and then turn your attention on having me to play with now.So you and kitty start
to kiss over top of me my hands on you both slideing my nails on your skins.Kitty leans down and starts to kiss me and you
watching us with huge eyes and really getting hotter now put your fingures into me and i start to kiss her more aggesively.Our
mouthes rolling around as your watch.Then you slip your other fingures on the other hand up into Kitty.Finguring us both and
watching us kiss you got so stiff and your blood pumping hard.Kitty and i look at you and then lay you back and both of
us start licking and sucking on you.Looking down at us both you get that feeling and tell us your about to blow so i bare down
on you and Kitty moves up and starts kissing you.Your cock fills and shoots right down my throat you grabing the back of my head.
as you do.With you done and Kitty and i not done we start making out on top of you.For a minute you lay there,but then you move
over to the chair i was in to watch cause you know your in for one hell of a show.

Kitty and i start by me sliding down to her pussy and start eating her out,licking and biting softly on her lips and running my
nails up her legs.Rolling my tongue on her clit gently in circles and sucking firmly.Then i dip my fingures in and begin to work
her pussy like master.Her being really hot after you i knew i could really get her off too.My lips softly curessing the clit
and my fingures making her jump around and her moaning loudly.Your smiling in the shadows on the chair.I look over at you and
ask you to please grab me my little red bag.And you know what that means,sex toys.You run and get it for me and sit back down in
the chair.I pull out a brand new dildo i bought for the trip and turn it on and slowly start to enter Kitty’s wet pussy with it.
She lets out a louder moan and i continue to lick on her clit and penatrate her over and over.Til with a tight push she gets her
clitical i was working for.Happy we just got to play with a true porn star and now done we all three lay back on the bed,you in the
middle and us girls with our heads on your chest.We all fall asleep and don’t wake up til the sun came out the next morning.

Kitty woke up first and out he door she went leaving us still sleeping.When we woke up we giggled an wondered if the night we
had was real or not.Then after going in the bathroom,i walked back out holding Kitty’s green dress.And we knew we had just had one
great experiance.”What happens in Vages,stays in Vages”, i say with a laugh and hop back in bed with you and us snuggleing for about
a half hour til we were ready to check out and head to the airport for our flight home.Thinking to ourselves, what could have
made this trip any better.We get to the airport on time and get on the plane and head back home,completely exstatic about our
time in Las Vages at the Porn Star Awards.

The End………..

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