Sarah& Tom explore Chapter one of seven

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Sarah and Tom explore

Sarah worked in the dry cleaning shop in the high street. Tom came in to collect some cleaning that he had left there a few days before. There was a bit of a problem immediately because Sarah couldn’t find the correct items at first. She became a little flustered and blushed as she sorted through the rack for a third time. Her uniform tabard, held together by three press-studs at the side, was now only held together by one, the other two having been pulled open as she searched. Tom viewed her embarrassment with some amusement. Tom was an accountant in chambers with a local firm who specialised in agricultural and small business accounts.

“I’m so sorry sir, I can’t think what has become of your cleaning, I can see from your ticket that my colleague took care of it, I’m afraid I will have to ask him about it.”

Tom looked at her flushed face, a strand on her hair had come adrift and was hanging over her forehead. “Ok, so ask him.” He said.

“I’m afraid he is out for most of this afternoon, but I will try to ring him if you would like to wait.” She was recovering her composure now.

“Your colleague,” Tom asked “Is he your boyfriend?”

“Oh No!” she giggled “He’s in his forties, just a bit too old for me, and married.” She was twenty.

Tom smiled and said, “I’ll call back later. But I warn you, if you haven’t found my stuff, there’ll be a penalty to pay.”

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary sir,” she replied,” “It must be here somewhere. Should the worst have happened and in the event of loss there will of course be compensation.”

“Hmm,” Tom murmured, “We’ll no doubt discuss it later. See you!” with that he left the shop.

“Fred!” Sarah spoke into the phone, “I’ve had a Mr. Ward in and I can’t find his suit!” She listened for a moment “Yeah, Ticket number 46752.” “You what? No wonder I couldn’t find it! When will you have it back here?…… Oh God he’s coming back later, I don’t know what he’ll say.” As she put the phone down another customer came into the shop.

Tom Ward went back to the shop later that afternoon. He drew himself up to his full height and looking at her name badge, said “Well, Sarah, have you found my dinner suit?”
“Yes, Mr. Ward, But I am afraid it is not here just at the moment. My colleague found a small stain that had not come out and took it with him this afternoon to rectify it. It will be back later just about closing time at 5.30.” she smiled at him, her sweet clear smile on her beautiful complexion enchanted Tom they exchanged an eye to eye moment.

“I see,” said Tom, “then in recompense, I think you should do something for me.”

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“Well I think the least you can do is to have dinner with me tonight and maybe take in a film.” Tom studied her face, a glimmer of a smile appeared on her face for a mere moment. “She’ll come!” he thought to himself.

She looked him directly in the eye and weighed him up. He seemed a fairly straight sort of guy, she had nothing else planned so why not? “Thank you, I’ll be delighted.”

They met at the appointed place in the town centre and he looked very pleased to see her. “I was not confident that you would come.” He said as he kissed her lightly on the forehead.

“I will admit I did wonder whether I should, but here I am!” She stood in front of him that warm summer evening, her arms stretched wide, “Will I do?” she asked with smile. He looked at her. She had on a light summer button through dress with a square neckline and a cardigan handing loosely over her shoulders.

“Yes” he almost whispered.

She slipped her arm through his and asked, “Where are we going for dinner?”

The restaurant was only a short walk away, Sarah having dropped her cardigan off her shoulders revealing the little cap sleeves on her dress as soon as they were seated. They had a good meal, where they laughed a lot, learnt something about each other and enjoyed a very nice bottle of wine. They seemed to be getting on very well, when over coffee, Tom took her left hand and clasped it in both of his. He spoke, not catching her eye, and said, “Sarah, I love your dress you are wearing tonight and I wonder if you will do something for me?”

She looked at him with a twinkle in her eye and said with a slight giggle, “What? Do you want to borrow it?” Then she laughed out loud.

He grinned and said “Not quite, but I would like to wear it on Sunday to come out with me again.”

She was a bit nonplussed, but looked at him and said, “who said I was going to go out with you on Sunday?”
He sighed, “Well nobody, actually, but I shall love it if you will. It’ll be great , we’ll have a day by the river, take a picnic, it’ll be great!”

She smiled and said, “sounds lovely, I’d love to come!”

They left the restaurant and headed for the cinema. There was a big crush in the foyer. “This seems to a popular venue tonight!” Tom said, “it’s that Harry Potter film, shall we see something else?” They found a romantic comedy which they could see pretty well straight away so opted for that. Tom went over and bought the tickets and in they went. He had not told her that he had bought double seats, she gave a little squeal of delight as she saw them.

They sat holding hands watching the film and at one point the lead couple were in the bedroom, the woman dressed in a satin nightdress. In a moment of passion her husband ripped the nightie from top to bottom and leapt on her. “That’s the sort of nightie that I like.” Whispered Tom.

“Satin?” questioned Sarah.

“No, one that tears easily!” came the reply. She giggled and slapped his thigh, “You are a naughty boy!” Tom reached across and grabbed her slapping hand and held it to his thigh. Nothing was said, but she turned her head and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“You never know,” she whispered, “if we get to know each other well enough……….” Tom turned to meet her upturned face and they kissed on the lips. They kissed a second time then Tom moved in order to put his arm round her shoulders and pulled her to him. His free hand held hers in her lap until he freed it from her grip and slid the tips of his fingers through the gap between two of the buttons at her waist. She did not object when he slipped one of the buttons undone which allowed him to insert his hand into the gap and touch her bare skin underneath.

As they kissed again, Tom worked his hand up to the underside of her bra. Sarah’s response was to push her tongue into his mouth. Emboldened, her lifted the bra cup away from her breast and caressed her gently. His thumb and forefinger slowly rolled her nipple back and forth. Because he still effectively had his hand through her dress at waist level, his action had bunched her dress at the top and hoisted the skirt up her legs, revealing a goodly length of thigh in the subdued light of the cinema.

He released her other breast from its bra cup and began to smooth his hand over it. She murmured something, he didn’t hear what she said. “Are you comfortable?” he asked quietly, meaning the situation rather than literally.

She drew her head away from him for a moment to say “I’d rather take the thing off,- I’ll go to the loo.” She extracted herself from his embrace and off she went holding the front of her dress closed.

She seemed to be gone a long time and Tom wondered if she had left, but her cardigan was still on her seat. Eventually she came back with her bra folded into her fist. She handed it to him as she sat down. He couldn’t resist saying, “Oh! The bra! I thought you meant the dress!” She turned to him and put out her tongue but, took his hand in hers and guided it to the button above that which he had already undone. He soon had her dress undone to the waist and both breasts free from their confines.

