The Back Booth

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The air was stifled by the number of people that filled every inch of the bar. The local band jammed out on the stage across the room and people swayed to the beat. Under my mid-thigh skirt and black tank top my body throbbed for the man sitting next to me. He smiled at me, giving the wanting look. The heat and wetness between my legs was dripping. My anticipation had reached its peak hours ago and he had kept me waiting for one reason. We searched the crowd for a pretty face from a back booth. A blonde with breast the size of grape fruits, skin the color of snow, her body slender but curvy drifted to the bar, she moved and swayed to the music. My lover nodded to me and I stood approaching her. I bought her drink and asked her to sit with us; I made it clear what we wanted. She smiled and followed eagerly. We slid into our horseshoe booth, flashing a little sneak peek of thigh. We talk while she finishes her drink, describing the dirty things we are going to do to one another.
My pussy is drenched and continues to get wetter and wetter as the time for sexual pleasures approaches. I slide my hand lightly between her legs, slipping my fingers around her thong and into her hot drenched pussy. She moaned a little as I moved my fingers in and out of her slowly, very slowly. She began to beg for more.
“Faster, please, I want more, I want it,” she pleaded. I smiled, looking at my man. He shook his head. He had begun to rub himself. I continued my steady pace, sliding another finger into her soaked vagina. She moaned a louder. A man passing our booth looked but didn’t stop. I began to massage her clit with my thumb. Her moans grew louder, and more frequent as I dipped my fingers slightly faster and deeper into her.
“Babe it’s your turn,” my man says motioning for me to lie on top of the table. I stretch out on the table, spreading my legs. She lifts up my skirt to find my shaven pussy. She begins to lick the juices from my pussy then circles my clit with her tongue. I moan, watching my man. He smiled, using his free hand to cup my breast. I unzip his pants and caress his erection. He moans and I let out another as her tongues dives eagerly into my pussy. I take my man’s dick into my mouth, taking as much of him into me as I can. He begins to thrust, fucking my mouth. Waves of pleasure rush through me as her tongue fills my pussy and his dick fills my mouth. His moans are hardly audible over the music. A muffled moan escaped my lips between thrusts. She removed her tongue and used her fingers to enter me, her tongue finding my clit again. My pleasure peaks and I squirt all over out new companion. She giggles and cleans my pussy again with her mouth, enjoying the taste.
By now a couple guys at the bar had started to stare but we didn’t care. I motioned for my man to lie on the table. I remove our lady friend’s shirt and instruct her to attend to my lover’s erection. She lowered herself and began sucking and licking. She took him deep into her mouth and her throat. He moaned, and I leaned back in the booth. I watch as my man is pleasured, his smile and his moans filling my senses. I slid my fingers between my legs, filling my pussy with my fingers. I slide them in and out slowly at first, going faster and harder as I watch my man’s pleasure peak. I can see our friend’s pussy dripping. She was close. My lover pulled her off of him.
“I want you babe,” he says to me. I straddle my man and wait for our friend to sit in front of me. I begin to ride him, caressing her full breasts with my hands, our mouths meeting. My man moaned, watching us grope and caress each other’s bodies. I slide my hands between her legs, pulling her thong to her knees. I lift her skirt and began rubbing her mound. My tongue found her nipples and I suck one then the other, making them hard. She was very close. I slam two fingers into her pussy and she screams. I add a third finger, driving it into her harder and faster than before. She squirts all over my fingers. She brings my fingers to her mouth, cleaning my fingers, sucking them. My attention returns to riding my man. I could feel him getting close inside of me. I ride him harder, taking him all the way into my sopping pussy. Just as he was about to cum I pulled him out and watched him cum all over our little girl friend. She was completely soaked. She giggled again. We slid back into the seats of the booth, getting composed enough to leave.
“Come on back to our place, we’ll get you all cleaned up and have a glass of wine,” I said to her.
“Sounds like fun,” she said. We slid out of the booth and went out the back door.

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