the divorce, chapter 7

Well it happened. I got a night like no other in my life last weekend, and it would not have been possible if I was still married, no fucking way. Went to a colleague’s wedding on Saturday it was held in a little chapel out side town but the reception was held in a big local hotel. So I got a room n the hotel so could have a good time and not worry about driving.
I began with the chapel when I was seated next to this short raven haired beauty with green eyes. An average body but she had this girl next door thing going on. She introduced herself as Dana. She was wearing a one piece dress that showed her ass off. I told her she looked good in the dress and she thanked me and complimented my tie. The ceremony was a small thing so not many people, we were in the last row about six rows back. We were alone in the row at the aisle. By the time the ceremony started her hand was on my ass. During the ceremony she put her hand between my legs and rubbed my hardening cock. She whispered in my ear. “You know I am recently single and am so turned on by weddings it isn’t fair”
“well Dana I am going through a divorce and break up too perhaps we can make a stop on the way to the reception for a little lick and stick.”
“Mmm well I don’t usually fuck strangers but I am on week twelve of a sexless streak”
“well baby don’t think of me as a stranger and I will guarantee you will know me in an hour or so.”
“It will have to be quick as I have another wedding at five”
As we came out of the church we got into her car and got the last position of the procession. When we found an alley we pulled in and I jumped in the backseat and undid my pants and pushed them down and sat in the middle of the car. She got out of the drivers seat and before getting in the back she pulled off her panties and crawled in and straddled me letting my dick rub her pussy as we kissed.
“Your big”
“your wet “
I pulled down her dress and played with her rock hard nipples. She undid my tie and shirt and licked and sucked on my nipples as she positioned my dick in a way it slid right into her. Since she was on top she ground right into me as she continued to shove her tongue down my throat.
“I needed ths so bad”
“my pleasure” as I grabbed her ass and increased her motion to get deeper in her. She leaned back between the front seats and grabbing the top of the seat and humped me until she came. I followed not long after her filling her pussy with white hot cream.
She drove me back to the church and I got in my car as she drove away. I drove over to the party where the bar was open and a lot of the people there were single.
I went to the open bar and ordered a martini the girl behind the bar was wearing the usual wedding service attire, white dress shirt black bow tie, and vest and a black skirt that went to just below her knees. She was on the voluptuous side but a little meat on a girl was nice, as her tits were big and bouncy. I decided it would be nice to come all over them and started to talk her up. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail but she still seemed kinda hot. Her name tag said Lilly. I talked her up every time I ordered, and I was looking forward to the end of the evening to see if she would come back to my room.
In the meantime this pretty petite little thing in glasses came on to me while I was sitting at a table watching the dancing, I later found out t was the brides sister. Who when she gets drunk loves to suck cock. She whispered in my ear “what do you think of me?, do you like my face and tits? you think you would like to come in my mouth?”
“Sure” I said “but what do you want from me?”
“Just come, buckets of come. I crave it I love it, when I am drinking I need it”
She sank from the chair and slid under the table which was covered with a table clothe that went to the floor. She unzipped me and used her tongue expertly to get me hard and then slowly started sucking my dick all the way down a deep throat special.
All the time I kept thinking that she is tasting not only my dick but Dana’s pussy and my last fuck session with a stranger in the back of a Buick. . If it bothered her she never let on as her pace quickened she was a pro too no biting no gagging just a hot fast hummer. She tickled my balls as she did her thing as I tried not to be obvious I was getting a blow job under the table .I came in her mouth and she cleaned it all up and tucked me back in, crawled out from under the table and walked away.
After a couple of minutes I got up and got another drink and flirted with Lilly. I asked her what time she finished work and if she would like to get off afterwards, she blushed a little and said she wasn’t use to guys hitting on her, I told her I thought that was funny because she was very sexy, she said she would give me her number but she wasn’t suppose to fraternize with the patrons while at work. I said she wouldn’t be at work it would be after. She just gave me her number.
As the night finished I was one of the last people to leave and as luck would have it ran into Lilly leaving through the lobby. I Stopped her and got up close and put my hand on her ass,and whispered in her ear “come back to my room and fuck me I will make you come then come all over your tits “
“yeah you like my tits?”
“I think they are spectacular and I will buy you breakfast”
It was all it took and she reached back and rubbed my crotch, I took her hand and led her to the elevator. I pushed her against the wall as the doors closed and began untucking her shirt from her dress, as the doors opened on my floor we danced out and we walked down the hall to my room.
I got us in the door, and took off all my clothes and sat on the edge of the bed as she leaned on the wall and watched. I motioned her over with my finger and when she got right in front of me I undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. She took off her shirt and bra and let her c cups loose cupping them as I peeled off her granny panties, exposing her wild untrimmed bush.
“If I knew I would get laid I would have worn my g-string”
“its not the panties it’s the pussy I want”
I then sat back on the bed and laid back on the bed my hard cock pointing up for the third time in six hours as she sat on me and rubbed her twat on my shaft as she leaned forward onto all fours kissing me as I played with her really sensitive tits and nipples. Her purrs and gasps were very sexy as she sank onto my shaft.
“Mm play with my tits baby”
“you like that eh Lilly, me massaging your Big beautiful knockers?”
She guided herself onto my shaft. “Yes I do play with my tits”
She sat up and put her hands in her hair as she rode me like a free spirited cowgirl. I continued to play with her tits as she leaned back and grabbed my ankles as I thrust up into her as she came down. She was amazing riding me like I was her first lay in months. She put one hand to her clit and rubbed it till she came. She slowed down to a stop. I sat up and kissed her as she caught her breath.
“Get on your back so I can fuck your tits”
“you gunna give me pearl necklace stud?”
“You know it”
She laid on her back as I straddled her tummy and put my wet slippery cock between her tits. She put her hands on the sides and pushed them together to squeeze my dick between her swollen mounds.
“Your tits are amazing Lilly”
“mhm I am glad you like em lover they live for attention”
“I bet” I put my hands over her hands and pressed them together even tighter and quickened my pace.
“I can not wait to taste your come as I scoop it off my tits” she whispered as I pumped her. That did it too, I exploded all over her chest and neck. She just smiled as both our hands dropped. I used two fingers and scooped up some of the come and let her suck it off my finger.
I laid down on the bed as she went to the bathroom to clean up. She eventually came back and laid down and put an arm over me and we both drifted off.
ut when woke in the morning she was gone. Leaving me to ponder wether I really fuck
ed three strange women in one night. But loving the thought.

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