They kissed again whilst he caressed her breasts gently. “Perhaps another time you’d like me to sit here in my bra and panties.” She murmured between kisses. “I’d prefer you without either.” He replied.

“You’re being greedy.” She remarked, – “and very naughty!”

The film was coming to a close, so it would soon be time to leave. “Do you want to put your bra back on?” Tom asked her.

“No,” she replied, “put it in your pocket.” He did as he was bid and they walked out of the cinema with their arms round each other. He noticed that the top button of her dress was still undone, so he had a fine view down her cleavage. He felt duty bound to make her aware of this. She looked up at him and told him that it was a little thank you present for a lovely night out.

He suddenly realized that he had no idea where she lived. “Can I walk you home?” he asked, “or should we get a taxi?”

“Neither, you can walk with me to the bus stop if you like.” He protested that they should get a taxi, but she insisted that she would take the bus home. When they go to the stop, the bus was already in and she had to run to catch it. As the bus drew away he put his hand into his pocket and found her bra.

The next day at lunchtime, Mr. Ward of flat 803 The Old Warehouse, bore ticket no. 46752 back to the dry cleaning shop to be confronted by a cheerful man in his forties. “Yes sir, can I help you?” Tom silently handed over his ticket and kept the small plastic bag containing a woman’s brassiere out of sight. Damn! “I’m sorry about the mix up sir,” he heard the man saying.

“That’s OK.” He replied.

“Is there anything else we can help you with?” the man asked.

“No, no, that’s fine thank you.” Tom said and left the shop.

Three times that afternoon he found an excuse to leave the office to walk past the dry cleaners and sneak a look to see if Sarah was in there. No luck. It was Friday afternoon and he wanted to make sure that she was still wanting to go on the picnic with him. Even close to closing time he waited across the street, but it was no good, she didn’t put in an appearance. There was only one thing for it. He would have to stake out the shop on Saturday.

Saturday morning, nine o’clock he walked slowly passed the shop. Bingo! Sarah was there! But so was the man. “Bull by the horns” he thought and strode into the shop. She was serving a lady customer. The man looked up from that in which he had been apparently engrossed and welcomed him with “Good morning sir, can I help you?”

“Yes… er…. No actually I need to talk to Sarah if you don’t mind – er I’ll wait.”

The man sucked his teeth, “Hmmm personal callers eh? I don’t really approve…..”

“I’ll call back later!” Tom hastily stuttered.

The man laughed and said “You’re Tom aren’t you? Tom nodded. “It’s OK she’ll be free in moment.” The man said and still laughing, went into the back of the shop.

“Hallo.” She said quietly.

He handed her the plastic back containing her bra, “Hallo” he replied.

“Does this want cleaning?” she asked with a cheeky grin, holding up the plastic bag.

“That’s more your department.” He said, “Are you still up for the picnic tomorrow? The weather forecast seems OK.”

“Yes,” she replied, “I’d like that.”

“Where can I pick you up from?” he asked “-er….. where do you live?” She wrote down her address and he noticed it wasn’t too far from the town centre,-about half a mile. “Would you like to do something tonight?” He asked.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“I don’t really know, something like a meal and a club” She looked dubious “what sort of a club?”

“What ever you like,” he said, “small and smoky, loud, big and brash or something in between.”

“Something in between.” She announced “Can you pick me up? What time?”

It was arranged that he would pick her up at eight that night. He had told her that they would be going to a slightly better restaurant than on their earlier date so they would dress smartly.

He took a taxi from his flat to her place, (he wanted to have a drink, so wouldn’t drive). He rang the door bell and a small, neat woman in her fifties opened the door. “Sarah! Your young man is here!” she called over her shoulder.

“Coming.” Sarah called as she skipped down the stairs. She looked a vision in black. A black knee length skirt covered black stockings and black high heels. She had a long coat round her shoulders, so he couldn’t see what she was wearing above the waist. She turned to the older woman, “goodnight Mum, don’t wait up.” He took her hand as they headed towards the waiting taxi. A few minutes saw them arrive and the poshest restaurant in town. “Wow Tom, I didn’t know we’d be coming here!” Sarah exclaimed. Tom simply smiled and ushered her towards the door.

Inside, Tom gave his name and the waiter told them that the table was in fact ready, but he wondered if they wished have a drink in the bar and order there? They did. The waiter took Sarah’s coat and her top was revealed in all it’s beauty. A black high necked chiffon blouse revealed an embroidered black camisole underneath. This was all set off by her shoulder length blonde hair. “My God Sarah, you’re beautiful!” Tom exclaimed.

“You like?” Sarah asked teasingly.

“I definitely like!” he replied. They walked into the bar and ordered some drinks as they perched on some bar stools. Sarah’s skirt was a little tight, so she allowed it to ride up her thighs a little to give herself some “wriggle room” as she called it. They studied the menu.

“Tom it’s very expensive here.” She said, concerned. “Then make the best of your time here.”

They ordered and when the table was ready, the waiter led the way, with Sarah following and Tom bringing up the rear. Tom watched the arse that was swing away in front of him and noticed that the virtually transparent blouse fastened up the back “Hmm,” he thought to himself, “it is look but not touch tonight” They had the most unforgettable meal, the service was great, and they talked and talked, really enjoying each other’s company. They managed two bottles of wine, but didn’t feel sozzled, just happy. They sat there until nearly midnight and finally took the hints that were being given that it was time to go.

Out in the street, when Tom realised how late it was, he took Sarah in his arms and said “I was going to take you out to a lovely little nightclub out of town, but by the time we will get there, we won’t have much time there. Can I suggest somewhere nearer?”

Sarah looked at him and giggled “Yes let’s just have a boogie somewhere.”

They went to a local club in town and as soon as they went through the doors, the heat inside hit them. Sarah had left her coat with the cloakroom, Tom went back to deposit his jacket. They had had enough to drink for a while so went straight out on to the disco floor. It was packed tight and Tom found himself struggling to keep near Sarah in the crush. He was surrounded by scantily clad women, who seemed to want to rub up against him. After about ten minutes of that, Sarah and Tom worked their way to the side of the room, sweating. “Tom would you get me a cold lager please, I’ll meet you in the bar.” She kissed him for the first time that night and shot off towards the ladies.

