Rough Road Stop

We’ve been planning this trip for months now. Once the last bell for school rang, my friends and I ran out of the school glad were finally done with high school. My name is Kelly, I am a 6’0 tan blonde 34C breasts. My friends are Tina who is the same height, same hair color as me but is lighter tan and a cup smaller than me. Then there is Annie who is 5’10 Latina skin tone black hair with bright purple highlights but her breasts are massive, 34 EEs, all natural even. We get into our cars since we parked next to each other.
“Okay meet me at my place by 5 so we can get an early start.” I say to the girls.
“Alright see you there” Tina says as Annie and her get in her car, Annie decided to ride with Tina for today.
I go home and pack all the stuff I will need for our long road trip from Carson City, NV to Daytona Beach, Florida. I put all my stuff in the back of my SUV just as the other two pull up parking next to my car.
“Okay I’ll get our stuff in the back, “Tina says as Annie comes over and hugs me tightly.
I hug her back as we start to talk about who should drive first and when should we stop for rest and what not. Tina gets their stuff in the SUV and I get in the driver’s seat having already told my parents bye.
“Here we go girls to Daytona Beach!” I squeal.
The other two whoop and holler laughing and giggling. The only bad part about my SUV which my dad swears he is going to fix (he made that statement when he got me the car for my 16th birthday), is that the AC is moody and works when it feels like working and when it decides not to work the car gets hot inside. Luckily for the first day the A/C was working just great. That is until we crossed into Texas from Oklahoma and the A/C stopped.
“Oh damn not now please turn back on” Tina who was driving says pleading with my car, we all talked to my car like it’s a real person.
“You’ve got to be kidding me” I say groaning I am sitting in the passenger seat playing with it.
“Great out of all the places for it to fail, in Texas” Annie says shaking her head.
“Let’s hope it kicks back in soon then” I say sighing leaving it alone for now.
The bad part of it all is it did not start back up again and it was getting hot in the SUV. I move from the front seat to the back seat next to Annie reaching into the back for my bikini top.
“What are you doing Kelly?” Annie asks looking at me.
“Getting my bikini top to put on, it is too hot in here.” I say still searching for it.
“Good idea, Kelly grab mine while your back there” Tina requests.
“I’ll get it while I am getting mine” Annie says shedding her dark green tank top her massive breasts fall out of there. She then joins me going through our stuff for the bikini tops.
We keep looking through the stuff and I can’t take the heat and sweat against my skin and shirt so I take it off my breasts flop out. Tina did the same thing while driving. I finally found my bright pink bikini top and when I turn around to put it on, Annie was moving to check the other side and my face goes right into her giant breasts. When my face smashes into her sweaty breasts I can hear her take a sharp breathe in.
“Oh Kelly I didn’t know you were so friendly,” she teases not pulling away at all though.
“Your a slut Kelly,” Tina teases looking back seeing the sight.
I pull away from her breasts my face red from it all. I look up at her “Sorry about that Annie.”
She laughs hugging me again “Oh don’t worry about it Kelly, I enjoyed it” she winks as she moves over me rubbing her breasts in my face to tease me as she grabs her bikini top and Tina’s.
I put my top on and start to make my way back to the front, but Annie pulls me back against her.
“Hey what’s going on Annie?” I ask looking back at her.
“Oh I said I enjoyed that earlier and I wanted to you to keep going.” Annie says smiling tilting her head down kissing me.
I did not know what to do but Annie who had me between her legs reaches around takes my top off and starts to fondle my breasts. I let out a soft moan when she start to pinch my nipples. Tina looked back through the mirror and I can see her grin.
“Oh these breasts are so soft Kelly.” Annie says tilting my head back kissing me on the lips, “Now turn around and play with my hot air balloons.”
I turned around and wrap my lips around one of Annie’s half inch long half-inch wide nipples sucking on it as I grope and squeeze the other one. Annie lets out moan after moan. I am starting to get wet from her sounds and I can tell she is getting excited and loving this because her large nipples become rock hard.
“Oh yea that’s it Kelly suck my tits.” Annie moans stroking my head.
Annie then reaches down and slides off her basketball shorts showing she was not wearing any panties. She then reaches down and pulls my shorts down, I am now naked with Annie in the backseat of my car while Tina drives.
Annie pulls me away from her breasts as I am now drooling all over them now, “Alright lick my pussy Kelly I want to feel that tongue work.”
She lies back against the door spreading her legs wide resting one leg on the back of the seat. I get on my stomach and slide my head between her legs and start licking her pussy. While we are in the backseat Tina has stripped naked as well and is driving naked. I keep licking Annie’s pussy as she holds me tight to her pussy barely giving me room to breathe.
