The dressing room

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when my boyfriend and i went into a shopping centre we went into a shop i saw a dreess and decided to try it on my boy friend was waiting outside for me to try it on and when i called out to him he told me to open the door and let him in so i did and he locked the door and took his clothes off,the dressing rooms were really big so i took my clothes off as well then he started licking my pussy.
Then i licked and sucked his cock then he got me on the floor and fucked my on top then then i bent over and he fucked me from the side then he got me to sit on the seat over on thr side of the dressing room and kept licking my pussy then he sucked, licked and nibbled on my tits then fucked it then the store manager knocked on the door and said to us to hurry up and get dressed so we did.

Then I bought the dress and wore it in the car with noundies then he fucked me from behined whilei steered and he pushed the pedals:)

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