Swallow This

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It was a dive bar on the south side. They rarely attracted any big names but every once in a while the barely lucid patrons were treated as guinea pigs for new material from a well known band. Usually they were guys that got their start playing late night gigs on Sunday nights or they used to drink there after band practice. Mostly it was a place for wannabe’s to talk smack about some hole in the wall record producer that was going to make them into a big star. Sometimes you ran into a haggard groupie who told half-truths about the rock stars she slammed with back in the day.

I came on there once in a while to chat with my friend Justin who bartended there. Usually it was just a pit stop on my way downtown to the happening clubs. I grabbed a Jack and Coke from my friend and sat listening to a watered down version of Bodies coming from a tired looking boy on stage. I sipped my drink while I waited for my friend to take a break. I barely noticed when the band stopped and some roadies started testing equipment. Justin motioned to me that it would be a few more minutes and I left to go check my makeup in the mirror. I was meeting a girlfriend later who promised to introduce me to her boyfriend’s super cute brother. I had dressed more casual than usual, wearing a pair of tight black satin pants and black T-shirt that that had a pair of red lips sequined across my chest. The red contrasted nicely with my long dark hair and I had painted my own lips cherry red to match my shirt. I adjusted my makeup, shook out my hair and headed back to the table.

Justin was waiting for me and I sat down in a chair across from him with my back to the stage. We chatted for a few minutes while another band warmed up on stage. Several times I winced at the shrill sounds coming from the amps but I was pretty used to the mediocre talent by now. Several more minutes passed and Justin and I joked about bands we had seen here and then a slow guitar began to ease in between the conversation and drunken laughter. I didn’t pay much attention at first and then slowly realization dawned on me as the voice that had imbedded itself into my mind so deeply I could recognize it in the loudest of crowds made its way to me. I glanced quickly at Justin to see a slow smile spread across his face. Almost knocking over the table I whipped around in my chair and not even 20 feet away from me he stood. His long blonde hair falling around his face, partially covering his baby blue eyes. He wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a muscle shirt just as he had fifteen years ago. As he sang a song I knew by heart I could only watch, hardly imagining that there were only 20 other people in this room with him and I. His smooth bluesy voice rang out over the listless patrons as they talked amongst themselves. I was lost in a reverie of steel guitars, drums and that yankee voice with the slight southern twang.

I didn’t notice when Justin returned to the bar nor did I notice when most of the room emptied out to move on to their final destinations of the night. I was lost on him, watching his smile, the way his body moved in rhythm to his music. From this dark corner in a nothing bar in the middle of nowhere I found my own piece of heaven. My plans with my friend were no longer a forefront in my mind.

After about two hours the spell was broken when the sultry voice I have loved since grade school came to quiet. Slowly I turned back around in my chair, taking a sip of my now watered down drink. I realized now that my body ached from sitting at such an odd angle for so long and laughed at how ridiculous I must have looked sitting there drooling over him for so long. I turned to say something to Justin and realized he was gone too. I laughed even harder amazed at the complete loss of time I had just experienced. I grabbed up my purse to leave, turning to head to the bar to say goodbye to Justin and ran smack into a sweaty body wearing a white muscle shirt. I knew who it was before I even looked up. For that reason I didn’t want to look up so I stood there, frozen, embarrassed at my clumsiness. Then that voice, that voice right there next to my ear said.
“You’re friend asked me to bring this to you.”
I felt something cold touch my hand and only by sheer will did I not drop the glass of ice water. I slowly raised my head, forcing myself to look at him, knowing I was blushing fiercely. He smiled at me and I almost lost my balance so I quickly sat back down. To my growing surprise he asked to join me. Sitting there in dumbfounded silence, thoughts racing through my head, questions overwhelming me, I didn’t even notice he was talking to me for the first few moments. He had such an easygoing smile, it was hard not to smile back. As soon as I did I felt immediately more comfortable.

We talked until the bar closed. Trading information about our lives, our loves and our passion. In the beginning I had so many questions about his career but they seemed to fade, as I became increasingly interested in the person sitting before me. Over the course of a several hours he had transformed from and untouchable superstar to an exciting intelligent guy. We found we had many shared interests, the passion for our work the most common thread. It was 2 am when Justin gave me the sign that it was time to say goodbye. I felt like a very special dream was coming to an end. When I walked out into the parking lot I knew I would turn back into just another groupie. I was very reluctant to say goodbye and dare I hope, but he appeared to be as well. Before I could utter those final words, he offered to walk me to my car. Quickly concealing the bubble of shocked excitement that rose to the surface I smiled and quietly nodded. Gathering my purse, I waved a quick goodbye to Justin and we walked out the door.

