Sex in public

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The rain fell hard all around us. The only light came from a old street light down the road. The droplets glistened off our naked bodies as they ran down and over our chests. He looked at me and watched as droplets wondered their way over my breasts and hung as if in hesitation before dropping into the dark of the night. I was cold and my nipples reached out to find warmth from the night air. Lighting flashed in the distance giving me a small glimpse at his erect wet cock. The site that only aroused me, causing my hands run over my thighs.
The ally way was filled with garbage cans and parked cars making our sexual escaped that much more exciting. I reached out to take his hand but was met by his hard erect cock in the dark. There was no sound, no talking, only the knowledge of what we were about to do. He leaned over and took hold of my wet long hair and pulled me forth to his lips. My hand guided his pulsating cock between in thighs as he slowly rocked back and forth making me want him even more. He moved me to a nearby fence as lighting once again lit up the sky and giving me a quick glimpse of the ally way we were in. he bent me over a garbage can that sat by the intended fence spread my legs and pushed his throbbing cock deep in to my ass helped by the rain. With each thrust my legs shook and my nipples reached out wanting to be toyed with. I raised my foot in order for him to go deeper. My lust controlling my every move and he knew I loved anal more than anything and now he was giving me what I craved, in turn I gave him something too. His love for public sex, for we were in a ally way, completely naked. He grunted as he fucked me, I moaned in return.
‘Deeper’ I dried spreading my ass cheeks further apart for him and pushed back with each thrust.
‘Fucking whore’ he replied knowing the humiliating words resonated between my legs. His hands now holding my hips, and the rain falling without end, I had no choice but to finish what he wanted all along. He fucked me hard pushing his cock deep as it would go with every thrust. Then without warning he stopped as he erupted deep inside me. I wasn’t finished I needed more and moved my head back for a kiss. A few more quick thursts and he was done. He pulled my hair with one hand and pinched my nipples with the other, my legs still atop of the garbage can and my hand holding the fence so not to fall over.
‘Now to the warehouses’ he said, pulling me away from the fence by my hair. It was going to be a long night of sex in the public places!

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