Summer holiday

We were on vacation in Europe and decided to stay in a small village in southern France for a few days. One morning Jeff suggested we head down to the local marker and pick up some food for a picnic, while shopping we noticed a local scoter rental place Jeff instantly wanted to rent one and go for a drive off the major route to visit a small winery in the area. I was not sure what do as it was warm and I had on a ‘A’ line sundress one with thin shoulder straps that tied and no bra as I did not want a lot of tan lines on my shoulders. I said to him it could be a problem driving and I wanted to go back and change but he reassured me all would be fine as I would be on the back of the scooter I could tuck my dress between my legs and that would stop it from flying up. I agreed and off we went on out escapade. After about a 45min we arrived at the winery and being mid-week there was no one else on the tour. The owners introduced themselves to us as Eric and Rita and said how they were from Denmark orignaly. Rita was about 5′ 8″ blond and very fit looking, very much like a Scandinavian model, while Eric was towered above my 5’2″ he must have been at least 6’4 but very handsome for an older guy.

As the tour was finishing Rita asked if we would care to join them for lunch in the small restaurant attached to the winery, we said that would be nice and as we were eating lunch Eric said how I reminded him so much of his first love who was killed in an accident while he was away from home during the war, we joked that maybe I was a reincarnation of her and was here to revisit him. As we ate lunch the wine was flowing quite freely and Jeff said how he should not have any more to drink as he was driving, Rita said how she also should stop as she was manager for the day and Eric had the day off. I did not notice it at the time but my glass was always being refilled by Eric or Reta and before long I was feeling a bit tipsy. Rita was laughing a lot and I was sure she was flirting with Jeff then she said how she missed her youth and how nice I looked, Jeff began complimenting her and said how nice she looked also.

As we were finishing our lunch, Rita said how she needed some air and got up to go for a walk in the gardens and asking Jeff to accompanied her. I looked at Jeff and said it was “no problem with me” and he said “sure he would be happy walk with her”. No sooner had they left conversation again turned to how nice I looked. Here I was sitting with this older man and talking about how good I looked when I felt Eric’s hand brush agenised my leg, thinking it was an accident I said nothing, then I felt his hand on my knee, again I said nothing, then Eric openly placed his hand on my knee. Being so relaxed said nothing, and I felt him gently part my knees, and begin to move his hand up my legs to my thong. Slowlay he moved it to one said and feeling me up.

Then Eric bent over and with his free hand he pulled on the bow of my shoulder strap causing the front to fall away, repeating it whth the other strap and my dress dropped completely from my shoulders exposing my small breasts to him. Cupping my breast Eric said how beautiful my tits were and how hard my nipple was. Then taking my nipple between his thumb and forefinger he began pinching on it. I let out a whimper as I felt Eric remove his hand from my croutch and guide my hand in turn to the zipper of his pants. I unzipped and pulled out his long thin cock and then he began moving my hand up and down on his shaft. Eric told me to stand up and as I did my dress fell completely off and down around my ankles leaving me standing in front of him with only my thong and heals on.

Leaning over he placed one of his fingers between my legs and commented on how damp my panties were, and then moving them to the side again he slid his finger along my vagina slowly parting my lips then he slid his finger into me. Removing it, he raised it to his lips and said how nice I smiled then placing it in his mouth he said how sweet I tasted. Eric stood and pushed his pants and underwear down then stepping out of them and moved behind me. I felt his hands on my hips then he slowly slid my thong down my thighs and down my legs. Taking our glasses he had me step out of my thong as he began walking me toward the door and out into the garden.

It was very bright and warm compared to inside and in one corner there was a green shaded area with red and green grapes hanging from vines, as I overlooked a low fence I could see rows of grape vines and between one of them Jeff and Rita walking in the distance further down the hillside.

As I was guided over to the garden area I was aware how the Eric had his hand on my bum and how he was sliding it up and down as we moved. Suddenly Eric laid his glass down on a small table taking mine and placing it beside his he turned me to face him and gently he pushed my head down towards his large circumcised dick. Bending me over slightly I opened my mouth took the head of his dick into me. Soon Eric’s cock was being driven into my mouth. As I began to gag and I lifted my head from his cock, Eric turned me around and pushed his cock deep into me in one full thrust he shoved his cock to the hilt. God it must have been 10″ and then I felt his balls slapping against my bum. Eric continued thrusting his dick deep inside me for at least 5 min then I felt him explode. I could feel the head of his cock up inside the top of my womb and his warm cum spurt deep into me it felt so good.

After he pulled out he made me lick him clean, then he went and retrieved my sundress and and thong. As I slipped it on, he asked if he could keep my thong as a reminder, and I said “yes”, as Rita and Jeff returned from their walk. Jeff commented on how flush I looked, I noticed Eric hand Rita something and smiled. Not long after that Jeff said we should head back and we all got up embraced and said our goodbyes. When we reach town I had him drop me off at the hotel so I could shower while he returned the rental. We continued our vacation and to this day I have never told Jeff what had happened when he went for his walk.

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