There was chill in the air but not unpleasant. The night was clear and I could see the crescent moon and a few stars twinkling in the sky. We walked through the parking lot in silence, my heels and his boots making muffled noises in the loose gravel. Reaching my car I clicked the remote and unlocked the doors, I glanced quickly around, not seeing a bus I wondered how he got here. Before I could satisfy my curiosity his arms were around me and the sweetest pair of lips were pressed against mine. Too shocked to protest and too astonished to kiss him back I stood there, my hands pressing tightly to the car, to keep me from slipping to the ground. As quickly as he kissed me, he pulled away. Eyes locked we stood there for a moment. I could feel my heart racing faster as the gaze gained intensity. He brought his hands to my waist, holding me gently to him.
“Do you want to go for a ride?”
“A ride?” I almost tripped over those two words. What does he mean? To where? Even better question, on what?
“Yes, a ride. Come with me.” He took my hand and tugged on it slightly. Snapping me out of my stupidness. He was walking quickly pulling me along in his obvious excitement. We came around the back of the building and were immediately greeted by a beautiful piece of machinery, shining in the street light, sleek and powerful. He climbed on with ease, motioning for me to follow him. Doing my best to straddle the chrome horse in my tight pants, I adjusted myself in the seat, sliding up close to him a tinge of fear running through my blood.

When we were settled the beast came to life beneath me. I clutched at him tighter and felt his chest shake with laughter. Slowly we moved out of the parking lot out onto the open road away from the city. Once away from the traffic he opened her up, letting the animal ride free down the darkened road. I felt a sense of freedom released within myself. The wind rippling through my hair, the strong body in front of me, the deep rumbling between my legs, I felt charged. I rested my head on his shoulder releasing my death grip hold on him, I relaxed. Enjoying the cool night air rushing over my skin, I breathed in the mixed scent of him and the thickening trees around us. He was wa
rm despite the chilled air surrounding t
hem. I instinctively pressed my body closer to his, some of his warmth seeping into me. He turned his head and brushed his cheek over the top of my head still resting on his shoulder. I felt so natural, so at ease here with him on top of this growling metal machine. When he slowed down and pulled off the road I was almost disappointed but I didn’t dwell for long. His arms were pulling me off the bike and into his arms. This time kissing him didn’t seem so foreign, my body had been so relaxed and peaceful during our ride this just seemed a natural conclusion to such an experience.

Only it wasn’t a conclusion. Standing there on the side of the road, underneath a silver moon, on the edge of the forest preserve I was taken into a kiss I had only imagined in my dream of dreams. He was soft and gentle, demanding and insistent all rolled into one magnificent pair of lips. My arms curled up around his neck and my body eased into his while his hands slid over my back curving under my butt to pull me closer. It felt so good to be here, to feel his body heaving with quick breaths that matched mine. Gathering the intermingled scents of our two selves with that of our natural surroundings the charge I felt earlier on the bike was now more intense and pulling at me to release it. I felt like a very small flame being ignited, tiny sparks surging and flickering to encompass more of my surrounding until I was a raging fire. I knew he was feeling the same pull by the restlessness of his hands and the deepening of his kiss. After several very long minutes we separated staring at each other in the darkness. His blue eyes clashing against mine stoking that fire growing between us. He took my hand in his and led me deeper into the trees.

Eventually coming to a small patch of clean grass at the base of a very tall Oak tree. He took off the shirt he had tied around his waist and laid it down kneeling beside it. He pulled me down to him, taking my face in his hands, pushing my hair back, I couldn’t stand not kissing him any longer and I pressed my lips to his. Letting my bubble gum tongue slip between his lips teasing his tongue with mine. My hands were running over his arms, his shoulders to his chest, feeling the flat hard muscle. The reality of whom I was kissing and what I was about to do screaming through my mind only to be shut off like a TV set. His hands were in my hair tugging my head back to expose my neck. His lips drifted away from mine down the soft column coming to a halt at the fabric of my shirt. Without thinking I lifted my arms above my head and let him remove the inhibiting clothing. Almost immediately his lips were touching my skin and his hands gently sliding over the satiny material covering my breasts. As his mouth moved over my body to the soft mounds I pressed his head closer to me, the wonderful sensation of his tongue teasing my cleavage. Quickly he slipped the straps off my shoulders and released the clasp at my back setting free the hardening darkened nipples. I blushed feeling suddenly exposed. He covered my body with his own shielding me from the coolness of the forestry offering up a reassuring kiss. My own hands were inching his shirt up his torso, wanting to feel his skin against me. He sensed my urgency and sat up letting me take it off. I sat quietly running my hands over his bare skin, mesmerized by the taut body before me. He smiled, taking my hands in his, bringing them to his lips, then laying me back down on top of the shirt covered grass, he brought them above my body, holding my wrists gently in one hand as his other made a path down my body to be followed by his kisses.

