Showing Off On The Highway

Me and my hubby got grandma to watch the kids so we could go out for a night on the town but I didn’t realize what my husband had planned. He knew I loved to show my body off and he had it all set up for us to spend the night at a local hotel. At the time I was 31 and he was 39, I am a blonde, about 5’8″, w/ green eyes, medium build. Well, he had clothes up there for me and to start with I wore this short red skirt w/ a slit in it, w/ crotchless dk. brown pantyhose and no panties. We went out to eat first and he fingered my pussy a couple of times once with the waiter standing right there. Then he took me to this adult theatre-book store afterward, that’s when I started getting daring. Something about looking at all of those dildos, video boxes, etc… that gets me hot and then I’ll do almost anything. I started by stooping over looking at vibrators and showing my snatch, which was cleanly shaven by the way. I even got the nerve to go back to the peeps and give a show, as I left the curtain a little open and pulled my skirt up and fingered myself while watching a movie while my husband was watching from another booth. Too bad they took out the gloryholes a few years ago but that’s another story for later.
We then bought a vibrator and we drove up and down the interstate while I teased my clit with the vibrator and occasionally plunged it deep inside of me. Then we went to a drive-thru and got some dessert, and a crossed my hosed legs and pulled the skirt up so the young boy behind the counter would get a little tease. When he came back I decided to really give him a show as I reached into the back of our car positioning my body towards him and making my skirt pull up letting him see my soaking wet pussy, then I pulled my skirt down and acted embarrassed. Several guys came by to look after that it was funny.
We then wanted to try something else I went to the room and my husband ate me out for about 10 minutes and he had me put on my long leather jacket, kepp my hose on but nothing else. We went to the car right thru the main lobby it made me so hot to walk thru there like that with so many hot men coming in and out of the lounge. We made several strategic stops along the way so I would have a chance to show off my long legs and occasionally my pink shaven pussy. I took the vibrator along as well, flashing a few truck drivers. We then went back to the hotel and had sex 2 more times that night and watched some in-room movies. We’ve had several of these exhibitionistic activities before but this had to be one of the best!

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