Shopping Twist

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Jared had agreed to go with me to shop for a dress for my brother’s wedding next week. He picked me up at one; we stopped and got a quick bit to eat, then headed for the mall. Our first stop was a little boutique store, I browsed the racks until I found a couple that I liked. Jared was following me around very patiently. I headed for the dressing room and put the first dress on, I opened the door to model the dress off for Jared, and all I got was a bored smirk from him. That was my clue that he didn’t like it. So I went in and tried the second one on. Once again I got that bored smirk from him. I went back into the dressing room and put my clothes back on and rehung the dresses. He didn’t like them so I guess that meant we had to keep looking. All I could think was, ugh men are no help!
We went into a big department store, and once again I searched the racks for dresses, and poor Jared followed behind me patiently. I found a couple I liked, and grabbed them to try on, and headed for the dressing rooms once again. I came out in the first dress.
“Really, women? That’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen.” He said as he stood by the door, and he still had that bored out of my mind smirk on his face.
“Ugh, men. ” I said as I went back into the dressing room slamming the door behind me.
“Here try this one on.” He said as the dressing room door cracked open.
Jared handed me a short sexy, little black dress with lace straps and a bright pink bow tied around the waist. It was definitely something I could see myself in. I took the dress off the hanger and put it on. I stood looking at myself in the full length mirror. Man, that man has good taste and so knows what I like. I can just hear him now and see the look on his face about finding me the right dress.
He’s sitting at the far end of the waiting area as the door opens, eyes trained absently towards the crowd at the other end of the store. I paused a few steps from him, hands on hips; my body curved into what I trust is an alluring pose.
“What do you think?” I said as he gazed at my breast.
“That’s really nice!” he says, standing up as I turn around. “Yes, that looks great!”
I smile back, basking in his undivided attention, as the two of us stand close together. I leaned into him and kissed him passionately, letting my tongue part his firm lips. I can feel his hands rubbing my ass cheeks, as I wrap my arms around his brood should. Our kiss is interrupted by someone saying “get a room.” We both stopped and giggled. Guess that was my cue to go change, as I headed back to the dressing room. I closed the door behind me. I grabbed my jeans from the floor, and realized how wet I had become. Ugh that man, I thought to myself. I opened the door a crack.
He looks over, his face crinkling into an instant smile as he rises to come to my beckoning finger and the open door. Once inside, he closes it slowly behind him as I back away, hands on hips.
“This is crazy” he sighs.
I feel his body slide up against mine, fitting neatly behind me while his fingers explore my body, slipping inside to stroke my breasts. I sigh and curve back against him, wiggling my ass, I can feel him hardening between my cheeks almost immediately.
“Fuck your so sexy.” he whispers just behind my neck, his breath sending little shock waves down my spine, as he kisses my neck. His kisses grow harder on my neck, down my shoulder, turn into bites, little nips that have me moaning, my skin, my body on fire for him, all that pent up desire blossoming into full blown liquid fire. His hands take a firm grip on my waist and push me forwards slowly, without dislodging us from our delicious grind, slowly till I’m directly in front of the mirror, where I stop, placing my hands on the glass and leaning slightly forward.
His lips barely leave my neck, but I feel the lower half of him draw away, a lot of arm movements, the sound of his zipper. My head just barely turns back towards him. Then his warm pressure is back, but now it’s skin against skin, and he starts to slide that hard cock between my legs, teasing the entrance to my pussy. I sigh, each time the head slips a little farther inside me, my lips dripping wet and aching for him to come inside. Finally, he’s all the way in, and he pauses a moment, tightening his arms around me, one hand slipping around the front to stroke my swollen clit. He kisses my shoulder as he starts to fuck me, speeding up then slowing down. His fingers have found my wet pussy, and his wonderful, rock hard dick fills me inside, in and out, in and out, soon it all fades into one urgent wave of motion. And it seems like no time at all, a trembling starts inside of me, grinding against his fingers in the front and his big hard dick, trembling till I yelp, biting my lip to keep down the sound, as I erupted all over his hands and hard cock.
And in an instant, he grabbed my waist, pressing me against the mirror. I closed my eyes to brace myself for the urgent release of energy that he was pushing deep inside me, and he groans, his voice rising as I feel the pulsing inside, the drippy warmth that begins to run down my leg. We can hear people outside the dressing room moving and talking. But that just turned me on more.
I pushed myself off him and kneeled before him as I wrapped my lips around his cock, tasting both our sweet juices. My tongue was dancing around his cock; I took him in slowly, flicking my tongue as I took him deeper into my mouth. I felt him place his hand on my head and started guiding the pace and rhythm, I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth, as I continued swirling my tongue around his hard shaft. I could hear the soft moans coming from him as I continued his pleasure. I gently placed his balls in my hand and massaged them as I let his cock hit the back of my throat. I felt his grip on my head tighten as he began to climax. I sucked harder and faster on his long hard shaft until I felt his cock throbbing inside me for a second time today, his sweet cum flowing down the back of my throat.
“Oh women, that was amazing.” he said as he zipped up his pants and helped me get out of the dress and into my own clothes. We grabbed the dress and exited the dressing room with grins from ear to ear on both our faces.
“Thanks babe. I will never look at a dressing room the same way or dislike shopping with you again.” he said as we checked out.

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