The Alley

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As Vivian took another bite of her Chicken Parmesan, she smiled at her date. “Thanks for bringing me here Tom. You know Italian is my favorite food.”
“Nothing but the best for my lady on her birthday,” the dark haired man beamed.
“Aw, that’s so sweet…and this wine washes it all down so well.”
“I have a surprise for you later, Viv,” Tom said with a wink.
“I wonder what it’ll be?” the short haired redhead replied with raised eyebrows.
“I think you’ll like it…based on what you’ve told me before,” Tom said with a leering smile.
“Oh! Now you’ve my curiosity up,” Vivian said as she gazed smokily over at the man who’s been her steady date for the past six months.
She’d dated other men in the past, but there was something about Tom that she found engaging. He wasn’t a loud-mouthed braggart, yet he exuded an air of confidence in his abilities. When she looked into his eyes for the first time, she saw honesty but no fear. She thought about the time they had sex on a beach…He was always a gentleman, waiting for her to get off before he shot his wad. Even when they dabbled in BDSM, the scenes were always consensual. The first time he spanked her, Tom did indeed stop after she said the ‘safe word’.
The scrumptious meal continued with a slice of strawberry cheesecake, which the birthday girl savored along with a brimming cup of Columbian coffee.
When the handsome waiter came by to ask if there was anything else, Vivian asked if she could go outside to grab a smoke. “Yes ma’am,” he replied. “Our smoking area is in back….” The waiter then looked at Tom for approval. “Hey, she’s a big girl, if she wants to smoke…” His statement tailed off with the wave of his hand.
“This was a great meal Tom, but I’m craving for a cigarette…I shouldn’t be long, then you can show me that surprise!”
“I’ll be here,” Tom replied as he took another sip of coffee.
The man watched pleasingly as he saw his date following the waiter toward the back of the restaurant. Her sheer white blouse and knee-length red skirt were easy to pick out, and the sight of her from the rear was delightful indeed.
The redhead was taken aback a bit when the waiter opened the rear door which led to an alleyway. “This is your smoking area?” Vivian asked with a start.
“Yes ma’am,” the waiter replied politely. “The boss won’t allow anyone to smoke in front of the building, so if you want to light-up this is the only place.”
Dusk had fallen and this dimly lit alley provided her with little or no security. “This will be a quick smoke indeed,” she thought to herself as the waiter went back inside.
Then she got a lascivious grin on her face. “I wonder what Tom has planned?” She thought to herself. “At least a birthday spanking, for sure…but what else?”
In her brief reverie she failed to notice the footsteps sneaking out of the shadows from further down the alley, as she stood near the lighted doorway. When she heard a noise behind her, she turned her head just as a hand grabbed a handful of her hair. Her yelp was short-lived as another strong hand went across her mouth. Ambushed, Vivian flailed her fists at her attacker as she felt herself being dragged. The shooting ache in her scalp added to her misery, as her muffled screams attracted noone’s attention.
“Cooperate with me slut, and everything will be alright!” The man warned in an ominous voice.
After being dragged into the dark part of the alley, the hand was removed from across her mouth, only to be replaced by a hard bulbous object, thrust between her lips and tightened behind her head. She then felt herself being shoved chest first flush with the concrete wall and held there by a powerful arm. Her wrists were then wrenched behind her back and quickly tied. Another piece of rope tied her elbows together, leaving her upper extremities useless. To keep her from kicking or running, he wound a piece of cord around her ankles and tied it off snugly.
“Now we can have some fun, bitch!” he said boastfully as he forcefully turned her around. There was nothing she could do to prevent him from having a free feel. He mauled her breasts over the material of her smooth blouse. She pleaded with him behind the gag, but when he reached underneath her short skirt to finger her panty covered pussy, she felt like a cheap whore who had just picked up first customer of the night.
“Maybe you do like it rough, huh?” he sneered. She vehemently shook her head, and her eyes widened when she thought she saw the outline of a switchblade. “Hold still cunt!” he said menacingly as he sliced right through her sheer white blouse, revealing her baby-blue bra. One slice through the separation left that garment in tatters as well. “Now we’re getting somewhere!” he crowed as her 34c’s came into view.
