The Beginning of an Affair

I walk into the bar where we decided to meet, and I scan the crowded room, looking for Scott. After a few moments, I find him, beer in hand, at the bar. I greet him, and comment on how crowded it is. He says he knows a place that will be a little less populated, so I agree to leave with him. He finishes his drink, and we head for the exit. He gets into his truck and waits for me to reach my car. Leading the way, he drives to a smaller establishment a few miles away. Finding a table, we order a couple of drinks and chat quietly. He tells me about what life in the military was like. He had spent some time in Korea, and seemed to enjoy it. I tell him what my life has been like over the past several years. After an hour or so, this bar gets a little crowded and noisy, so we decide to go to another bar where we can continue to catch up.
This bar is much quieter than the last. We find a secluded table near the back of the bar, and order a pitcher of beer. Looking me over, he mentions how pretty I look. Blushing, I reprimand him, telling him he’s a shameless flirt -which he doesn’t deny. As we continue to talk, I prop my legs on a chair between us, and he warns me not to do that unless I want him to give me a massage. I quickly drop my legs to the floor, trying to avoid giving him an excuse to touch me. Grinning, he sits in the chair I had my feet on, and grabs my left ankle, placing it between his legs. Unzipping my boot, he begins to massage my calve. It feels amazing. He grabs my other ankle, and massages that one as well. When he slides his hand a little further up my leg, I whimper slightly, totally enjoying his touch. Arching an eyebrow, he grins. He always did like to hear me whimper at his touch. Placing my leg back on the floor, he moves his chair closer to mine, and tells me to turn around. I obey, and he starts rubbing my back and shoulders. This feels amazing, too. The mood has shifted noticeably from friendly chat to one of subtle seduction. As he massages me, he allows one hand to slide down my arm. Reaching my hand, he laces his fingers through mine. A little stunned, I turn to face him, and meet his eys in an intense gaze. He slides one hand over my leg, and rests it at the top of my thigh, rubbing his thumb against the zipper of my jeans. He takes his other hand, and slides it under my t-shirt, gently caressing my skin. Leaning close, he whispers, “I’m trying to be discreet here, but if I had you where I wanted you, it’d take a whole box of condoms to do what I want to do to you.” More than a little turned on by his admission, I slide my hand over his leg to his groin. He’s ready to go. I see my wedding ring flicker in the low light, and for a brief moment, I think of Adam and hesitate a litte.
“I shouldn’t be doing this.” I say as I let my hand retreat.
“Why?” he asks, knowing the answer. “Because of Adam?” I nod slightly. “Well, you haven’t done any thing wrong yet.”
“You’re trouble.” I say as I look into his beautiful sapphire eyes.
“Maybe I’m just the thing you need.” he replies, sliding his hand over my stomach. “Let’s get out of here.”
Standing, he leads me out of the bar. We get to his truck, (which is parked in a dark part of the parking lot), and he puts the latest Metallica CD in the player. He allows his hands to roam feely over my body. I guess he really was holding back. I comment on how gentle his touch is.
“Only someone special gets to feel this touch.” he replies.
“Really?” I ask, surprised by his romanic tone. “And I’m special to you?”
“Of course you are,” he says as his hands gently caress me. “You’ve been a part of me for ten years. I have been thinking about this -and you for a long time…you know, I haven’t had a girlfiend since we broke up.”
“Really?” I ask, surprised by his comment. We broke up five years ago. “Why?”
“I couldn’t get you out of my mind.” He replies, tenderly lacing his fingers through mine. He kisses me softly. Returning the kiss, I push my hand under his shirt and run it over his muscular tattooed chest. His tongue dances with mine, and I begin to feel lightheaded. I feel his hand travel downward to the zipper of my jeans. As we continue to kiss, he unzips them, and caresses me just barely below my panty line. He breaks the kiss, and starts trailing light kisses down my neck, and makes a stop at my breasts. I wind my fingers through his hair as he uses his tongue and teeth to tease my nipples. He has always been an expert at this. Resuming his quest downward, he places a light kiss just above the waistline of my panties, and then twirls his tongue around my belly button ring, skillfully removing it. I giggle softly, amazed as I realize what he has done.
“That was sexy,” I breathe as I finally find my voice. I take a moment to replace my jewelry.
With a devilish grin, he slides his hand down the front of my body, and pushes his hand into my panties. With expert gentleness, he slides a finger into me, and slowly caresses the sensitive area between my thighs. He brings his lips back to mine, and I whimper his name in ecstacy. After a few moments of this, his hand retreats, and I find my chance to tease him. I trail kisses down his neck, chest, and stomach. I unzip his pants, reach into his boxers, and curl my fingers around his rock hard pole. I play with him a little at first, and I hear him moan softly. Finally, I kiss him lightly on his lower stomach, and slowly take him into my mouth. I hear him gasp sharply as my tongue swirls around him. As I suck on him, I hear him moaning in extreme pleasure.
“You’re bigger than I remember,” I say as I come up for air. “I want you inside me.”
“I want you, too” he groans, tugging at my clothes. “but your jeans are glued to you.”
“I can fix that,” I say as I maneuver out of my pants. Kicking off my jeans and panties, I then help him out of his pants.
“God, you’re sexy.” he says as he looks at my body.
“Lean back, ” I say as I straddle his lap. He complies, and curls his fingers around my hips. He closes his eyes and moans deeply as I take him inside me. With an unsteady voice, he groans my name as I continue to ride him.
“You’re so damn tight,” he growls. “you feel so good.”
“You like that, baby?” I say as I lean down to kiss him. He replies by moaning against my lips. Clutching my hips, he begins thrusting upward into me, taking control from below. I begin to cry out uncontrollably as he brings me to my climax. Groaning, he closes his eyes and trembles slightly, trying to hold back as long as he can, but cannot pull in the reigns on his orgasm. With a final deep thrust, he explodes into me, moaning in extreme pleasure. For a few moments, I can still feel his hardness throbbing inside me, and another wave of ecstacy comes over me. Afterward, I collapse on top of him, whimpering his name in satisfaction.
Once we regain our collective composure, we redress, and look around the parking lot to make sure no one has witnessed our little romp. We sit and talk for a few minutes, but we avoid the sensitive topic of where this encounter might lead. After all, I’m still married, and although Scott is and always has been the love of my life, what just happened was wrong. I look at the dashboard clock and notice it’s 4 a.m., and say I’d best get home. We agree to talk in a few days, and with a final kiss we say our ‘good-byes,’ and go home.Once I get home, I sit in the car for a moment and replay what just happened. Taking a deep breath, I turn off the engine, and go into my house. Now feeling ashamed of what I’ve done, I head for the bathroom to take a shower. I let the steaming water run over my body for what seems like ages. A million thoughts flood through my mind, and I feel both excited and disgusted by what I’ve done tonight. After my shower, I put on a big t-shirt, and crawl into bed next to Adam. Still ashamed, but not wanting to alert him of anything, I kiss Adam softly on the back of his
neck. He moans softly in his sleep. I curl
up on the opposite side of the bed and fall asleep.

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