Summer Job

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Summer Job

Since a very young age, I felt the need to stand on my own rather than
always relying on my parents for everything. So, from age fifteen,
every summer I searched till I found myself a summer job to have my own
hard-earned cash to spend. I did this till I was twenty and I had my
first real full-time job. This story is about the last summer job I

I was eighteen years old and had just finished my last year of school
before I was heading to the university. After searching for a few
weeks, I found a summer job in a clothes store. The job started in
August and lasted for four weeks. It wasn’t far away from our house, 10
minutes on my bicycle. The owners of the store were young married
couple. They were in their early thirties.

To get this job, I had to go to the store for an interview with the
owners. They were a very nice couple and were very nice to me. After
the interview they told me I could start on August 1st. On my first
day, they introduced me to the regular staff of the store. Besides the
owners, there were 4 other women who worked in the store. I was the
only student help that summer.

Everybody in the store had to wear the same outfit. Because it was
summer, we had to wear a black skirt and a white halter-top. Underwear
and shoes we had to pick ourselves. I loved working at the store. The
days flew by. But in the second week, something happened that I didn’t
see coming at all, although the other women had hinted about what was
to come.

The first week the owner flirted with me alot, but I though he was just
being nice to me. But this day was different. It was a rainy day, and
we didn’t have many customers. Besides the male owner, whose name was
Jeroen, only myself and one other woman was working in the store.
Jeroen had been watching me all day long but I was too naive to realize
that he wasn’t looking at me to check if I was doing my work well, but
he was looking at me cause he had other things on his mind.

I had to get some clothes from the stockroom, which was in the back of
the store. After I turned on the lights of the room I closed the door
behind me and searched for the type of clothes I needed. After
searching for a few minutes in the large stockroom, I found what I was
looking for. But the box was placed on the top shelf and I couldn’t
reach it. There was a small 3-step ladder standing in the corner of
the room. As I placed it in front of the shelves, Jeroen came into the

I continued what I was doing I walked up the small ladder. I had to
stand on the third step to be able to reach the box that I needed. As
I grabbed the box with both my hands, I felt how Jeroen laid his hands
on my hips. I turned my head and looked down at him with a questioning
expression on my face. He told me he wanted to help me so I wouldn’t
fall. I took the box from the shelf I stepped down the ladder, step by
step, while he kept his hands on my hips.

As I stepped back on the ground, I turned toward him and he took the box
from me cause he noticed that it was a heavy box. He placed it on a
table that was standing against the wall. I opened the box and took a
few of the clothes I needed while Jeroen placed the ladder back in its
place. While I was closing the box again, he stepped up close behind me
and laid his hands back on my hips. He moved closer against me and I
could feel his crotch pushing against my bottom.

He leaned forward till I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I heard
him sniffing, taking in the scent of my perfume. His warm breath moved
from my neck to my ear and he whispered into my ear with a deep voice
how much he liked me. I smiled, not knowing what to say to such a
compliment, especially if it’s coming from your boss. He continued
with his compliments while his hands moved downwards, sliding down my
hips to my thighs. His hands touched the skin of my thighs as his lips
touched my neck. He placed small kisses all over my neck, very slowly.

While my hands were still holding the box, I could feel his hand sliding
up under my skirt. I didn’t know what to do, but I felt that this
wasn’t right so I moved aside and turned towards him, telling him that
I didn’t think that this was a good idea. He said it was okay and that
I had to forget about what just happened. I left him behind in the
stock room as I made my way back into the store with the clothes I got
from the box.

That whole day long, I couldn’t get my mind off what had happened. I
didn’t know what to do. Was it wrong? Was it my fault? All I knew
was that I didn’t want to loose this job because it was paying very
well. I barely slept that night, thinking about Jeroen. I remember
hoping over and over that this wouldn’t be the end of my summer job.

The next day I arrived at the store. Jeroen was already there, and I was
the second one to arrive. He smiled at me and acted like nothing
happened the day before. That was a relief to me.

Nothing really happened that day till it was lunchtime. The two other
female employees were going to a local place to have their lunch which
left Jeroen and me alone in the store. Like every day, the store was
closed from 12 till 12.30. Jeroen’s wife hadn’t been in the store the
last few days cause she had the flu.

I went to the storeroom were the employees also eat their lunch if they
don’t go out to eat it elsewhere. I was sitting at the table and had
just started to eat my lunch when Jeroen walked inside. He was
wandering through the storage room with a piece of paper and a pen,
taking notes of what he had in stock and what he had to order.