I lay there writhing beneath his oral onslaught the mixture of his hot wet lips and the chilly air setting my senses on overdrive. His mouth moved over the tops of my breasts, sucking sweetly at my ruby nipples. I felt the fire rise up inside my womb as his mouth closed over the delicate nerve centers. His callused hands now softly kneading the smooth mounds. My body moved beneath him, enticing him, silently begging for more. The grass and the leaves gave way to the weight of our bodies, making soft rustling noises amid the sighs, moans and kisses we shared. My own desire to taste him overwhelmed my desire to be tasted and I playfully rolled him over onto the grass. I watched him, glimpsing the mischievous glint in his blue eyes and blazed my own trail of wet kisses over his body. Lapping my tongue over his smooth chest, leaving no inch unexplored. I teased his nipples into hard little peaks, nipping at him gently with my teeth. My hands were intertwined with his at his sides making it impossible for him to touch me as I moved my sweet lips over his stomach to the soft line of hair that led below the waist of his jeans.

With nothing but my teeth and lips I undid the button and very slowly slid his zipper down moving the denim away from the neatly groomed patch of light brown hair. I heard a sharp intake of breath as I pressed a kiss the skin just inside his zipper. He raised his hips slightly as if to offer himself to me and I obliged. Taking my hands from his and sliding his jeans off, his now naked body resting on the bare grass. With expectant eyes upon me I did not hesitate to move my warm lips to the large rigid member before me. At my caresses it became harder in my mouth, the swollen head pushing between my lips, disappearing inside my mouth. He reached down to brush my hair out of the way of his view. Amid groans of pleasure, his intense blue eyes never left mine, always watching, anticipating the flicks of my tongue and the deep sucking of my mouth. My lips moved up and down his shaft, taking him in, swallowing him only to pull him out again rubbing the head against my mouth, tasting the salty clear liquid that seeped from within. He moved again, pushing his manhood into my mouth with insistence. I took him deep, sucking every hard inch of him. A low hiss sounded as I worked him again and again, my pace increasing bringing him to a crest then slowing. My tongue moved over the throbbing veins, licking like a dripping ice cream cone. I savored the taste of him, the clear liquid oozing from the swollen tip continuously now. I rubbed it over my own swollen lips before swallowing him again. Releasing him slowly from my mouth he took my arms and slid my body up the length of his, his wet cock leaving a dark trail on my satin pants.

He pulled my lips to his mouth shoving his tongue inside tasting what I tasted. He groaned against me as I moved my hips against the bulge between us. My own sex had grown increasingly wet while I labored over his thick member and I longed for his touch on my delicate flesh. He did not deny me. His nimble fingers worked to remove what was left of my clothing, finally freeing my hot skin into the brisk air. His tongue still fencing with my own, his hands dug into my hips and began pulling me up his body, sliding my swollen lips over his enlarged cock spreading them wide over him, teasing the wet slit that lie hidden between them. He flicked his head over my throbbing clit causing a small cry to escape my throat. Continuing to guide my body to a sitting position on his stomach I pulled my mouth away and looked at him, giving him the opportunity to lift my buttocks and set me over his mouth. In shocked surprise, I didn’t have time to voice anything before his fingers spread my pussy lips wide over his mouth and his tongue was inside me. Teasing me, taunting me, his tongue moved over my most secret parts, his lips kissing and caressing the juicy hole inside. My arms braced against the tree in front of me while his hands on my hips pulled me hard against his mouth. His lips uncovered the hidden nerve center and stoked the flame with his tongue, flicking it firmly, sucking it with his lips. I could feel the quickening in my stomach, my thighs quivering, my arms shaking. Moaning, crying out against nature at his expert touch, I wanted more but I couldn’t stand it, I begged him, pleaded with him. Sensing my rising excitement he lifted me again and turned me around facing
the opposite way, h
e bent me over pushing my head down toward his now engorged manhood. I took it in my mouth without question. Savoring the distraction he now offered. He groaned as my lips washed over him. Taking him again now deeper, gently taking his soft sac in my hand massaging the swollen weight. I now felt his mouth on my again, his tongue pushing deeper inside my honey drenched pussy. At his insistent probing I sucked harder, moving faster over him, he met my mouth with small yet forceful thrusts choking me with the protruding member. His lips moved over my tender swollen clit and sucked deeper than before, spreading my swollen lips he pushed two fingers inside me. The pleasure so extreme I paused in my own oral pleasuring for a moment. Slowly he tantalized my luscious tunnel pushing in and out, mirroring the motions I performed on his cock. He began to push harder, kissing my clit, sucking it between his teeth. My head bobbed up and down on his distended manhood, the head dark and swollen inside my mouth. The clear stringy liquid streaming now, his thrusts became more demanding, pushing his cock all the way down my throat. He sucked harder on my clit, I felt the flame rising, reaching down into the deepest parts of me setting my whole body on fire. My pussy began contracting around his fingers and I moved faster my lips a constant force around him, moving up and down pumping him. He took my signal and fucked me harder with his fingers sucking harder on my pussy. I ground into his face cumming in his mouth, his lips and tongue lapping up the juices the flowed from between his fingers. The hard cock shooting off into my own mouth muffled my cries. I continued to milk him swallowing all that he had to give. His vocal moans echoing off the walls of the forest. His forceful thrusts slowly gentling into slight rocking motion until he stilled and I knew to move my mouth from his sensitive member. His tongue still licking her he softly caressed the round globes of my ass. I turned around moved off of him onto the soft fabric of the shirt he had lain down earlier and he rolled onto his side taking my nipple into his mouth teasing it with his tongue. I moaned and turned into him, our naked bodies cradled against each other. We lay there letting the sounds of nature surround us.

