Heart of Stone – 1

Giuseppe Fiorillo put his hammer down and he took a step back. He wiped the sweat from his brow and he looked at his work. It was a masterpiece, he thought, if only … if only … if only it was real.

He looked at the statue and he knew this was the best work of his life. It was incredible. He shook his head. He just wished.

Aw hell, the man thought. He was fixating. He needed a break. He put his tools down and he took one last look at his creation, and then he walked to the door and turned out the lights and went off to bed.

And because of that, he missed it.

When he came back to the studio the next morning, he got an unpleasant shock. Where his creation had stood the night before was only a pedestal. Where was his creation?

And then he heard the sound of someone standing behind him. He turned to find a girl standing there looking at him. “I’m bored,” the girl said with a pout.

The girl was naked but still it took the artist only a moment to recognize his creation. She had the same long, blond hair that he had imagined her with. She had the same pouting lips that he had carved, and her tits, well hell, they were just as firm as if they had been carved out of stone which in fact they had.

The man just stared at the girl. “Where did you come from,” he finally managed to stammer.

The girl looked around nervously. “I … I … I don’t know,” she said uncertainly. “I … I … I don’t know. I’m just here.”

The man just stared at the girl. “You certainly are,” he said.

“I’m bored,” the girl said again. “There’s nothing to do here.”

Giuseppe was about to answer the girl when there was a ring on the door to his studio. He looked at the door and then back at the girl.

“What’s that,” the girl asked.

“What’s what?”

The buzzer sounded again. “That,” the girl said. “What’s that?”

Giuseppe sighed. He’d answer the damn door and get rid of whoever it was and then he would have the girl all to himself.

That was the plan, at least, but as soon as the door opened, there was Tony on the other side of the door. “Hey, Mr. F,” the delivery boy said, “how you doing?”

He was about to shoo the kid away when he realized the girl was at his side and was peering out at the boy. She was still as naked as the way he had carved her, but she seemed not to notice her state of undress in any way in the least. What she did notice was Tony. “Who’s this,” the girl asked.

“This is Tony,” the artist answered absently. “He does deliveries.”

“He’s kind of cute,” the girl said.


“Well, he is,” the girl said and then she was sidling up to the delivery boy. She looped a hand inside the boy’s arm. “You’re kind of cute,” she told the kid. “How ’bout you and I go somewhere where we can get to know each other better.”

“Wait a minute,” the artist cried. “You can’t go.”

“Why not,” the girl replied. “He’s cute.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait!”

But the still-naked girl was already leaving the studio with the delivery boy. “Come on,” she told him, “take me home and fuck me.”

The artist watched in astonishment as the girl went with the delivery boy and climbed into his truck.

It wasn’t all that long before the girl was telling the kid to pull the truck over to the side of the road. “What’s wrong,” the kid asked.

“Nothing’s wrong,” the girl told him. “It’s just that I can’t wait any longer,” and then before the kid knew what was happening, the girl was stroking a hand over his uniform and then she was unzipping his fly.

The kid groaned as the pretty, naked, blond woman slipped her mouth down into his lap and then he moaned again as she pulled his cock out and wrapped her hand around his shaft and then the kid just kept right on groaning as the girl slid her mouth down on that firm, hard cock.

The kid sat in the truck with his eyes closed as the girl sucked on his cock. His hand stroked her hair as the girl sucked his cock and the kid goraned again. If she didn’t watch it, the girl was going to get a mouth full of cum.

Of course, that was exactly what she had in mind, but she wasn’t ready to make him cum just yet.

The girl pulled her mouth up off the kid’s cock. Her hand stroked his cock as she looked up at him. “I like your cock,” she told him with a smile. “It’s so big and hard.”

The kid just groaned as the girl stroked his cock.

“But what I really want,” the girl told him, “is to feel your cock inside me.”

The girl climbed onto the driver’s lap. Her hand reached between her legs and she seized the kid’s cock.

“This is what I want,” she said again and then she was bringing the cock up to her pussy. She moaned as that cock pressed up against her cock and then she moaned again as she pushed herself down upon that cock.

She grabbed the kid’s hands and she pulled them up against her full, firm tits as she bounced on that cock. “Come on,” she moaned, “I want you to do it. I want you to feel my tits.”

The kid groaned even as his hands squeezed the blond’s tits.

“Come on,” the girl moaned. “Come on, I want you to do it. I want you to cum inside me.”

The kid couldn’t help himself. He groaned even as his cock started to spurt and the girl moaned as she felt it, as she felt the kid shoot his cum deep inside her cunt. That was what she needed, she thought even as she started to cum. She needed to feel that cock cum inside her.

The kid was cumming so hard. His hands held the girl’s firm, young tits even as the cum continued to flow. Damn, he loved those tits.

When the kid was finally done cumming, the girl climbed down off of his lap and then she knelt there in the cab of his truck. She looked up at the kid and grinned even as she wrapped her hand around the kid’s cock. “I want to taste it,” the girl moaned and then she was sliding her mouth down around his cock.

The kid couldn’t help moaning as the girl sucked on his cock and then he was feeling it again. His cock was getting hard again and still the girl sucked on his cock.

He was getting harder and harder and the girl just kept moaning as she sucked away on his cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and then he stroked it over her firm, round tits, letting the kid’s cock play over her nipples before again pushing her mouth down on that cock.

The kid groaned again. He knew it. It was inevitable. He was going to cum again. He was going to cum again.

The kid let out a loud moan and he tried to hold it back. He didn’t want to cum just yet. He wanted to make it last but there was no way he could stop it. The cum surged up out of his cock and it flooded the girl’s eager mouth.

She gurgled happily as she took the cum in her mouth and then she happily swallowed it down moments before the kid filled her mouth with even more of his cum. She moaned as she took it all. She loved it. She loved sucking cock.

There was a ring on the buzzer of Giuseppe Fiorillo’s studio. He could hear it ringing in the loft where he slept. He looked at his watch. It was after midnight. He was tempted to ignore it. This had been a very bad day for him. His prized creation had come to life and then she had virtually ignored him, going off to do who knows what with the Tony the delivery boy.

But ignoring the buzzer was not the kind of man he was. He knew if he ignored it, it would haunt him. He knew he would wonder who it was so even as the buzzer was ringing again, he went downstairs.

There she was again on his doorstep. She was still as beautiful and naked as he had carved her. “Where have you been,” he asked.

“I’ve been out,” the girl answered evasively.


The girl nodded her head. “Out getting fucked. I got fucked a lot today. Tony was only the first, but with a body like
this, there are lots of guys who want to fuck me.”

That wasn’t what Giuseppe Fiorillo wanted to hear. He tried to make the words less hurtful but still they rang in his ears. “Then why are you hear,” he aske
d finally through gritted teeth.

“I need a place to stay,” the girl told him. “Fucking’s fun as far as it goes, but a lot of times, the guys who fuck, they don’t want you around after they’re done with you and that’s just fine with me. I don’t want some guy hanging on to me. I want to fuck, but what I really need is a place to crash.”

“And you want to stay here?”

“You didn’t carve me with a wallet or clothes or with the deed to a house. I need a place to stay and you owe me.”

The artist stared at the girl and the worst part, he knew, was that he knew he would relent. He loved her. You can’t create a work of art without putting something of yourself into it. In his eyes, she was perfect.

He opened the door and let her in. “Thank you,” was all the girl said and Giuseppe knew his troubles were only just beginning.

to be continued …

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