“Oh yees, yeees Kelly oh fuck right there oh you’re a good slut!” she moans loudly.
“God, she must be really good at pussy licking,” Tina says rubbing her pussy as she drives, “when you’re done with her it is my turn with her.”
“Okay sounds good.” Annie moans.
We kept this up for 5 minutes before Annie clinches her legs tightly around me and squirts a massive load of cum into my mouth, filling it up and about to overflow it.
“Swallow every drop!” Annie growls holding my mouth shut.
I swallow every drop of her cum looking up at her, she kisses me passionately and the pushes me down on my back. She reaches back into her bag and pulls out a 14 inch long 6-inch wide green strap on. My eyes widen when I see this.
“Oh your hands and knees and face Tina” Annie says putting the large dildo around her waist.
I get on my hands and knees facing Tina and all of a sudden I feel the hard thick plastic cock enter my pussy and start to stretch it out.
“Ahhh, ahhh oh god!” I moan loudly.
“Yea that’s it take it Kelly!” Annie growls loudly slamming into me hard and fast.
Tina pulls over into a small rarely used rest area, parks the car and joins us in the back seat by shoving my face into her pussy hard. I start to lick her pussy.
“Oh yes, oh we got her going now” Tina moans holding me down to her pussy hard.
“Oh yea her pussy is taking this real nicely too,” Annie moans pounding into me as hard as she can.
I start crying against Tina’s pussy because Annie is going so hard on my pussy. A few minutes later Tina lets loose a large amount of cum in my mouth forcing me to swallow every drop. Then my body shakes and my pussy erupts with so much cum I squirt it everywhere in the backseat getting all three of us wet.
“Damn she is a hell of a squirter.” Annie says loving it.
“Oh man this is going to be a fun trip for sure,” Tina says sitting me up rubbing my breasts as I try to catch my breath.
“You girls are sick you know that,” I pant as I was not expecting them to fuck me.
They smirk, “Oh we are not done yet.” Annie grins.
I look at them confused as Tina goes back to the drive seat as a mustang pulls up next to us. Two very muscular girls come out of the car and Tina lets them in the back.
“Is this the girl you were talking about?” The one with red hair asks.
“Yep that is her enjoy ladies,” Annie says handing them the strap on she was wearing.
The other one with black hair takes her pants off and shows a strap on an inch bigger all around that the other strap on.
The red head muscle girl, Rina grabs my hips “Prepare for a big fucking girl.”
“No, please, don’t” I moan trying to get away but I can’t.
She grins and bends me over so my head was sticking up front with my friends, which I saw Tina eating out Annie’s pussy. Annie turns her head and pulls mine down and kisses me passionately holding me to her lips. Just as she did this the lady in the back slams into my pussy and fucks me harder than Annie did before. Tears start rolling down my face but that makes me kiss Annie harder and deeper. I reach a hand around and start playing with her breasts. She keeps fucking me as hard as she can for another 15 minutes as I squirt cum everywhere during this. She finally stops and pulls out handing Annie the strap on back.
“My turn” the other lady, Sara says pulling me back against her. “Do you have a vibrator?” she asks Annie who just finished cumming in Tina’s mouth.
Tina goes into the pressing her tits in my face as she looks for something. She pulls out a large white vibrator and hands it to Rina. Then she goes back up front where Annie starts fucking her from behind Tina’s head in the back seat now.
“Perfect.” Rina says turning it on full blast and pushing it against my pussy.
I start moaning my pussy sore from the brutal fuckings, but Sara lifts me up and slams the strap on up into my ass laying me on top of her as she pounds into me.
“Ahh no, no not my ass,” I moan loudly as the vibrator picks up speed.
No one said anything, the only sounds were made from the buzzing vibrator on my pussy, Tina’s moaning from getting fucked by Annie and my moaning and screaming from the ass fucking I am getting. A few minutes later though my body shakes violently and my pussy erupts with the biggest load of cum every squirted before by me. This large amount of cum coated myself, Tina, and Annie completely. The two muscular women leave the SUV and pull away. I lay there in the back panting heavily as cum pours out of me like water.
“I think we can go home now.” Tina says going back kissing me before she puts her clothes back on.
“Good idea she can’t take anymore” Annie says laughing, “That is why we came out this far, no Daytona but just to Texas for you to get fucked because you needed to be roughed up before college starts and we all get really fucked” Annie grins as she gets in the back with me cuddling me as Tina drives us back to Carson City.

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