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Imagine ur laying nude on a private beach basking in ur spender… u have ur sun shades on, ur are eyes closed, and ur listening to ur favorite music through ur headphones…. you’re alone, one with the ocean… so u think…. as u lay there with ur legs open wide , ur knees up, and ur feet on the blanket… ur canal begins to discharge sweet drips of nectar as u think about a mystical lover who would willing fulfill ur every desire….

Unbeknownst to u, the owner has allowed another access to the beach as well….. he is out on a morning jog enjoying the fresh breeze as it streams around his tall sender frame…… he sees u laying there …. his heart pounds with embarrassment for u because u are not aware of the fact that u are no-longer alone….

What should he do?…. should he wake u so u can cover….. proceed on pass…. ur just turn around and discontinue his daily routine……hmmm…. he decides that it would be best that he just continue his jog and u would never know he was there……….

Continuing his run down the beach with just a g-string and his favorite sneakers on, his mind is flooded with thoughts of ur body as the sun glistens off the fine beads of sweat on his chest….. u looked so serene just laying there…. ur face had a glow he’s never seen before……. ur chest rose and fell as u slept, and on each assent ur two breast reaching for the heavens were touched by God himself….. ur arms tender yet strong could caress a lovers cares away…..ur thighs thick and….. “stop it,.. stop it,.. you don’t even know this woman” he says to himself………

On the way back he can’t resist the desire to stop and just glaze at u from a far….. as he is watching u like a bird of prey he notices ur hands as they began to caress ur body….. watching as u message ur neck and shoulders and inwardly yearning for some assistance…. in his mind ur hands become his as they move across ur chest and began stimulating ur nipples with ur fingers……. u open ur mouth in a gasp….. as u rub ur stomach with what seems like great anticipation of a feeding from ur mystical lover….. he can’t help but to move a little closer while massaging his on neck and shoulders, but he stops short of casting a shadow on ur body…..his minds says “clear ur throat,… make her aware of ur presents” but his body screams “Don’t”……

So he watches as u continue ur odyssey towards ecstasy yearning for a guide to take u there once and for all…. ur hands continue there journey down to a place forbidden to all but ur mystical lover…. u rub ur fingers back and forward through ur soft pubic hairs just twirling them around ur perfectly manicured tips… then with a wave of glory u thrust u hands down unto ur pussy spreading ur lips exposing ur clit to the skies above… he can longer stand there idle as u venture off to parts unknown…. so he slides his hands down his body and touches his member firmly, running his fingers across the underside while it pulsates and grows….

I can’t believe she is doing this he thinks….as u played with ur lips with ur fingers….. he watches as ur other hand hold ur breasts and ur tongue extend to lick the nipples… his pulsating member begins to throb as he lowers the front of his g-string exposing his blackness to the ocean….
the tide that ebb and flowed just a few feet away from u has stood still to watch as u prepare to release ur flood of love unto its beaches…… seeing u encircle ur clit with ur fingers… he begins to stroke his member up and down, nice long strong strokes…… as u insert ur finger inside ur sugar walls and pull out its wetness to taste …..the head of his rod begins to tingle with excitement……
u can no longer resist the desire to explode so u massage ur clit with ur entire hand, with an assurance that ur not missing a pleasure spot….his mouth starts to water at thought of holding it between his lips and just feeding….. the closer u get to ecstasy the more pleasure u apply and he intern increases the speed of his stork brining forth a clear love juice that he uses for lubrication…
ur back arches at the feel of an impending rapture ur mouth opens and u explode releasing ur nectar all over ur enter thighs…he can no longer contain himself as ur body slows form its spasms so he allows his head to fall back and looks toward heavens as he releases his load so forcefully that it falls short of landing on u……

As u walk into the owner’s house for breakfast ur thinking I have ever experience so much pleasure by myself, it was as if I finally shared this experience with my mystical lover….. “who is the gentlemen seated at the table” u ask the owner with a smile….. “oh just a friend, he just came back from his morning run on the beach, surprise u to didn’t bump into each other”…. The gentlemen looks u in ur eyes then quickly lowers his head “I think we did” and u smile


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  1. Anonymous

    Nice story but your grammer sucks

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  2. Anonymous

    that story was great………i loved it

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