Tom went over to the bar and order two lagers and stood there holding them waiting for Sarah. After a few minutes a blonde woman in a short strappy embroidered black dress came up to him and said, “hello Tom, remember me?” It was Sarah!

“Sarah, your dress…”

“I had to get out of that high neck in this heat it was killing me. Then I decided that the skirt might as well go too. Even now I’m better covered than most in here tonight!” Tom was dumfounded. “I thought that was a camisole under your blouse.”

“Actually, I’ll tell you a secret,” Sarah confided, “it’s a nightie, but who’s going to notice in this crush?”

“Well …er…I…..” stuttered Tom

“And,” she said, “it is satin, so it might tear easily, so be careful!” she added a throaty laugh and supped her lager.

They rejoined the throng on the dance floor, Sarah moving to the music, was thrusting her hips from side to side, showing a lot of thigh in doing so. She noticed Tom watching her and teased him by placing her hands just below her hips and sliding them upwards a little, taking the hem of her dress/nightie up with them. One of her shoulder straps had slid off her shoulder making the top of the garment gape, thus allowing the swell of her breast to appear. Tom took her in his arms as the music slowed. Her hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat, as she put her arms up behind his head and their bodies moulded into each other. His arms crept round her waist as he felt their torsos cling to each other through their damp clothes. She lifted her face to his ear. “Tom the next time I wear this, I want you to rip it off me.”

“No time like the present,” suggested Tom.

“Don’t you dare!” She exclaimed. After a bit more smooching, the music livened up again so they decided to leave the club. At the cloakroom, Sarah retrieved her blouse, skirt and coat, but only put the coat on. They walked from the club along a back street, where Tom swung her into a doorway and kissed her. He slid his hand to her breast over her dress. She reached down to his groin and fingered the erection evident in his trousers. She undid the zip and pulled the penis out into the night. She then sank to her knees and kissed the helmet, before sliding the thing into her mouth.

She continued to lick and suck and work the prick with her fingers, until Tom grunted, “I’m coming!” she leant back and allowed the sticky semen to spray her chest and the front of her nightie. Tom hauled her to her feet and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She responded until their faces were wet with their mixed saliva.

“Tom,” she said quietly, “take me home, home to my house, please. I can’t take it any further tonight, but I want your smell on me in the morning when I wake.

It was a warm night as they walked towards the taxi rank, where they found a long queue forming. “Are you up to walking, or do you want to wait? Tom asked her.

“Let’s walk.” She replied. Her chiffon blouse was rolled into a ball and stuffed into her coat pocket. She put her skirt back on to save having to carry it. Tom placed one arm around her shoulders and his other hand crept inside her open coat to cup one of her breasts. As they reached the darker streets, he gently lifted one breast out of the top of her nightie and held it in his hand, gently rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. She looked up at him, smiled and they kissed.

As the roads got quieter, Tom eased her open coat off her shoulder, her breast still exposed. “Someone might see.” She whispered.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked. She shook her head slightly and said nothing. He slid the coat sleeve off her arm and pulled the shoulder strap of her nightie down to her wrist and over her hand.

“Tom….er…” she muttered and then giggled. He pulled her coat back up on to her shoulder without putting her arm in the sleeve. He changed sides and proceeded to do the same the other side. She was now topless under her open coat.

“Are you happy?” he asked.

She turned to face him and put her hands to his cheeks and said, “Definitely.” They kissed again and her coat fell from her shoulders. It was only the fact that Tom’s hands were round her that stopped in from falling to the ground. “Look at me!” Sarah exclaimed, “You’ve got me half naked in the street!”

“Well it’s all your fault!” Tom retorted.

“How come it’s my fault?” she asked.

“Well,” he began, You wouldn’t let me rip off your nightie, so I had to take other measures to see your beautiful body.”

“But you wanted to rip it off on a crowded dance floor! I wasn’t ready to let that happen!”

“No, not yet, I get that, but maybe one day.” He replied.

She laughed “I don’t know about that, but in the right place at the right time……. Well, let’s just say surprise me! …. But,” she warned him, “You are going to have to take the consequences!”

They continued walking with her coat hanging on her shoulders and her breasts exposed to the breeze that was tickling her nipples. Tom put his mouth to her ear. “Do you like having your tits out?” Giving them a fondle as he spoke.

“..Never done it like this before. But … Yes I like it.” She replied. They were nearing her home now, but she didn’t cover up. Her house had a narrow pathway up the side to give access to the rear. She steered him up into the gap between the houses and pushed him against the wall. She threw her arms around his neck allowing the coat to slide down her body and crumple in a heap around her ankles. She kissed him passionately, pressing her breasts into his chest. “Still want to take me on a picnic tomorrow?” she asked him. She almost didn’t get the last word out for the force of his tongue pressing into her mouth.

They kissed for a long while before he said in low guttural voice “Pick you up at eleven.”

She wriggled against him. “Make it 10.30!” She freed herself from his grasp, picked up her coat and trotted up the alley to go in the back gate.

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, the forecast was good, both for the weather and for the picnic that Tom planned. He had been meticulous in his planning, a nice bottle of wine, sandwiches, fruit, a creamy dessert, and plastic cups all packed into the ice box. A blanket and a tablecloth, completed the equipment he needed. Should he take condoms? He pondered, would it be presumptive? Would it be outrageous to go without them and be prepared should the need arise? Yes, he decided a small packet would be slipped into his back pocket – just in case.

Sarah was ready when he drew up outside her house in his small 4 x 4. She came almost skipping down the few steps from the front door to the pavement. She was carrying a wicker shopping basket covered with a gingham cloth. It was 10.25am “I thought you were never coming!” she gasped as she climbed into the car.

“I’m not late!” protested Tom.

“I know, but it is such a lovely day and I’m so looking forward to it!” she replied.

“What’s in the basket?” Tom asked.

She looked at him and giving him a quick peck on the cheek, said, “Never you mind! It’s my contribution for the day. Tom let in the clutch and they drove away.

Tom drove into the countryside. “Where are we going?” Sarah asked.

Tom tapped the side of his nose and remarked “You’ll see. – All right, I know this big country house where they let you into the grounds and you can park amongst the trees and we can have our picnic by the lake.”

“Sounds lovely” she murmured.

He grinned, “Lovely day for a lovely girl.”

She punched his arm “Smoothie!” “But,” he thought to himself, “She is in fact looking lovely and she was, as he had asked her, wearing the button through summer dress that she had worn when they went to the cinema.

