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It all started out quite innocent enough. An impulse drove me to stop at a local watering hole. I figured a few drinks would make me feel a hell of a lot better…right? Work was the shits and it had been a long week.
I stepped in out of the heat…my mini dress clung to my skin and as soon as the ice cool air made contact…it was a welcome relief. Just to show me appreciation my nipples went to high beams. And…you can believe me when I tell you that they are definitely noticeable!
As soon as my eyes adjusted I scanned the room and headed to the furthest empty spot I could find. I proceeded to sashay my way across the room. Taking advantage…of course…of my bubble butt. The mounts on my cheeks rise and fall…just so. Again…noticeable.
Ok. Here’s the part where I have to say…Does it sound like I’m being a tease?
Well let me put it thls way… Abso-fuckin-lutely!
I’m horny!
I ordered me a Seven-7 and told the bartender that I didn’t accepted “bought drinks”. Then I scoped out the scene.
There was your typical Friday night fight crowd…your hard-core sports fans…pool players …rabble rousers…two-fisted drinkers…barflys…those on the make and those looking to be taken.
I didn’t see anyone that caught my eye…although there were several different men and women trying to get my attention.
I was just about to leave when in walked the finest looking male specimen I’d seen in a good long while. He’s all of 6’4″ if he’s an inch. Sandy colored hair down to his shoulders and baby blues. Got the hat…boots and tight ass jeans! Damn!
I motioned for the bartender…ordered me a double and told him that whatever cowboy was drinking…I was buying.
When he got his drink and was told who bought it…he tipped his hat and mouthed…”Thank you ma’am.”
Hmm…not impressed! Well I wasn’t going to give up that easy and was thinking about my next move when he got up and walked toward me…tipped his hat…flashed a killer smile and kept right on going
…to the men’s room!
So I did what any sensible woman would do… I went in right behind him. He was standing up to a urinal taking care of business. I walked over next to him…liftted my mini pulled my thong to one side and shot out a stream. When he glanced over and realized it was me he looked down expecting to see a dick…When I gave him a better view he looked very surprised. He also still had his dick in his hand…and it was growing hard.
My little show was something I learned from all the summers I spent camping. Standing was a lot safer than squatting and through the years I had developed some “serious muscle control”.
I took cowboy to an empty stall…he was hard as a rock and I pushed him down to sit on the seat. I stroked his shaft deftly applying a rubber. I stood above him my pussy poised and ready for that moment of penetration…I slowly descend upon him…Open and ready I drop down all the way…skin touching skin. He tries to thrust and for a few minutes I let him. When I clamp down on his cock…he lets out a very surprised…
“OH!” I play him…soft and sweet…stroking him…thrilling him…I ride him…gripping tighter and tighter. He is in a frenzied state. I STOP. And pull myself totally off…with a very audible…”POP”. Cowboy lets out a string of curses and tries to rise…but I am on him… back against his chest…I clamp my pussy around his meat and dance…up and down…up and down…tighter…faster. Then take it deep and pull up slow all the way to the very tip…then again I dive deep. I milk him so slow and my intention is very delibrate.I feel the change take place…that swell…his breath and I know he is about to succumb.
I let my pleasure explode on to his…and he squirms and cries out beneath me…I take him to the point of almost unbearable…where I then release my hold.
I leave the stall…straighten our my dress and am out the door.
By the time cowboy came out I was gone. The bartender motioned to him and when he walked up to the bar he had a drink waiting with a note written on the napkin…”Drink up cowboy. This rounds on me. Next one’s on you.”
He smiled. Then downed his drink. As he turned to leave he as thinking…”Fair enough little Lady…you sure did show me a thing or two. But I got a few things to show you too!”

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