The Erotic Pool game

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It was the time of night where the end of the day’s work in the office and time to go and have a relaxing dinner and drink by the pub with friends as the end of the week’s work and weekend taking over. I reached the bar earlier so, I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. After sipping on my Heinekin beer draft, I noticed across the room. A lady was playing pool by herself. But she wasn’t really good at the pool game as she tries to cue the ball and it keeps on slipping and hitting the riverbank instead of the hole. She was wearing a tight body hugging gray dress with low round collar revealing quite a bit of cleavage and a nylon black stocking with black heels.

I slipped of my stool, holding my beer, I walked towards her. I lean forward and said, “I see you are having a little trouble holding the stick and hitting the other balls with the cue ball?”. She looks and me and smiled. “Oh, its OK. I’m just learning so that I can play better with my husband”. I stared at her in reply, “Well, firstly you got to hold the stick properly and hitting the cue ball right before you can play against your HUSBAND”. I smiled. I introduced myself as Mr. N and she introduced herself as Mrs. J. You were a little reserved and kept on saying you’re already married. And I kept on forward saying that I don’t mind if you were since I was too. And the fact that you were really a lousy player, you should get a proper lesson rather than pushing away “me” that really want to just help you out.

You finally reluctantly agrees with me and lets me help you. I taught you how to hold the stick properly without touching you at all. And you begins to be more relax and friendlier. We joked and laughed a lot prior to my teachings of pool game and we’re now on friends terms. Once, I accidentally touched your buttocks and apologize. You just laughed and say, these things happens and it was alright. I couldn’t get my eyes off your cleavage as you displays them well when you leans forward to perform a pool shot. I felt some smiling glances from you when I shy away from staring at your cleavage too much. I almost felt that you like me to stare at your cleavage and you liked to look at my butt when I lean forward to shoot my turn of pool shot.

After a few drinks, we’re both starting to get high. You got more friendlier and starts to touch me by the hand and sometimes teases me as if I was actually teasing you when I was actually teaching you to shoot the ball correctly. You then whispered to me, “why don’t you put your hands over my waist and teach me properly how to pose and shoot the cue ball correctly with “your stick”!”. It definitely raised my eyebrows at that point. But at the same time, played it cool and appropriately show you the way to pose and shoot. As my body leans and hug your body I felt your warmness and your smooth round butt. My cock suddenly almost immediately become hard and bulge out of my pants. You felt it since you jumped a little. I paced out, not to get my bulge pressing against your butt but you persistently bend your hips more having your butt touching my bulge. I tried to control my bulge. Kept on chanting “cool down, cool down” inside my head. My right hand place on your right hand holding the end of the pool stick. While my left hand stretched out to your left hand clinching in to a pool stand figure. As I do this, My mouth is just right above your left ear. You turned your head to the left and with only an inch away, your mouth and my mouth, facing at the kissing position. You stared at my eyes, and whispered, “Is this right? Am I in the right position?”. I answered softly, “yes”. Our touch were more of each other rather on concentrating on how to shoot the pool ball. Your hips moving left and right slowly, rubbing my bulging cock. I softly release breath of moan right in-front of your ear, and you suddenly turn your head, head right in-front of my right ear and whispered, “fuck me”.

I got up slowly, my hands touch from your hands then to your arms, on your shoulders, then on your body touching and feeling your cleavage, then your waist close to your butt. We got really close to each other now as both of us are high after a few glasses of beer mixed with some red wine in the process. Now at the dark corner of the room away from the lighted pool table, I sat on the stool while you stands in-front of me. My bulging cock is bigger and harder than ever now. You lean on my chest and slowly rubs my bulging pants with your butt by moving your hips. Your hands moved to the back and start touching my bulge as if rubbing and stroking my cock. While my hands are touching your shoulders and arms with occasionally touching your boobs. I lean forward to have my face touch the back of your hair and smell your body’s perfume, when you tilts your head to the back and both our cheeks touching each other. Both our eyes staring, and I kiss your lips. You responded with a tongue on my tongue. We kissed passionately. And again, whispered, “when are you going to fuck me, like now!”.

We ditched the place and walked out of the bar. There is a dark alley behind around the bar and we trotted there, pressed at the wall, We passionately yet wildly kissing each other. Our tongues tied around each other while both our hands impatiently undressing each other’s clothes. You unbuckle my belt, then pull down my pants and boxers. Immediately after, stroking my cock as its already hard as a wooden pole. I pull up your dress right up to over your boobs. Your nipples were already pointed hard and perky. You hop on top of me while I pull your panties to the side and fingers your wet moist clit, ready to be fucked by my hard eager cock. Both our lips still kissing and heavy breathing almost out of breath, I lean on the wall to hold my position while bending my knees a little to get a better hugging position. So that your can ride on my cock. Your right hand holding and stroking my cock, guiding my cock on your pussy while both my hands on your butt spreading your pussy wide to insert my hard cock.

As you sit on my cock, my arms holding your legs by the thigh. I begin to thrust my hard cock into your wet warm moist pussy, fucking you in a slow pace before increasing in speed. You lets out a soft moan and panting more at each thrust. Your arms clinging on around my neck. Both our lips still kissing but occasionally letting go to get more breath of air. Your head tilt back to moan and gasp for more air while I kiss and bite your neck, licking and nibbling ur ear lobes. My knees began to sway, we both know we’re almost out of breath and turned around. Your hands now holding on to the fence, bending your back and spreading your legs apart. I hold on to my cock and guide towards your pussy from your back, start to fuck you doggy style. Once I got my cock in, I begin to pump in and out, harder and harder each thrust. Your moaning and panting in a rhythm. I occasionally give out a grunt when I thrust my hard cock into your pussy. Your left hands clutches on ur breast, my hands on your shoulders providing an extra fucking pump. Your right hand pushing the fence but since the fence is swaying a little forward, I grab your arm and pull you towards me, your back now facing/leaning on my chest. I lean forward and backward and grab on both your breast and still fucking you in a doggy standing position. Pinching and massaging your hard perky pointed nipples.

Your moaning becomes louder and while panting, you shuttered, “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard. I’m cumming. Its so good. Your cock is so hard. I’m cumming. Can you feel it? My hot cum is flowing”. You kept on chanting more and more, “cum on me, I want your cum on me, fuck me hard. Cum on me”.

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