After about an hour’s drive, Tom turned off the country lane they were on, through some big gates paid his entry fee and set off along the long straight drive towards the house. The grounds were essentially an old deer park, the deer were now gone and the public had access to the grounds and if they wished, the house too. Tom parked on the gravel and said, “Let’s have a look round the house.” They left the car and walked up to the main entrance. They were met by a smart, ex-military looking man who welcomed them with the news that the official tours did not start until 2.00pm. They decided to wander round on their own and set of so to do.

They walked hand in hand looking at the somewhat faded splendour of the rooms. It was clear that someone had, in the past, spent a great deal of money on the house. Sadly it needed an even greater amount spending on it now, hence the public access. As they went to the upper floors, they saw an enormous four poster bed with heavy draped curtains to pull right round. “Fancy a go on that?” Tom asked nodding towards the bed.

Sarah giggled, “Yes, but I wouldn’t dare, I’d be afraid of damaging something!”

“I see, not scared of getting caught then?” Tom questioned her.

“We-ell,” she hesitated, “maybe a little, but mainly I’d be worried that I’d put a toe through the curtains. Besides,” she added, “once I got in, I probably wouldn’t want to get out!”

“Well let’s give it a try anyway!” suggested Tom and scooping her up, set to step over the red rope into the display area. Sarah let out a loud shriek and called out

“Tom! Put me down!” Just then a stern looking female warden walked round the corner and although saying nothing gave them “a look”.

Sniggering, they left the room. They found a spiral staircase which took then up to the roof of one of the towers. They had a marvellous view over the surrounding countryside. Tom pointed out the woods at the back of the grounds, behind which the river that flowed through the grounds flowed. He told her, “Just the other side of those trees, the river forms a small lake and there’s a nice spot for our picnic.”

“Oh yes?” she retorted eyeing him quizzically but with a faint smile, “and how many women have you taken there?”

“Hardly any.” He responded, “It was a favourite spot of my parents, they often brought us here.” He took her in his arms, “It has the virtue,” he said, “of being nicely private.”

“It’s not bad up here,” Sarah murmured, responding by pressing her body against his as they kissed.

“No,” he agreed, “It’s not bad, a tad exposed,” The stone wall round the small tower only being a little above his waist, “and not very comfortable.”

She smiled and said, “I’ve got a present for you.”

“A present? Why, what have you done?”

She grinned and said “It’s more something like I haven’t done. – Look!” she pulled the top of her dress away from her body to reveal her breasts unfettered by any underwear.

“Oh Sarah!” he exclaimed and he had the top two button of her dress undone in a trice. He slid his hands inside the dress and round to her bare back and in doing so, popped the third button off her dress. It skidded, bouncing off the stone wall and to their feet.

She laughed, “Steady on! I’d rather undo them all than have you strip the rest of them off!”

“Do it then!” he told her. She stepped back and looking him straight in the eye, slowly undid every button on the dress, until her white lacy panties were revealed.

They embraced and held each other tight. He started to slide her dress off her shoulders. Without breaking her grasp of him, she said “Hold it Tiger! I don’t trust you to not throw the dress over the wall!”

“Would you not like that?” he asked, still sliding her dress down her arms.

“It would be fun, but how would I get back to the car?” she asked him. He let go of her dress and kneeled down before her, kissing her nipples and belly. She melded her body to his touch. “Oh, Tom!”

“Don’t you like it?” He asked.

“You know bloody well that I like it!” she exclaimed. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and began drawing them downwards. “Tom…..” She made no attempt to stop him. He was licking and kissing the undersides of her breasts, with occasion attention to her erect nipples. She stepped out of her panties and spread her legs slightly. He felt her between the legs and found a very moist labia. He settled back on his knees and began to apply his tongue to her nether regions. He juices really began to flow and he found his face wet with them. She sank her pelvis down on to his tongue and gasped “Let’s go to your bloody picnic spot!”

He pulled away from her, picked up her discarded panties and dried her with them, then he wipe his face on them. “Would you do me a favour?” he asked as she began to haul her dress back up to he shoulders.

“What’s that?” she asked in return.

“Leave these up here to be found by the next visitors.”

“Whatever for?”

He grinned at her, “I just think it would be fun for some old fogies to find them and know what we’ve been doing.”

“Oh go on then!” she exclaimed “I suppose that’s better than leading me downstairs completely naked!”

“Oh no!” he said quickly, your suggestion is far better!”

She playfully slapped him and said “I can see you’re going to be an expensive boyfriend, robbing me of underwear and ruining my dresses!”

He smiled and said “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

He hung the sodden panties on the hand rail at the top of the spiral stairs. As she went down in front of him, they heard voices. Two young boys scampered up the stairs followed by their parents. Sarah hesitated as the boys approached, but Tom put his hands on her shoulders and propelled her downwards. She tried to hold her dress together where the missing button had been, but as she turned side ways to let the father pass on the stairs, her dress gaped and her navel came into view. The man did not notice, but the mother certainly did. Just then a young voice piped up, “Mum! It’s great up here! Simon’s found a handkerchief!”

“Well don’t touch it!” The mother called out in response, casting a look at the two figures, now scurrying down the stairs.

They returned to the car laughing “How do you suppose she’s going to explain that?” Sarah giggled.

“It’ll be cinch.” Remarked Tom. “Far easier than explaining a naked woman on the stairs!” The both laughed out loud at that.

Tom drove slowly over the grass in the direction of the woods, firstly because he wanted to get the exact spot and secondly to avoid drawing attention to themselves. As they drove, Sarah examined her belly though the gap in her dress. Tom noticed. “That’s very nice, you should put it on show more often.” Sarah grinned, she was proud of her flat belly, but had never been one for bare midriffs much. Perhaps she should surprise him one day. She felt very strange being naked under her dress, not badly strange, but pleasantly strange, she might try this again too.

The car stopped and Tom said “This is as far as we can go with the car, we have to walk the rest.” They got out of the car, the area was deserted, the shade provided by the trees was a pleasant contrast to the hot sun that was now beating down. The six inch long grass was cool on her feet as Sarah stepped out of the car. She quickly slipped off her sandals and decided to walk barefoot to get the full effect. Their ardour of earlier had cooled a little and as they collected the picnic hamper and the basket that Sarah had brought, Tom noticed she had left her sandals in the car. “Er… is there anything else you want to leave in the car?” he asked cheekily.

“Like what? She replied.

