Secret Seduction

“It has been far too long since I’ve been fucked,” exclaimed Annie, as she dressed for the evening. It was Annie’s best friend’s birthday and they were celebrating by going out for dinner and drinks. “Seriously, I have been so horny lately and nothing is helping. Being single sucks,” she whined.

“Why don’t you just call Pete?” Replied Val.

“Pete is so boring. It’s the same thing every booty call. Besides, he rarely gets me off. I need a man with more… ambition,” she laughed. “I’m so glad it’s finally your 18th birthday so we can go out on the prowl together.”

“Tell me about it!” Cried Val, “I’ve been waiting for this night for so long. I cannot wait to hit up a club and dance.

“I swear to God I better meet someone tonight, even just a one night stand – I really need a good fuck,” Annie sighed.

The two friends got dressed; Val, in a tight polo shirt with a mini khaki skirt. Annie, in a tube top and booty shorts. They left for the pub where they were to meet friends.

As they sat down at their table surrounded by their closest mates, Annie scoped the room, looking for potential candidates to fulfill her night’s goal. She spotted him almost immediately.

“Val,” she whispered, “isn’t that Mr. Hughes?” She tugged lightly on Val’s shirt to get her attention. Val turned to face the direction that Annie was discretely pointing in.

“Shit, I think it is. How awkward is that? It’s so weird seeing teachers in public,” she said. “He’s really sexy, eh? I bet his dick is huge.”

“Val!” Annie laughed, “you’re terrible!”

“Oh come on, Anne, don’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about him. How could you not? He’s just so… screw-able.”

Annie laughed and hit Val playfully, but it was true. Mr. Hughes had been the main character in many of Annie’s fantasies. He was definitely the hottest teacher at their school. She undressed him with her eyes and could feel herself becoming wet. She didn’t want to get caught staring, so she re-joined her friends’ conversation. Her mind, still imagining Mr. Hughes’ naked body.

As Val and Annie got drunker, they began talking about what the rest of the night had in store.

“Annie, we are going to have a fucking blast tonight. Let’s find the hottest guys at the bar and take them home with us. We can sleep at my place, my parents are out of town,” said Val, excitedly.

“I have to pee,” Annie replied.

being careful to steady herself as she got up from the table, she made her way toward the bathroom. She had been thinking of this all night – she would pass Mr. Hughes’ table on her way – he would be sure to notice her. Indeed he did, their eyes met as she walked by. Annie saw his eyes widen as he got a look at her outfit. She smiled sweetly at him. He didn’t say anything to her as she passed but she was happy that he knew she was there, and even more happy at the reaction she had gotten from him.

In the bathroom, she fixed her hair, her makeup and her clothes. “I am so buzzed,” she said to herself, “it’s going to be a good night.”

As she was about to leave she heard a knock at the door.

“Just a minute,” she yelled.

A second knock.

“Hold on a sec!”

A Third knock.

“What the fuck, man! Hold your frigging horses!” she yelled angrily. She walked over to the door, annoyed that this stranger was so impatient. She unlocked the door and swung it open haughtily, expecting some stupid bitch to be standing there.

“Seriously – what’s your frigging prob-” she stopped dead in her tracks at the sigh of him. “Oh my God, Mr. Hughes, I’m s-sorry – I didn’t realize it was y-you,” she stammered, embarrassed. She could tell she was blushing uncontrollably. She was humiliated by how rude she had been and how she could barely stand up straight.

“Hi Annie,” he said.

“Isn’t this the girls’ bathroom?” she asked, confused. “I mean, you can still use it, I just… thought it was for ladies. Did I walk into the wrong one? I’m kind of buzzed… It’s really weird seeing you outside of schoo-”

Mr. Hughes touched his finger lightly to Annie’s lips and backed her slowly into the washroom, locking the door behind him.

“I saw you pass by me, Annie,” he admitted, “you were kind of hard to miss. Did you mean for me to see you?”

“I had an inkling that I caught your eye.” she teased. Although she was buzzed, she had immediately regained some control at the thought of what might happen during this random encounter.

“You look really good, Annie,” he said as he looked her up and down. “Sometimes I wish the dress-code at school was a little less strict so I could see you like this all the time.”

Annie was shocked by how upfront he was being, and she was extremely turned on by his bluntness. She gave him a very knowing look as she glanced down at his package – she could tell right away how hard he was. It was now or never. She knelt down in front of him and undid the button on his trousers. She slowly unzipped them and let his pants as well as his boxers, fall to the floor. Happy at the sight of him – Val had been right about his size – she took him into her mouth. He moaned at her tongue’s touch. She wrapped her lips around his huge cock and moved her mouth up and down his shaft. She got him nice and wet before she stopped.

“Mr Hughes, would you like to fuck me now?” she asked, as she stood back up. He didn’t say anything, he just nodded with a look of absolute ecstasy on his face.

