taxi cab mischief

The taxi’s interior was growing dimmer as the sun set on the horizon. I was daydreaming through the back window, oblivious to my immediate surroundings, when I felt your hand squeeze my knee. Startled, I sprang back into reality and looked across the backseat at your scandalous smile. Realizing the motives behind your grin, I glanced around the car and took advantage of the cloak of darkness enveloping us by returning the smile, taking your hand with mine, and sliding it up along my inner thigh to my already moistening pussy. Without hesitation, you slid closer to me and started massaging my clit through the worn fabric of my jeans. In response, I reached out to clutch the silhouette of your hardening cock in your pants. I noticed that the driver was still unaware of our indiscretions, and shed more of my inhibitions as I started to roll my hips to the rhythm of your fingers as they strummed my now throbbing clit. I bit the corner of my lip to keep from moaning as you unzipped the fly of my jeans, and reached in to feel the warm, wet patch that had formed on the crotch of my cotton panties. You pushed them aside and began to tease my clit by sliding your fingers up and down between my soaking lips. Now unaware of the driver’s presence, and eager to grasp your rock hard dick in my palm, I inconspicuously pulled it out from the fly of your pants and tried to jerk you off at the same rate and rhythm of your now soaked digits. Your fingers dragging up and down against my hood brought me closer to orgasm, and when I felt two of your fingers plunge deep inside my wet hole, I came with a gush of warm juice all over your hand.

After I managed to relax the tight grip my pussy had on your fingers, I decided to indulge into my temptations a little more. Ignoring the driver’s growing curiosity of the commotion in his backseat, I slid down on to the floorboard and kneeled between your legs. With the base of your cock in one hand, and my steaming cunt in the other, I continued to taunt my pussy from inside my panties as I gave you head. I dragged my tongue up and down along your shaft, only to engulf your swollen head with my lips. Without taking your dick from between my lips, I flicked my tongue across your cumhole and swirled it around the circumference of your fat and throbbing cock. I started to work my way down your shaft, catching the rim of your head with my lips with each complete upward motion. I could hear the tension of your breathing as I brought you closer to shooting your load down my hungry throat. The realization that the driver had pulled out thick cock, and was trying to keep his eyes on the road as he jerked off to the sight of your massive cock fucking my tiny face turned me on even more. I eagerly pushed my hand up and down against my clit, swirling around the juice of my silky cunt . You moaned deeply when a waterfall of hot cum exploded into my mouth. It ran from the corners of my lips as it streamed down my chin. Trying to swallow every last drop , I hungrily lapped it up from around my mouth with my tongue, and the taste of your salty testosterone drove me to another orgasm, and I came all over my hand soaking the fabric of my panties and jeans.

Then, I turned to look at the driver, who had managed to orgasm with us, he was panting for air, and tugging slowly on his cock, trying to expel every last drop of cum brought on by this unexpected, but gratifying moment of sexual mischief.

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