“Err… I don’t know…. er …. maybe your dress….?” He said with a grin.

“Watch it buster, or you’ll pay the consequences!” she laughed.

About fifty yards or so after leaving the car, Tom pushed through a small gap in the bushes and called “Ah-ha!” this is it!” Sarah followed him through the gap, the leaves of the bushes tickling her belly through the gaping front of her dress. Beyond the bushes, there was a sun dappled grassy knoll about twenty feet square with a small sandy shelving beach into the beautifully clear river water.

“This is lovely.” She said, “Is it the same as you remember?”

“It’s a little more over grown now but that makes it just that little more private.” Tom told her.

“Well now, Mr. Ward, what would you be wanting “private” for?” she said giggling and giving him a push.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, opening the cool box. She nodded. “Well go and have a paddle or something, while I prepare a sumptuous feast.” She walked out into the sun, and dipped her feet in the cool water. It was a bit cold! But she soon got used to it. She found the shore shelved quite steeply and she was soon up to her knees in water, just wetting the hem of her dress. “Why don’t you go right in?” Tom called to her.

“Because I don’t have a swimming costume!” she called back. “Yes you have!” he answered, “I think the one you have on is perfect!” She looked down at her dress now wet for about two inches from the hem.

“You are incorrigible.” She called out.

“So encourage me!” he retorted.

“Is lunch ready?” she asked, “I’m hungry.”

“Coming right up!” he called.

Tom had set the picnic on a smooth piece of grass, that had about fifty-fifty shade and sun. It was pleasantly warm. She lay down on one side of the blanket, he lay on the other the folded tablecloth was between them. He poured the wine and they helped themselves to the food. When it came to the creamy dessert, he produced two long spoons with which to eat it. There were two different flavours. “Which do you prefer, strawberry or peach?” he asked .

“Strawbeery.” She said and then giggled at her slip of the tongue.

“Sorry no beer, have some more wine.” He laughed. She took some more wine.

As he tucked into his dessert, he said “Mmmm, this peach is delicious, here try some.” She leant forward and opened her mouth and he reached out with his long spoon full of dessert. At the last second, his arm jerked and the dessert fell from the spoon into her cleavage.

“Eeeooohhh!” she exclaimed, “you did that on purpose!”

“Don’t move” he said urgently, “I’ll get it!” He came round to her side of the blanket and opened her dress at the top. The piece of dessert was lodges between her breasts and he applied his tongue to it. Not licking it up, he smeared the dessert all over one breast. Then he began to lick and suck in earnest. Sarah lay back and allowed him to clean her up in the most delightful way. Her legs began to spread as he applied his weight to them. Soon he was supporting his weight with his knees and his hands flat on the ground. Gradually he moved up her body so their lips could meet. At this point he allowed his weight to rest on her body.

They lay there kissing for some time. Her arms were round his neck pulling his face to hers. Then she pulled his shirt up at the back and began rubbing her hands over his skin. Nothing was being said all this time, eventually she tried to pull his shirt off over his head. He had to kneel up and take it off himself . As he went to get back down on her, she pushed him off her to one side. She turned him onto his back on the cool grass and straddled his shins. She then undid his belt and the waistband of his shorts, opening up the zip and reaching down into his jockeys to put her hand round his penis. She settled her mouth round it and began to work it up and down with her hand. Wanking him into her mouth.

Soon, he groaned, “I’ll be coming soon.”

She rolled over on to her back, her dress open to her waist “Get on top of me and fuck my tits.” She told him. He divested himself of his shorts and jockeys, bringing his hands to each side of her breasts, with his prick between them. He began thrusting faster and faster, his foreskin being rubbed by the pressure of her breasts. “That’s it spray me with cum!” She gasped, “Cover me in it!” It was not long before he was about to do just as she had asked, the pressure was building, building then suddenly he released a long string of semen up over her face and her hair even going on to the grass beyond her head. The second spurt was almost as strong, up to her forehead a third then reached her chin and neck. Whilst his prick was dribbling more cum on to her breasts, she was smoothing it all over them. He reached and scooped some of the cum off her face and rubbed it into her hair.

“Oooh! You bastard!” She gasped, “you knew exactly what to do!” He got off her and pulled up her dress to expose her sex, her labia was again glistening in the sunshine. He fingered her to a climax very quickly, during which she was thrashing about on the ground. As she came, he fell on her again, kissing her, until they were both exhausted.

They must have slept for a while, but when she woke, he was half laying on top of her, looking at her intensely. “Come on,” he said, “Time for a swim.” He scooped her up in his arms and walked into the water.

The water was hip deep on him before she realized that she still had on her dress. “My dress….. it’s all I have to wear…” she began.

“Then we’ll find out what it looks like wet.” He told her.

“Take me back to the bank” He shook his head and grinned. “Oh do what the hell you like!” she said resignedly. He walked out until the water was chest high on him. By now of course her dress was wet everywhere except her shoulders anyway. He lowered her gently into the water and she stood before him, her arms around his neck. It was only then she realized that he was naked. She turned and pressed the side of her head to his chest her arms now round his waist. Her held her to him with one hand whilst with the other he ran his wet fingers through her cummed but still dry hair.

“How did you know I liked being cummed on?” she asked.
“You told me” he replied. “But the hair thing, I didn’t know, but I couldn’t resist rubbing it in when I saw where it landed. I suppose I was fulfilling a fantasy, I’d had for a long time.”

“It was one of mine too, but it has never happened before!” she said and then added, “next time make a better job of it!” “What do you mean?” he asked. “Don’t waste any, I want it all in my hair!” she uttered. They were beginning to chill a bit now, he began, “let me wash your hair……”

“No! leave it, you may be able to add to it later.” She interrupted.

They went back to the remains of their picnic, her dress transparent with the wet, clinging to her curves. She took it off and laid on one of the bushes to dry. “It shouldn’t take long, its only thin cotton.” She said. They were both naked now, hidden from the main park by the bushes that surrounded them. They finished off the wine, well mostly she finished off the wine as Tom was conscious that he had to drive later on. Tom looked at his watch, it was still only 3.00pm, plenty of time yet. They also finished off the sandwiches and lay side by side, naked on the blanket. “Happy?” he asked.

“Couldn’t be better.” She replied.