At one point, he asked me for help. He wanted me to open a box that was
on the lowest shelf and I had to count how many pairs of jeans were in
the box. I walked towards the shelf were the box was standing. Jeroen
was behind me and when I bent over to grab the box, he grabbed me by my
hips again. I let go of the box and stood up straight. He pushed me
forward a little as his hands were roaming all over my ass.

He started to say all kind of compliments again, how much he wanted me -
stuff like that. I placed my hands on the shelf in front of me as I
felt his hands roaming to the front, running over my stomach, upwards
as he cupped my breasts through my halter-top. I closed my eyes as he
started to kiss me in my neck. He told me that I had some pretty firm
breasts and that he enjoyed what he was feeling. After mauling my
breasts for a few minutes, his hands started to move down again over my
stomach till they were on my thighs again. He kisses moved from my
neck to my ears as he nibbles on my earlobe.

He commanded me to take a step backwards and to spread my legs a little.
While I was still holding the shelf, I did as he said, parting my legs
a little. As I did that, I could feel the bulge in his pants touching
against my ass. He moved one of his hands under my skirt till it
touched the fabric of my thong. Slowly he pushed it aside and moved
his hand inside my thong. Jeroen kept kissing me all over as his
fingers ran over my shaved vagina and a finger ran up between my pussy

I was not really wet, just a little bit. He laid a finger on my
clitoris and slowly started moving it up and down. While he was doing
this, all kind of thoughts were running through my mind. I was enjoying
this, but on the other hand, it
wasn’t right. He was married and also
my boss. I decided to see just how far this was going.

His fingers toying with my clitoris made me wet. With his free hand he
grabbed my shoulder and turned my face towards his so he could kiss me
on my lips. I
let him kiss me and he slipped his tongue into my mouth,
flicking his tongue around with mine. Meanwhile his finger moved down
moved pussy lips again and found the entrance to my vagina. Slowly he
slipped a finger inside my warm, moist pussy. As he did this, a slight
moan escaped my lips.

Slowly he started fingering me as we were kissing. After a few minutes
I was wet enough and he slipped in another one, picking up the pace a
little. My moaning was getting more regular and louder now. With long
deep strokes he fucked his fingers inside me up to his last knuckles.
I felt an orgasm building up inside me. Jeroen noticed that I was
reaching that point of pleasure and fingered me as fast as he could
till I reached my orgasm. My legs were trembling as I came.. came

He removed his hand from my thong and licked the juice from his fingers.
He said how much he loved the taste of the juices of an 18-year-old
girl. It was obvious to me in the way he said it that I wasn’t the
first student employee he had done this with. After he said that he
headed back into the store and left me behind, exhausted. I had barely
fixed my clothes when the other women came back from their lunch. All
day long I was worried that they had noticed anything or suspected what
had happened between Jeroen and me, but it seemed like they didn’t
notice a thing besides Jeroen smiling all day long after lunchtime.

Every third Friday of August, the owners of the store took their
employees out on a dinner at a fancy and expensive restaurant. We were
told to be at the restaurant at 7pm that evening. Because I didn’t have
my own car, my daddy gave me the keys of his Mercedes. I was wearing a
black evening dress with matching shoes. I couldn’t wear a bra under
that dress cause I would look ridiculous so I was only wearing a black

Around 6.45 pm, I arrived at the “T’Driessent” restaurant, a well-known
fancy restaurant in our neighborhood. I had been there a few times
with my family. It seemed like everybody was already there so we
decided to go and sit at our table.

Jeroen was sitting next to me. It wasn’t really a surprise to me that
he wanted to sit next to me but what was a surprise to me was that he
couldn’t keep his hand of my thighs all evening. I couldn’t believe he
was doing that because his wife was sitting on my other side and didn’t
notice a thing. Dinner was delicious as always at that restaurant and
afterwards, we decided to take a place at the bar to have some more
drinks. It was all being paid for by the company so we didn’t say no
to that.

Because I was driving, I didn’t drink any alcohol that evening. Jeroen
on the other hand was not sober anymore, not at all. Many drinks
later, around 11.40pm, Jeroen’s wife decided that she was going home,
she was tired, but Jeroen wanted to stay a little longer so I offered
to drive him home with my daddy’s car. Jeroen’s wife agreed and went
home. He ordered some more drinks.

One by one, the other employee’s left till I was alone with Jeroen. Now
that everybody was gone, he started to flirt with me again. His breath
smelled like alcohol. The bartender was looking at me and I could see
in his eyes that he didn’t like to have a drunk man sitting at his bar
so I told Jeroen that I was going to take him to his home.

