The church encounter

Me and My boyfriend had a conversation the other day and I asked him what was the one place that he hasn’t thought about fucking me in the only he could think of was a church so I decided to change his mind with this story and it worked.

It was dark outside and we had heard of a catholic church that was down and the end of town that stays open all the time it never closes because people go in at all times of the day to pray and worship. Me and my boyfriend decided to take a ride down to the church to check it out, I knew what my intentions were, not sure of his but I knew I wanted him to fuck me in the church. When we got to the the church no one was there, we decided to go in and take a look around as soon as we walked in the door, my boyfriend grabbed me and pulled me into him and kissed me passionately, pulling my hair as he slid his tongue into my mouth massaging my tongue. He started kissing on my neck.

Both of his hands wrapped around me grabbing on my big tight ass underneath my skirt, still kissing down my neck, moving down slowly as I could feel his hand moving down to my chest while unbuttoning my shirt, I felt the warmth of his hand against my bare skin. Unbuttoning my shirt until he could pull it off, my nipples standing at attention waiting for the warmth of his mouth to touch me again. His mouth moves down to my tits one in his mouth the other one in his hand while he rolls my nipple between his finger playing with my colorful nipple rings!

I could feel his hands move down my body in between my legs, sliding my panties to the side as he starts rubbing on my clit, he starts pulling down my black lace thongs as they drop to the floor revealing my tight warm wet pussy aching for his touch on me again. He grabs me under my ass and lifts me up taking me over to the pews and lays my body down, unzipping my skirt and sliding it down off of me, as i lay there my body naked and wanting him to take all of me in.

He gets down on his knees and begins to kiss me from my belly button down my stomach until he reaches my pelvic bone and starts to kiss on it lightly and nibbling on it as my body tightens up with the pleasure surging through my body. Taking both of his arms and putting them up underneath my legs, spreading them apart and uses all his strength and pulls my pussy closer to his face, taking one hand from holding me he uses his fingers to spread the lips of my pussy apart revealing my clit shimmering with my juices waiting for him to taste me with his tongue.

He starts to lick my clit slowly at first as to tease me watching my body try to pull away as he pulls me in closer to him, inserting his finger into my wet tight pussy one at first and then the second one as he starts to finger fuck me while he is still licking my clit faster now my body arching trying to pull away from him, he pulls me in closer so I could fuck his face with my pussy, my juices flowing all over him.

As he licks up every last drop fucking me harder and harder with his fingers. I start screaming and moaning his name “OH GOD.. OH FUCK, OH GOD I’M ABOUT TO CUM” and just as I screamed, my body started shaking as I came all over his face. I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to taste him, I wanted to lick him all over his body. I pulled him up from my pussy and pulled him ontop of me as I pulled him closer for a kiss, I licked his lips for him and stuck my tongue in his mouth I could taste myself on him and the kiss felt soo good, I reached down and grabbed his shirt and pulled it off of him, reaching up to bite him on his neck with my nails running down his back his bare chest rubbing against my tits

I could feel his sweat dripping on me from all the excitement. I had to manage to get down on my knees this time I had to taste him in my mouth I really could not take it anymore, I started kissing on his chest moving down his stomach and then down to his pelvic down I started sucking on it and he started breathing harder and more rapidly, I unzipped his pants, and took them down, pulling down his boxers to reveal his hard cock looking at me in the face, I could see it pulsating in front of me just ready for the warmth of my mouth to touch him.

I took his hard cock into my hands and slowly started to rub on it, kissing just the tip with my lips and then taking it into my mouth! I kept my hand on it sucking on it harder and harder, bringing it to the tip and and letting it slide out of my mouth still massaging it with my hand. Taking my tongue down the sides of the shaft, as I’m looking up at him, his eyes closed in pure pleasure, moaning and breathing heavily, I took his cock back into my mouth again, taking it all in this time, putting my hand at the end of his shaft squeezing it with the slightest pressure as to keep him from nutting just yet, sucking on it harder and then coming back up just to suck on the tip again, I did this for awhile taking his balls into my hands, massaging them gently as I continued to suck on his cock while it grew harder and harder in my mouth feeling it pulsate with insane pleasure!

His hands reaching down and pulling my hair out of my face, so he could watch me as I took him into my mouth again and again. Pulling on my hair harder making me take it all in over and over again! I could feel his whole body tense up as he was ready to cum, He pulls my hair once again but this time as to pull me away from him as I kissed the tip of his cock one more time. He pulled me up and turned me around, pushing my body naked and bare against the pews, my ass in the air!

I could feel his body behind me his hard cock rubbing against my ass, as he started kissing down my neck his hand wrapped in front of me reaching for my tits, grabbing onto one and massaging it, harder and harder. I could tell he wanted to fuck me his breathing becoming harder and more intense his hands, pulling my ass towards his body. He took his hard cock into his hand and started slapping my ass with it, teasing me and using it to rub on my warm wet pussy, my clit sensative my whole body moving into him. Sliding the lips of my pussy apart as he thrusts his cock into me hard at first. All I could do to hold on was clench my hands to the pews as he started thrusting inside of me faster and harder. Biting on my back and pulling on my hair. I couldn’t control myself anymore I started screaming loudly “FUCK OH GOD! SMACK MY ASS” “OH GOD JUST LIKE THAT” and with that my whole body began to scream into orgasm, as the walls of my pussy started to pulsate against his cock.

He started to pull his cock out just to the tip and started penetrating my pussy faster and faster but more to tease than anything and just as I thought I was about to cum again he thrusted into me hard. I could feel his cock hitting the walls of my pussy, reaching the perfect spot over and over again, I could feel myself getting ready to cum again as he slapped my ass in rhythm as he thrusted into me “OH GOD IM GONNA CUM” and just as my body started to shake, he slowed down. He didn’t want me to cum not just yet!!! As he started back in me slower and slower kissing on the back of my neck biting me down my shoulders, whispering into my ear how wet my pussy was and how good it felt.

“CUM WITH ME” he asked as he started to fuck me harder now, over and over, harder and harder, pounding his cock into me hitting every wall just the right way, I wanted to cum, I needed to cum and I could hear him behind me breathing harder and harder. I could feel my body ready to cum, “OH GOD! FUCK IM GONNA CUM BABY” And just as he was about to thrust into me one last time, he pullled me in closer to him and my whole body went into pure extasy, as I felt him explode inside of me as I turned my head back to look at him he pulled me in for one last passionate kiss.

Both of us breathing hard, our bodies covered in sweat from the excitement. We decided to get dressed in a hurry we had been there for a while, and someone was bound to walk in. As soon as we started to walk through the church doors, walked in an pastor with an elderly couple, we smiled at them and left in a hurry. Forgive me father for we have sinned!

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    That story was HOT!

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