He began to finger her labia gently. He was so gentle she closed her eyes and relaxed. In time her pelvis began to move slightly in harmony with his fingers. Her legs opened which allowed him better access, soon she was biting her lip and breathing fast. Then she began to whimper, even cry out. But he stifled her cries by placing his open mouth over hers. She responded by thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it until she had a racking orgasm. He pulled his face from hers, he was still frigging her to extend the orgasm as long as possible. As he leant over her, quite inadvertently, some spittle left his mouth and fell on her lip. She instantly licked it off her lips “More” she murmured. He was not sure what she meant, whether it was more fingering she needed or more spittle. He got the message when she opened her mouth wide for him to aim at. Two more lots went directly into her mouth which she swallowed.

He was now hard again and ready fuck her rotten. She was ready for him too, because as he presented the helmet of his prick at the entrance to her vagina, she spread her legs wide and then wrapped them round his waist. It took a while, but he was getting close again. Too late he tried to pull out but he was held in the vice like grip of her legs and he ended up shooting his load deep into her body. They collapsed in each other’s arms and took some time to recover.

“Well Mr. Ward, you’re certainly teaching a simple town girl some new tricks today! I have done things with you, that I have never done before.” She looked at him seriously, “You get me out here, rip my dress, throw me in the river and then have your wicked way with me, cumming in me too!” Tom did not like the way this was looking, was he going to be accused of rape? He looked at her, her hair was plastered to her head, in a mixture of sweat, cum, sand and grass.

He studied his finger nails as he began, “Look Sarah, I’m sorry if it all went too far….”

“Not so fast mister,” she interrupted. “I’m here to tell you that I wouldn’t change a thing about today! I cannot ever have imagined having such a good time….. I was kidding!” With that, she threw her arms around him and kissed him like mad. They made themselves decent by dint of him putting his shorts back on and her putting on her (still slightly damp) dress she left it unbuttoned to the waist. He quite liked the effect as it clung to her and showed her shape nicely. She quite liked it as it was cooling in the afternoon sun.

“Shall we finish the picnic?” she asked.

He looked at the remains of the food that he had brought. What they hadn’t rolled on or otherwise destroyed was now being consumed by flies. “Er.. there doesn’t seem to be anything left.” He said.

“Look in my basket.” She said. There was some homemade cake, some little individual trifles which seem to have succumbed to the heat and they didn’t smell exactly fresh plus some squirty cream. Also there was a half bottle of sparkling wine. She sliced up the cake and poured out some of the wine. She pushed the dodgy trifles to one side, “I should have put them in your cool box” she muttered.

He picked one up, sniffed it and said, “I don’t think we can risk eating them…, I think we should have a bit of fun with them!” With that, he pulled open her dress and squashed the trifle, with it’s paper container all over her abdomen!

“Yeeooouuukkk!” exclaimed Sarah. “You bastard!” Tom was immediately contrite.

“Sarah, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me. I wasn’t thinking, I do apologise! If I had thought it through…….” Sarah looked at him with a sideways glance. Tom continued, “If I had thought it through…… I’d have……. Rubbed it in your hair!” Sarah burst out laughing, if fact she couldn’t stop laughing. Tom was relieved, at least she saw the funny side of it. When Sarah had recovered sufficiently, she scraped some of the trifle off her chest with her hand and thrust it into Tom’s face. Tom sat there allowing her to do it, he owed her that much. She took another handful and rubbed over his head. She then picked up the second trifle, which was laying there unused. Tom expected to get covered. Instead she sat there with the trifle on the flat of her hand and offered it to him. When he hesitated, a little movement of her hand and a nod of her head indicated that he should take it. He did so. “Go on then,” She said quietly, “Wherever you like.” Tom was staggered, he didn’t know what to do.

With his free hand, he pointed to her breasts. She tilted her head a little as if to say “If you like.” He pointed to her groin, again, she smiled a little and gave a similar gesture. He pointed to his own head, she laughed and shook her head. He pointed her head and she gave a little nod and spoke. “If that’s what you want to do, but only if you jizz in it for me afterwards.” She reached forward and undid the waistband of his shorts, put her hand in and pulled out his flaccid penis. She began to roll it between her thumb and fingers. Her other hand went to her lap, where she quickly undid another button in order to gain access to her vagina. She began to rub herself. “Do it NOW and make a good job of it!”

Tom slowly tipped the trifle out of the paper cup and let some of the custard run down her forehead. She sighed. Tom gained some confidence from that and began to massage the mess into her hair. He was surprised how much of a mess it made. He used both hands until her hair was unrecognisable, custard and fruit juice was running down her face, shoulders and chest. He put his clammy hands to her cheeks and kissed her.

She redoubled her efforts to give him an erection, not without success it has to be said. Soon she was wanking him properly, then she said “You do it and cover me.” He took over and she concentrated on bringing herself to a climax. Not too much later, Tom was ready to shoot. He knelt up and pointed his purple tool at her face. This had an immediate effect on her own efforts and she was wanking herself madly as Tom shot his first and second loads over her face and hair. She came with a thrashing of her hips and more semen dropped on to her face. Tom knelt beside her and kissed her hard.

They lay there for a while, Sarah moved and said “I’d better get cleaned up, let’s go in the water.” He picked her up, kicking off his shorts and carried her into the river for a second time, dress and all. This time he tipped her backwards and washed her hair and face in the cool clear water. When he’d finished, they swam for a while. They were just about to emerge from the water when they heard what sounded like a small motorbike. In fact that’s exactly what it was. It was one of the park keepers on a decrepit old moped. “Excuse me,” He called out coming through the gap in the bushes. Tom dipped back down into the water to hide his nudity “The park is closing now, can I ask you to pack up and make your way to the gate please?” He surveyed the remains of the picnic and added, “Don’t leave any litter!” He had a good look at Sarah in her transparent dress and smiled. “Come and visit us again!” Then he left.

Sarah gained the bank and took off her soaking dress and said “Well! I can’t wear that in the car. She picked up Tom’s discarded jockeys and pulled them on. Then she picked up his shirt and slipped that over her head. “That’s me sorted.” She announced and started to clear up the mess that had been their picnic. Tom picked up his shorts and announced “I’m fine too.” They walked back to the car and as they drove at the regulation speed, the park keeper on the old moped overtook them They found him waiting at the gate- on Sarah’s side of the car. As they drove past, through the open window, she called out “Thank you, It’s been a fabulous day!” and gave him a wave.

As they drove, Tom checked the time, it was just after 5.30pm. “Can I take you home in my underpants? Or would you like to come to mine for a curry?”

Sarah rested her head on his shoulder and said “a curry sounds fine.”