Naked from the waist up, Vivian pleaded profusely for him to stop, but when he dragged the tip of the blade across her right nipple, she held her breath begging for him not to cut her. Not doing so, he repeated the jeopardizing maneuver over her other nipple. Relieved somewhat, the tied and gagged woman felt the tip of the blade precariously graze her skin down to the waistband of her red skirt. The sharp-edged knife sliced right through that well-made material like butter, and the shredded skirt immediately joined the blouse and bra on the ground.
Clad in only her matching bikini panties, Vivian cowered against the cold concrete wall with the coolness of the night creating goose bumps on her skin. This ruffian was going to do what he wanted. So when he ran his hand down the inside of her panties to finger her hairy pussy, her worst fears had been discovered.
“A fucking slut!” Those words cut through her like a shiny sword, penetrating her core. Yanking his hand out of her panties, the brute grasped both of her hardened nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. “You’re nothing but a fucking slut, aren’t you bitch !” Not hearing a response, the leather clad man began twisting the nubs. “Come on, say it!” Then he violently twisted them harder, causing a loud shriek into the ball gag as she arched her back, trying to relieve the pressure. “Nod your head slut!” Something incoherent was babbled into the gag as the captive female desperately bobbed her head up and down. He smirked at her. “Now see how easy that was,” he said as she sagged against the wall, and sunk down to the ground on her rump.
Looking up at him respectfully and even though it was dark out and her nipples were sore, she could see the outline of his body. The muscles in his arms bulged like steel rockets from his black short-sleeved shirt, and his chiseled chest added to this man’s utter maleness. His tight jeans allowed her to see from her lowly position the manly bulge between his legs, and even though he had forced himself on her, the wetness at the crotch of her panties made her indeed feel like a slut.
And when he reached out a meaty hand for her hair once again, she felt like a rag doll being toyed with. Forcing her onto her knees he literally dragged her by her tresses so that her head was pointing toward his crotch. Unhooking the ballgag, he warned her about screaming, as he pressured the sides of her jaws.
“Lick it, slut!” the brute ordered as Viv felt her face being pushed toward his tented jeans. Obediently, she tongued the bulging outline. “Atta girl, keep licking!”
Her mind was firmly on the task at hand, when the man forced her face upward as he looked down at her. “You want to suck my cock, don’t you slut?” The fight had long since gone out of her, and she looked straight up into his face. She replied softly, “Yes Sir.” Smiling smugly he spoke again, “Tell me you want to do!” He emphasized the word ‘want’. Swallowing hard, Vivian tried to be calm… “I want to suck your cock, Sir.”
The strong man was pleased hearing those words, as he dragged the zipper down. Then reaching in, he drew out his hardened manhood. “This is what you want, isn’t it slut?!” He said as he resumed controlling her by her hair. And when her lips touched his throbbing organ, she willingly opened up, letting the smooth head glide into her mouth. Little did this man know how experienced she was. She’d sucked her first cock when she was a freshman in college…and now gave Tom head quite regularly. She had the drill down pat and was practically deep-throating him by now, relaxing her palate…up and down, in and out. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he exploded.
Then suddenly he pushed her away, confusing her. “You’re a great cocksucker, but I know what you really want…don’t you slut?!” When he grabbed her by the hair again she answered quickly, “Yes Sir!”
“Say it!” He ordered.
Without hesitation she mouthed the words,“Please fuck me, Sir.”
When he entered her, it didn’t take long. A few forceful pumps and his cum blasted into her, but he didn’t stop there. He kept it up until he heard her high-pitched shriek of pleasure rip through the night air.
Meanwhile back inside, Tom had finished his second cup of coffee. Looking at his watch with a knowing smile, he moseyed toward the rear of the restaurant. Opening the backdoor, he walked over to where it was the darkest. Seeing his girlfriend sprawled on the ground with another man’s dick in her, he spoke calmly.
“Viv baby, is this the fantasy you wanted played out?”
“I’ll say it is…this man was great!” She beamed up at him.
“Thanks Jake!” Tom said as he patted his friend on the back.
“Anytime Tom. You know where to find me,” Jake replied as he uncoupled himself from Vivian and stood up.
Tom laughed when he saw the cum-soaked cock of his friend dangling. “Hey Vivian you slut, you’re not done yet!”
“Yes Sir,” she responded as she proceeded to lick the man’s cock clean. Then from her knees she looked straight up into Jake’s face. “Thank you Sir,” she said sweetly.
Reaching down to caress the side of her face, Jake replied, “Anytime little lady…and happy birthday.”

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