Thar be squalls ahead.

It had been a great day at the Magic Kingdom, but the park was about to close. I wanted to do one more ride before I had to meet my parents, and I really wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean again. There wasn’t much of a line, and I walked down the long passageway quickly. When I got to the loading dock, a full boat was pulling away, but there was no one else in line. The Disney employee running the ride said I was the last person of the day, and asked if it would bother me to have a boat to myself. I said it was cool, and I sat down on the bench in the boat.
Just before I was about to pull away, a girl ran down and asked if it was too late to get on the ride. They said of course not, and the girl sat on the bench right next to me. I hadn’t noticed how hot she was until then. She was probably around my age, 18 or 19, with long blonde hair, brown eyes, and a small waist with a nice sized ass.She had on a short black skirt and a t-shirt that was a little tight so I could tell she had very full C-cups. She caught me looking at her and kind of smiled at me, I quickly turned away as the boat pushed off and we went around the first turn.
“I love this ride, but I hate how scary it is in the beginning,” she said quietly. She had a very sexy British accent, “my name is Angie, by the way.”
“I’m Dan, and it is a little scary, but it’s worth it,” I replied.
It was really chilly down there, they had the AC cranked full blast, it seemed like we were really in an underground cave. I could tell Angie didn’t have a bra on, her nipples were very erect and visible. She moved closer to me, until her leg was touching mine.
“It’s so cold down here, you don’t mind if I sit a little closer, do you?” she said.
I assured her it wasn’t a problem and put my arm around her. She smiled at me as the boat started getting pulled up the ramp before the small drop. That’s when I had an idea. I was getting pretty hot so close to her. My cock started to grow hard, and I thought maybe when we went down the drop, I could quickly and discreetly squeeze her tit and if she got mad I could pretend it was an accident.
The drop was coming, and my heart was beating faster knowing what I was about to do. We went over the drop, and both let out a little fake scream as I quickly squeezed her tit and rubbed my finger over her nipple. Her breast was just as soft and nice as I had expected. What I didn’t expect was her hand rubbing over my now-bulging cock at the same time. We splashed down, and I kind of gasped, and she looked at me in surprise as well. I immediately leaned over and we started kissing. I frantically pulled her shirt up, exposing her gorgeous tits to the world. Squeezing them in my hands was amazing, and I started to suck on them as she fumbled with unbuttoning my shorts.
Angie pulled my dick out and started stroking it. She stopped, looked at me and said, “The ride is almost half over, we don’t have much time. Lean back.” So I leaned back, and she got up and straddled me. I reached around and grabbed her ass under her skirt, it was a little plump and perfect for squeezing. I pulled her thong to one side and she started rubbing the head of my cock over her lips. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, and finally she sat down on me and I went deep into her. She started rocking back and forth on my dick, I hadn’t ever felt anything that good in my life.
Her tits were bouncing up and down, and she demanded, “suck on my tits while I fuck you!” I couldn’t refuse a pretty girl, so I sucked on them for all I was worth. That seemed to work, she started moaning and making whining noises. I grabbed her ass with both hands while sucking her tits, and pushed her up and down on me. She got really quiet, started shaking a little, and with a little squeak she said, “I’m coming.” I felt her get even more wet, and held her tight. She was clenching her eyes shut so tight that tears were running down them as she trembled.
Angie looked at me and said, “There isn’t much time, I need you to come. Bend me over the bench and fuck me doggystyle. Please hurry, I need it!” I hadn’t ever heard a girl that wanted it so bad, so I did what I was told. In about 2 seconds she was bent over and I was thrusting in and out of her wet puss, one hand on her breast and another reaching around rubbing her clit. She started moaning deeply. This was different than before. I could tell she was going to come again, but I wasn’t sure I could hold back myself long enough.
“Fuck me! Harder! I’m going to come again!” She screamed, I grabbed her hips and pushed in harder with every thrust. Then she let out a very low moan and squirted all over my dick. I could see her holding on to the safety bar as tight as she could, her ass cheeks shaking, and I kept on going. There was female cum everywhere, and it was too much for me. I pulled out of her pussy and my first shot of cum went onto her ass cheek and back, a little even got on her bunched up skirt around her waist. I quickly directed my cock at her asshole and shot the rest of my load onto it, and it filled up a little and dribbled down her crack, in between her pussy lips and down her thigh. After I was spent, I sat down and Angie did the same, rubbing her pussy lips. Then she leaned over and sucked me off a little more, just to make sure I was dry. The boat abruptly stopped, and I looked ahead to see that we were almost to the exit dock, but to my surprise we had caught up with the boat that left before us, and bumped them. They were staring back in shock, I guess we were lucky there were no kids on board. Angie sat up and smiled at them, pulled her wet fingers out of her cunt, waved, and licked her fingers clean. Then it was time for us to go. We walked out hand in hand, and she said she had a great time, and told me what hotel she was staying at. I met her a few more times that week, I’ll tell you about that later.

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