They arrived at the block where Tom’s apartment was situated. Sarah looked at the building and was impressed. “Do you have a tumble dryer?” she asked. He nodded. They collected their things and set off across the car park and went into the main entrance. The janitor was in the entrance hall. He looked at Sarah’s unconventional clothing. “She fell in the river.” Tom said, ignoring the fact that he himself was dressed in only shorts and trainers.

Tom’s place was on the eighth floor. The lift stopped and even the landing had an expensive look. Tom guided Sarah to the door of the apartment and opened the door for her to enter. “WOW!” she exclaimed as she walked into the fairly minimalist main room. Floor to ceiling windows completely cover one wall and about six feet of two of the adjoining walls. “This is a bachelor pad and a half”

Tom admitted, “My dad’s business pays for it.”

“I’d like to meet him!” joked Sarah.

“Do you want to wash your dress?” Tom asked her.

“Do I have time?” she asked with a grin, “Wash cycle, then tumble dry cycle, I could be here for hours!”

“That’s no problem for me,” he replied, “do you want to ring your parents so they won’t worry, you know, strange man, first date, no sign of you coming home etc.etc.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you Tom,” she said, “How long do you want to keep me here?”

“You can stay all night if you wish.” He replied thickly.

She laughed, “not tonight, I have to be up to open the shop in the morning and my uniform is at home.”

“Then maybe another night.” He said. She smiled and nodded. She did ring her Mum and told her that she might be quite late and not to worry.

The dress was duly set going in the washing machine and she was enjoying a lovely power shower in the wetroom when he walked in. He was still wearing his shorts. “Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.” He announced.

“Are you going to have a shower?” She called out to him over the noise of the water.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Then get in here and do my back.” She commanded. He stepped forward, shorts and all and grasped her in his arms. She pushed him away, “Dinner will be burned if you start that! There’ll be plenty of time after we’ve eaten.”

When they had completed their ablutions, Tom handed her a big fluffy towel, “no robe I’m afraid, but I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous.” He was right, she did look gorgeous, dressed only in a white towel, wrapped round her and tucked in at the top. He was in similar garb, but leaving his chest bare. The open plan apartment meant that she could be setting the table and holding a conversation with him as he prepared dinner.

Tom dimmed the lights except for immediately above the dining table and the rest of the apartment disappeared as they sat on a pool of light. This meant that they could watch the lights of the town as people went about their business. They flirted over dinner, laughed and chatted about the events of the day. “Would you do it all again?” Tom asked her, pouring another glass of wine for her.

She raised her glass to him, “every bit of it, every single bit! From, you, virtually undressing me at the top of the tower, to me coming back here in your sweaty underpants.”

“You didn’t mind getting your dress wet?” he asked.

“It’s dress,” she said “it’s not a world disaster. No. I didn’t mind especially when I saw your face when you realised you could see through it!” She gave a laugh, “and the Park keeper! His face was a real picture!”

“You didn’t mind him seeing you like that?” Tom said with a grin.

She laughed again, “Not at all, it might have brightened his day!” Tom took a breath,

“Would you get wet for me again, Sarah?”

She looked at him over the top of her wine glass, “Yes.”

The washing machine clicked off, so having finished dinner, they cleared away the things, loaded the dishwasher and put her dress in the dryer. Tom took her hand and led her to the window on one side of the room. It slid to one side and together they stepped out on to the tiny balcony. There was breeze as they were so high up, which flicked at their towels. They could see the main road which bypassed the town on one side and the high street on the other. People were beginning to appear on the streets going to pubs and the like. “They look so small” suggested Sarah her back to Tom, his arms round her “I wonder if they can see us?”

“They don’t look up,” replied Tom, “especially at night. They have no idea we are here.” As he was talking he was slowly untucking her towel.

“What do you think you are doing?” she asked, amused.

“Just proving a point.” He said, “No one will notice.”

“That’s a shame,” she said, turning to face him at the moment her towel fell to around her ankles. She hooked her thumbs into his towel and pushed it below his hips where it too, could fall of it’s own accord. Tom kissed her and then reached inside the sliding window and slowly the lights inside the flat came up and they were illuminated by bright lights. She thumped his chest, “You are a bugger, Tom Ward, you keep showing me off in public!”

“Nobody’s taking any notice of us!” He protested. “I can show you off a lot better than this if you’d like it on future occasions.”

“What do I get out of this offer?” she asked, pushing her naked body against his.

“Stimulating and exciting company and situations that will make your adrenalin flow.” He told her.

“It’s making something flow already.” She said, “Let’s go inside!”

They made love on the floor, just inside the big window. Made love would appear to be the right description, as they were unhurried in their attentions to each other. They both fell asleep on the floor in front of the big window, naked, but as Tom suggested earlier, no-one would have seen them. They were as it happens, in the tallest building for about a quarter of a mile.
It was dark when Sarah woke. She looked at the clock, it was almost midnight. “I’ll have to go” she said and went to get her dress from the dryer, it was pleasantly warm, but wrinkled. She put it on and buttoned it up, grinning as she remembered the circumstances where she lost the button at her belly.

Tom quickly put on some slacks and a shirt and said “I’ll drive you.”

When Sarah went into her house, her parents had already gone to bed, but she knew that her mum would have been listening for her to arrive home.

“Hallo, Kwik Kleen” Sarah said as she answered the phone. “What are you wearing?” said a male voice at the other end.

She recognised Tom’s voice. “A French maid’s outfit with no knickers!” she said with a laugh.

“I’m coming round!” Tom announced.

“No, I’m too busy” she told him.

“Can I see you tonight?” Tom persisted. “Yes! Ring me back later” she agreed.

He called in to the shop at lunchtime. Sarah was having her lunch in the back, so she came out to meet him. “What do you want to do tonight?” Tom asked.

“Er.. I enjoyed the other night at the cinema.” She told him.

“Really? Want to go again?” He asked.

“Yes,” she said, “Same seats, I may have a little surprise for you. Pick me up at seven. Now go! I have to finish my lunch.” And she almost pushed him out of the shop.

Tom picked her up from her home. He could see her mum’s face behind the curtains. He smiled to himself, “if she knew what I had done to her daughter, I would have devil horns sticking out from my head.” Sarah came trotting down the steps and got into the car. “We are being watched.” Tom told her,

“Oh I know!” she replied. “I’ll have to introduce you sometime, I think you’ll like her.”