Annie turned around, walked over to the bathroom counter, pulled down her shorts, and bent over. Using the cupboard handles for support, she lifted her backside to him, inviting him to enter her from behind. He obliged without question.

His penis slid into her easily. She was so tight around him and he let out a gasp of relief as he penetrated her again and again.

“Do you know how many times I have imagined this exact moment, Annie? I have wanted to fuck you since the first day you were in my class. It’s so difficult to see you every day knowing that you are off-limits.”

“You’re fucking me pretty well for someone who you claim is ‘off-limits’,” she teased.

“I’m so glad I came out tonight. Finally, I can fuck you outside of my imagination. Maybe I won’t constantly have an erection in school now.”

“To be honest, Mr. Hughes, this is probably going to make it a lot worse… It’s like tasting the forbidden fruit and pretending it isn’t the best thing you’ve ever eaten.

“Speaking of tasting,” he said as he pulled of of her, “I have always wondered…” He put his hands on her hips and turned her around forcefully. He grabbed her ass and lifted her onto the counter. He pulled her top down so that her breasts were uncovered and devoured her nipple. Once he had given equal attention to both breasts, he crouched down so that his face was on par with her cunt. He forced her legs apart and let his tongue wander. Annie cried out as his tongue flicked her most sensitive spot.

“Oh Mr. Hughes, that feels so good,” she moaned, “don’t stop!”

A few more passionate licks and her body twitched as she climaxed. Not wanting her to stop feeling this pleasure, Mr. Hughes stood up quickly and entered her again. He put his hand over her mouth so that she would be a little more hushed as she cried out his name.

“Shh… shhh Annie, they’ll hear us. You have to be quiet,” he pleaded, “I don’t want this to end yet.” He kept his hand over her mouth a little while longer and let his other hand roam over her breasts and her neck. He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled it gently as he thrust in and out of her over and over again. “How does that feel, Annie? Do you like it a bit rough?” Mr. Hughes had a vicious but sexy smile on his face. Their eyes locked and she could read his mind immediately. She knew he liked it rough and she knew he wanted her to resist.

“Mr. Hughes, that hurts – please don’t.”

He pulled her hair harder the second time. “You don’t like that Annie? What else don’t you like?”

“Oh, that hurts – you’re too big, Mr. Hughes.”

“That’s too bad, Annie because I’m about to fuck your brains out.” He picked her up off the counter and forced her against the wall. He pinned her arms above her and thrust himself violently into her.

“Oh, God Mr. Hughes, I can’t – P-please stop,” she cried. He was loving every minute of it and so was she.

He held her against the wall using his cock. “Annie!” he cried, “Oh, fuck, Annie.” A few more violent thrusts and she felt him come inside her. This pushed her over the edge once more and she came a second time. Mr. Hughes kissed her mouth passionately as he guided her legs back to the floor.

“You’re a goddam mind-reader, Annie,” he said, astonished that she had known exactly what he wanted; his ultimate fantasy. “You’re just fucking perfect. How have I known you this long and not once have we done that?”

Annie laughed, “Had I known that this was what we both had been thinking throughout class, believe me, it would have happened a lot sooner.”

“No one can know about this, Anne. Promise me.”

“If anyone found out, you would lose your job, right?”

“Right,” he said, nervously.

“I would never do anything like that to you, Mr Hughes… On one condition. We have to do this again sometime.”

“As if there was even a question, my dear,” he smiled and touched her face gently.

They put their clothing back on and fixed themselves in the mirror. They shared a few more forbidden kisses and caresses before leaving the washroom. Annie left first, and as she opened the door, he patted her backside playfully.

“I can’t wait until next time, Annie,” he said.

She winked at him as she closed the door behind her and returned to her table.

“What the fuck took you so long, Annie?!” Exclaimed Val as Annie rejoined the group.

“Sorry, Val… I uh… got lost. Couldn’t find the bathroom. It’s confusing back there, you know.”

Val eyed her suspiciously. “You’re face is all red. What aren’t you telling me, you little skank?” She teased. Val looked around the pub eagerly. “Did you just fuck someone?” she whispered so that no one else at the table could hear. “I mean, I knew you were horny, but really? You couldn’t wait until later??” Val laughed. “You little slut. You better tell me who.”

“I will,” grinned Annie. “Later.”

Annie discretely looked over her shoulder to where Mr. Hughes was returning to his table. He caught her eye and grinned sheepishly. Annie blushed and turned away.

“You were right, Val,” she remarked.

“About what?” Val asked.

“Mr. Hughes has a huge dick.”

The look on Val’s face was as priceless as Annie could have imagined. Val turned her head in Mr. Hughes’ direction and then back to Annie. Her eyes wide in astonishment.

“No way. No fucking way.”

Annie just grinned back at her best friend. They laughed.

“This is why you’re my best friend, Annie. I fucking love you.”

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