My Night Alone

We went to Texas to be taught. After the classes we hit a local restaurant that had some extremely gorgeous waitresses.I noticed the guy next to me was very “turned on.” We kept ordering drinks so we could stay and check out the girls. I noticed that “Matt” was extremely turned on. He asked three waitresses back to his hotel room. They all said “NO!”
We left the restaurant and headed back to the hotel. We called a Taxi. He kept telling me how horny he was. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Get a bottle of vodka and some cran. juice and I will take care of your hard on.” He told the driver to head to a liquor store.
We got back late and took the elevator to his room. We kissed on the way up. No one was awake. The elevator was all ours.
We kissed and held each other back to his room. He cracked open the bottle and we started to partake. Soon all I heard was that He was horny. I dropped to my knees and beckoned him forward.
I unzipped his pants and rubbed his cock. Hard but covered by his underwear. As I stroked it he flinched and moaned. I smiled as I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. i kissed the bulge in his underwear.
I reached my hand in and pulled out the most beautiful male member I have ever seen. It was at least nine inches long, and very! thick. My eyes opened wide and a smile ran across my face. I was already satisfied and haven’t even had him inside me yet.
I marveled for a moment and then pated my lips. Kissing every inch of his cock. I took it in both hands and rubbed it. He moaned and grew even harder. “Please get naked.” he said. So I decided to turn on a local dance station and give him an awesome strip tease. As my underwear hit the floor so did my knees. His hard, throbbing cock was ready. Pre cum oozing from the tip. I took his tip into my mouth, and his balls into my hands. I caressed his sack as my mouth slowly worked down his hard shaft. Up and down my hot mouth rode his dick. He took my head in his hands and “assisted” me in mouth fucking.
“Can I fuck your ass?” he asked. I quickly thought, and answered. “Please do you fucking stud!!” I positioned myself in front of him on all fours. Ass up and ready to go. He slowly pushed his cock into my ass. I groaned with pleasure and relaxed. He started pumping my ass like an oil well. slow and steady I couldn’t take it anymore. I jerked my dick and came in my hand. While Matt pounded my ass! “Just fuck me hard!!!!!” I screamed. He started to ravage my ass. He pulled out and flipped me over. In my surprise my mouth was opened as he shot his load. Hot, sticky cum filled my mouth. I decided to swallow as another wave hit me in the chest.
He collapsed on me and held me tight.
“You are an amazing fuck.” “I wish you were available every night.” he said. “I can be if you move to Chicago.” I said. With that he stuck his hardness in my mouth again!!!

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