Slowly we gathered our things and dressed. I shook the leaves from my hair and he did the same, we grinned at each other. He took my hand and led me back to the bike. Before I climbed on he pulled me to him and kissed me hard on the mouth, wetness growing against my panties in response. We got back on the bike and took off back toward the bar and my car. Holding on to him now seemed even more natural than before. She closed her eyes and let the wind engulf her again, breathing in deeply, the smell of their sex and the fresh grass clung to the fabric of his shirt. We sped down the road, leaving the secrets of the forest behind, arriving back at the empty parking lot.

He parked next to my car and climbed off lending me hand. I walked to the car door and tossed my purse inside and turned to say good bye. Instead being met with another soft kiss, his arms wrapped around me pinning me to the side of the car. His lips and tongue moving over and inside my mouth felt like a part of me. His kiss became insistent as did his hands, pushing my T-shirt up to fondle my breasts, then moving to push my pants off my hips. His hand eased between my thighs, pushing my still swollen lips apart his fingers found my core, teasing it to fullness. I groaned against his mouth and reached for his own swell of manhood and slid my hand down the front of his pants finding his large member ready and willing to greet my masterful hands. I stroked him steadily as he teased and pinched my clit, forcing the ache in my pussy to grow. With a sense of urgency he lifted me up, not breaking contact with my wet flesh below or my hot lips above. He walked around to the front of my car and set me down. Turning around to face the windshield, I bent over the hood while he shoved my pants down and spread my legs as far as I could with the bindings at my ankles. I heard the zipper of his jeans and immediately felt his swollen cock probing the entrance to my tight hole. I wanted all of him now, I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast. He pushed inside, stretching my tender opening around him filling me. I voiced my pleasure at the throbbing thickness inside me. He moved agonizingly slow at first. I pushed back on his cock, trying to take more of him faster but his hands were hard at my hips keeping his own pace. He kept his steady slow pace for a few more minutes seeming to taunt me. Moaning and sighing at the exquisite pleasure, I pleaded for more. Expressing my desire for him to fuck me. Finally his fingers digging into my flesh, he increased his thrusts, pushing deeper inside me faster. My breath caught as he filled me repeatedly, shoving me over that perilous edge. His groans served to incite my sexual pleasure and I begged him for more, wanting it even harder. He did not disappoint, slamming his cock into my dripping hole. He was now bent over me, his hands on mine on top of the hood of the car. Fucking me in the middle of the brightly-lit abandoned parking lot I was excited beyond my wildest dreams. He continued to push in and out of me bringing me closer and closer to that all engulfing fire I had basked in earlier. I felt him become frantic in his pace, the sound of our bodies slapping together was the only noise in the night. He stiffened and pulled his swollen head out of my gaping hole. Quickly I was turned around and on my knees, the bulging head of his cock pushing past my lips, after a few sharp thrusts my tongue was covered in the creamy white liquid. I lapped it up off the swollen head and licked my lips swallowing him for a second time tonight.

I smiled up at him and caught his grin as he lifted me up into his arms and onto the car, soon he was down in front of me, my legs spread and my pussy bare to the night. Before I could really feel the chill he covered it with his mouth, bringing back the throbbing I had felt only moments before. He barely pushed three fingers inside me before I felt the familiar quickening inside. I pushed my hips up higher, forcing the pressure of his tongue on my clit and his fingers deeper inside as I came again in his mouth. My honeyed juices flowing onto his tongue and he drank from me until another wave of pleasure overwhelmed my body and I had to bite my tongue from crying out. My head tossing from side to side he brought me to another peak, higher than the first two as his fingers pushed deeper inside me. My whole body tightened coiled and released finally resting in a blissful state of ecstasy on top of the car.

He stood up and sat next to me, his hand on my leg. He leaned over and laid a soft kiss on my lips, placing the shirt he had tied around his waist on my shoulders. I watched him get on his bike and he gave a playful salute and rode off. I slipped my arms inside the sleeves and caught a whiff of grass, sex and rock and roll. I smiled to myself and slid off the car.

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