Sex with a Stranger

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Have you ever had a person you never met before thrust their hand down your pants in a public place? Hey, it happened to me.

The pub was really crowded that night. You could hardly move, and it was all I could do to get to the bar. I had just bought a round for my friends, and brought most of the drinks over to the guys’ table. I was going back to the bar for the last drink, when a girl, maybe twenty one years old, and quite pretty, made her way towards me, with an unlit cigarette in her mouth.

“I don’t smoke, but I’ve got to get a light for my friend!” she laughed. “Have you got a lighter?”

“I don’t smoke either, sorry,” I replied.

The surge of people in the place pushed us together, and with slight embarrassment I found myself pressed against the girl, with her breasts, covered by a tight sweater, pressing into my chest. She was brunette, with her shoulder length hair in a bob. She had dimples around her small mouth. Very edible, I decided! As people around us packed us closer together, we could only have extricated ourselves with the greatest effort.

“Anyway,” I said, “how can anybody smoke in here. Everyone’s so packed in you couldn’t even move your arms enough to smoke”.

She looked up at me with a mischievous, slightly drunken smile, and wetted her lips.

“Oh, you can move your arms all right,” she said, simultaneously reaching up to kiss me, while thrusting her non-cigarette hand down inside the front of my waistband. Her tongue worked its way hungrily into my mouth, intertwining with my own, while she rubbed my rapidly stiffening cock. People jogged and squeezed around us, unaware that Catherine – which, as I learnt later, was her name – was furiously masturbating my member right next to them. By now she had undone my fly, and was playing with the cock expertly, rubbing the glans, before returning to a jerking motion along its length. She reached her hand up and, maintaining my gaze, licked my pre-cum slowly from her fingers. I looked around at the faces right next to me, to the side, everywhere. No-one was aware of what this girl was doing to me.

“I can’t stand this,” I told her urgently. “I have to fuck you.”

Catherine shuddered slightly, closing her eyes momentarily at the word “fuck”. With diffculty, she turned around as I hastily covered my modesty, and led me by the hand towards the door – a process which took considerable time as she pushed her way through the crowds before her. I took the opportunity to reach down to feel and caress her pert ass with my free had. She looked back at me as I did so, with a knowing smile. “Let’s get outside,” she mouthed.

The air outside was fresh, and it was dark. I took her to the alleyway which ran alongside the building, and we kissed again. This time my hands devoured her body, lifting her sweater, and roughly pulling the bra up over her fat, milky tits. I felt them, hefted them, traced my fingers round the nipples, stiff in the night air, before pulling open her pants. Catherine quivered, sighing softly as my fingers workd down to the light fuzz of her pussy. Christ, she was wet, and as I worked my fingers inside her, rubbing her clit before pushing right up to her g-spot, she thrust her pelvis forward aggressively, trying to force my fingers still deeper. She was getting ever closer to her climax, pushing backwards and forwards, throwing her head back. She made low growling sound as I worked her towards her orgasm. Suddenly with a muffled shriek, she was there, and I could feel the involuntary quivering of her pleasure as the orgasm worked though to her finger tips.

“Fuck,” she said,.

By now my fly was undone, and my cock was standing proud, as stiff as a baseball bat. I pulled away from Catherine. My heat was so strong I wanted her to possess it, to work it and milk the sperm out of it.

“Suck me off,” I commanded, and Catherine bobbed down, grasping it with her right hand, while she lowered her mouth down to and around it. She remained with her feet apart leaning towards me, holding the wall with her left hand for support, while sucking my penis like a dirty whore. She pulled it roughly out of her mouth, and licked and rubbed her face with it, before popping it back in her mouth and continuing to fellate me.

I began to thrust towards her, literally fucking her mouth, and grasped her hair savagely, spearing her mouth with the cock.

“You like my big cock, don’t you, you slut”, I muttered, while she continued bobbing her mouth up and down the shaft of my dick: “Now let me fuck you”.

I pulled Catherine up, kissing her passionately as I pulled her sweater and bra over her head, before roughly pulling down her jeans and panties. Catherine looked at me with a lustful flush to her face, and turned with her back facing me. She bent down sluttishly, pulling open her butt cheeks to reveal her tight asshole and pussy. The lamplight revealed the glint of pussy juice in her cunt. Catherine looked back at me, with an expression that looked like fear – was it yearning? I pressed the tip of my penis between her pussy lips, and felt her push back against it, moaning needfully. I teased the girl, pulling my hips back away from her as I reached round and cupped her heavy tits.

I stood up straight, gripping her shoulders and without warning, I pushed the cock fully inside her eager cunt, watching it slip inside inch by inch. Catherine moaned. I began pumping her hard, her ass cheeks slapping against my thighs. I held her waist as I worked her, fucking her harder and faster. Pumping the girls pussy full of cock. Catherine yelped raggedly in time with the fucking.

“I’m going to cum – let me cum on your tits,” I grunted, as I reached the point of no return. I withdrew, and pushed Catherine down in front of me, as I continued to rub the cock. Catherine knelt, and reached out to take over jerking the cock, watching with determination as she worked wads of sperm expertly over her plump breasts. I gasped as each squirt of jism was expelled onto her naked chest.

The sensation was so intense, I almost wept with relief after my orgasm. We kissed again, and after we cleaned up and dressed, we went back into the bar. Catherine went back to her friends, and I went to mine. One of the strangest facets of the whole experience was that in spite of my absence for the best part of an hour, none of my friends seemed interested to know where I’d been. I made a lame excuse, fully expecting to meet complete incredulity. Instead, satisfied with my explanation, they continued with their conversation about that day’s ball game.

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