On our way home, even though I was driving, he couldn’t keep his hands
off me. Every time he laid his hand on my thigh, I had to put it back
on his thigh cause he was taking my attention away from the road and it
was already pretty late and dark. I didn’t know where he lived so I
had to follow his directions. After 10 minutes he made me stop at a

I looked around, there were no houses so I realized that he lied to me.
He told me he wanted to go for a small walk to sober up a little before
he went home. I believed him and we got out off the car.

We walked through the entrance of the cemetery. It was very dark and I
wasn’t comfortable at all with this situation. A few meters behind the
entrance was a small building. A maintenance building it seemed.

Jeroen walked to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. With
a loud bang he kicked the door open. It wasn’t locked very tight. He
took me by the hand and pulled me inside as he closed the door behind
us. After some searching he found a light switch and turned on the
lights. There wasn’t much in the room besides a table, some chairs and
some equipment to take care of the cemetery.

Jeroen pushed me with my back against the wall and started kissing me
all over. His hands cupped my breasts and he started mauling them. I
could taste the liquor from his lips as he kissed me. Finally, he
grabbed my head and forced me to my knees. As I was kneeling there, I
looked up and he commanded me to suck his cock.

I unzipped his jeans and pulled it down till it was around his ankles.
As I pulled his jeans down, his briefs came along and his cock popped
out into my face. It was already semi hard. Again he commanded me to
suck it. I took his soft shaft in my hand and brought the head of his
penis to my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and tasted the precum
that was covering his cockhead.

Slowly I felt his cock hardening inside my mouth as I moved my lips back
and forth on his shaft and my hand followed this motion. He was
moaning softly at first but after a while I noticed that he was
enjoying my blowjob skills alot. With his hands on the back of my head
he decided the pace for me. After a while he had enough of it and
pulled me back up to my feet. He demanded that I turn around and bend
over for him. I did as he told me and bended over, placing my hands
against the wall, my ass backwards and my legs spread. He grabbed my
dress and lifted it up, wrapping it around my hips. Quickly he pulled
my string down and I stepped out of it with one foot. He took place
behind me and rubbed his penis up and down between my wet pussy lips.

I thought he wanted to lick me but he wanted to fuck me. Quickly I told
him to stop and I grabbed my purse that I had dropped on the floor when
he pushed me against the wall. I opened it and took a condom out – I
always carry some condoms with me in my purse – something my mom taught
me. I opened it and applied it around his shaft because Jeroen was
obviously too drunk to take care of a subtle job like that.

I got back into position and again he rubbed his hard, condom-covered
penis up and down my wet pussy lips to find the entrance. With a pop he
slipped it inside my vagina. Because he was so drunk, he didn’t seem to
have much control over his body and he didn’t seem to care about what I
wanted or needed. He slammed it all the way inside me at once. I was
not ready for it all so soon and it hurt as he stretched me pussy out
with his thick cock.

He grabbed me by the hips and started bucking into me as fast as he
could. His balls were slapping against my clitoris on each stroke.
The sucking and sloshing sounds of my wet cunt being fucked filled the
room. A few minutes later, he started moaning louder and louder. He
was cumming already. A few short strokes and many loud moans later he
pulled his softening cock back out from my vagina. He pulled the
condom of his penis and threw it one the floor. After pulling his
briefs and jeans back up and told me that he wanted to go home.

I pulled my string back up and straightened my dres
s. After grabbing my
purse from the floor I headed out of the building quickly. Jeroen was
already waiting by the car. Besides the correct directions, he didn’t
say a word on our way to his house.

That night, I didn’t sleep at all. I kept
thinking about what had
happened. I felt used. All Jeroen wanted was to fuck me, to get rid of
his sperm. I felt like I was his cum bucket or something like that.

The next two days the store was closed and on Monday we had to go back
to work. I arrived on my normal hour that Monday and, for the first
time that month, it was not Jeroen who was waiting at the store but his
wife. Jeroen didn’t seem to be there yet and I was the first one to
arrive of any other employees. To my surprise, his wife told me that
she had found out about what happened between Jeroen and me last Friday
night. The smell of my perfume was all over him when he got home and
because he was drunk he admitted that he had sex with me.

She told me that she didn’t want to see me again at the store and that I
was fired. However, But I did get a full month’s pay because she said,
it wasn’t my fault. She told me that this wasn’t the first time that
he had cheated on her. I went back home and spent all day in my room,
thinking about all this curious turn of events concerning my last
summer job.

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