“Why do you think that?” asked Tom absentmindedly.

He was looking at Sarah’s legs emerging from under her short black raincoat. “Because.” Said Sarah, tapping his leg, “She’s very like me, or I suppose I’m very like her.”

“In that case,” Tom replied, “I definitely want to meet her!” This won him a thump on the arm.

“Do you want to eat first of eat later?” Tom asked as they drove away.

“Eat first. Pizza and lager.” Sarah ordered.

“Your wish is my command,” Tom replied – “by the way what is this surprise you have for me?”

“Later! Although I may give you a clue during the meal.”

They arrived at the local pizza restaurant and selected a table in a corner. They took a few minutes to order and then Tom, almost exasperated said “Come on! The surprise!”

Sarah leant forward and took his hands in hers and said “do you remember our last visit to the cinema?”

“Yes, of course”

“Well do you remember what you said about the woman’s nightdress”?


“Do you remember this?” she pulled her raincoat to one side and revealed the black nightdress she had worn under her blouse at the night club.

“Yes, yes, I do!”

“Well,” She said, licking her lips, “I just thought you might like to have a bit of fun with it!”

Tom finished his pizza far quicker than Sarah. She laughed “You’ll be giving yourself indigestion!” He sat waiting patiently for Sarah to finish her meal. Then they walked to the cinema, she had refastened her raincoat, which was only a little longer then the satin item it was covering. They had their arms round each other.

There was a choice of five films to see, the Harry Potter was still showing, too many kid going into that one, the rom com they had seen the other evening had been changed to another, on the face of it slightly sexier film. They decided to see that one. Tom came back bearing two tickets. “Double seats in, hopefully a dark corner.”

As they settled in their seat, Sarah slipped her coat off her shoulders and took her arms out of the sleeves, she crossed her legs which made the hem slide up her thighs. They sat through half an hour of adverts and trailers. When the film started, the tone was set immediately as the open scene was a night club where a wet tee shirt contest was taking place. “Now there’s an idea,” murmured Tom.

“Been there, done that, the tee shirt didn’t survive the night!” muttered Sarah with a giggle.

“When? Where?” asked Tom intrigued.

“When I was eighteen, on holiday, in Ibiza. A whole gang of us took part.” Sarah told him. “I never did it again.”

“Why?” he asked.

“The opportunity never really presented itself again.” “Would you do it again?”

She giggled, “If I was drunk enough and in the right company.”

“I don’t know!” He muttered to her, “what would your mother say – tut tut.”

“She was there, so was Dad.” “They approved?” “They didn’t disapprove.” Tom and Sarah resumed sitting in silence watching the film.

The action in the film moved to the bedroom where a gentle sex scene was taking place. Tom slipped his hand into the bodice of her nightdress and cupped her breast. “Mmm, that’s nice.” She murmured. She turned slightly towards him, lifting her uppermost leg over his. Her thigh was exposed almost to her hip. “I like being with you,” she whispered.

“Good!” Tom responded.

“It’s exciting, not knowing what is going to happen next. I’m putty in your hands.” He moved his hand from her breast to her thigh and slid his hand back up to her breast, but his hand was inside her only garment. Her body was on display on one side from ankle to just below her breast. “Are you trying to take it off?” she asked accusingly.

“No, just enjoying the moment.” His fingers found the side seam under her arm he tried to split the seam but one handed, he couldn’t manage it.

“I’ll have to visit the loo in a minute.” She whispered. He gripped the short slit at one side of the hem and ripped up the seam, making the slit go almost up to her hip. She stood up and in the darkness of the cinema, she walked round the auditorium dressed ostensibly in a black mini dress. Every time she took a step, a flash of thigh caught the light.

When she returned, she was flushed. “I can’t tell you how exciting it was walking through the half full cinema in just this short nightdress.” She whispered. Crossing her legs to expose more thigh.

He tore the side seam as far as her waist and told her “Go again in moment. She threw her arms around his neck and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

“Yes! Yes!” she finally managed to say. He took her bodice in two hands and tore the material almost to her waist. “When I said that you could rip this off me, I didn’t mean in public!” she whispered urgently.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

She said nothing but swung her uppermost leg right over his knees so she was showing her bare leg to the waist. “Do whatever you want.” she whispered. He ripped the front down to below her navel.

“Do you still feel you can walk to the loo again?” He asked her.

“Yes, I find it exciting!”

“What if we were dancing in a night club?”

“That would be even more exciting!” she exclaimed.

“Right go now before I finish it off altogether!” She set off and was soon on her way back. This time, she was cupping her left breast with her right hand, because when she drew near, he could see that the shoulder strap on that side was sliding down her arm. She was holding the material in place, but when she sat down, she let go and her breast was exposed. He reached over and snapped the strap. “If you’re not going to use it, you don’t need it!” he said quietly. She giggled. They kissed again. He put his hand into the tear down the front of her dress and fingered her wetness.

They looked at each other, “You guessed,” she whispered, “I’m enjoying this as much as you! Shall we go?”

“Leave the nightdress here,” he told her.

“You’ll have to rip it off!” she replied, so he reach over and tore the side seam right up to her arm hole. Then he ripped the front right down to the hem. She pulled her second shoulder strap down and off her arm, then slid her arms into her raincoat and pulled it up onto her shoulders. She stood up and with a judicious tug from him, there was pile of black satin on the floor. As they walked towards the foyer, he said “don’t fasten your coat just tie the belt.”

As they emerged from the cinema, he asked her, “Do you fancy a lager? We’ll find a nice crowded pub so you can feel vulnerable.”

“You mean naked under an unfastened coat?”


“OK, then.” The walked into a pub that was so crowded they had a job to get in the door. He held her hand and pulled her through the throng she hung on to her belt and the crush tugged at it. She just knew that her coat was going to be pulled open before they got to the bar. But it didn’t, However when they got their drinks and stood facing one another he started fiddling with her belt. “You know you’re going to have to fuck me soon don’t you?” she said loud enough for the man standing behind her to hear.

“If he won’t luv, I will!” the man told her and laughed.

She laughed it off by saying, “I’m busy tonight with my boyfriend, thanks all the same.”

They did fuck that night in the side entry at her house, with her raincoat on the floor. When they finally about to part, he asked her about taking in wet tee shirt competition in front of her parents. “Well,” she said, “Mum and Dad are quite happy for me to express my sexuality, after all, it’s what they did. It’s a long story so you’ll have to take me out again to hear it!”

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