The Garage

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I’m working the late shift at the garage. Just as I’m about to close up this hot dark haired woman has her car brought into the garage. The driver unhooks the car and leaves. She comes in and has a very sexy smile, “Hello. I’m having some trouble with my car, think you can take a look at it?”

“Sure no problem.” After examining the car I find she just needs a new battery. I tell her how much it will cost and the pretty smile disappears off her face.

“I really don’t have the money. But I have to be at my friends by tonight.”

“Lady, I’m sorry but…….” She stops me in mid sentence as she moves close to me and puts her hand between my legs. Even thought I think she is beautiful, the thought really didn’t enter my mind about getting into her panties. But her hand, squeezing the growing bulge in my pants now sends a clear message to my mind. “Ohh, look lady…”

“Just call me Mrs. O.”

“Look…., Mrs.O, I could get in a lot of trouble here. We shouldn’t be ……” She leans forward, her breasts touching my chest and kisses me. Her tongue pushes its way into my mouth. When she breaks the kiss, she steps back and pulls the summer dress up. I see white panties and lots of sexy leg.

“Help me with my buttons.” She turns around. I quickly unbutton her dress and it falls to the floor. She leans back against me and I kiss her soft neck. She presses back against me, rubbing that hot ass of hers against my now stiff cock. “Ohhhh, I love having my neck kissed, but I love having my tits sucked on even more. Unhook my bra stud.”

I unsnap the bra and free her lovely tits, then moving around her, pushing her back against the counter, I drop to my knees. “Might as well get rid of these too.” I pull her panties down over her hips, revealing her shaved pussy. Her panties now joint the rest of her clothes.

“Now you fucker. Strip and let me see what that slab of meat really looks like.”

I quickly undress, throwing my clothes on top of hers. I lean forward and take a round breast in my mouth. I lick the nipples and then take as much of the tit in my mouth as I can.

“Ohhh, yes….suck my tits…..hard, I like it hard…oh, yes,yes….”

I go from one to the other spreading her legs and letting her sit on my knees as I devour her tits. She throws back her head and lets out little cries and I move one of my hands between her legs and push two fingers into her love hole. I push them in as far as I can and reach my thumb up to play with her hard little clit. This causes her to cry out and she pushes her ass towards me. “Ohhh, yes finger my cunt…..yes, fuck me with your fingers….oh, ohhhhh.”

I feel how wet she is and I have a great thirst for her juices. I push her back and slide down till my lips are even with her pussy. I run my tongue up and down the swollen lips of her pussy. Her juices are flowing and I drink her honey. I feel her shutter and she cries out. “Ahhh, I’m cumming you cunt eater. OHhhhh, yes, eat me . Eat my pussy.” Wave after wave of pleasure flows through her body as she cums, her juices more than I can handle. My face is wet with her cum.

She pushes me away from her and twists her body. “Fuck me bastard, fuck my cunt.” She reaches down and grabs my cock and aims it at her hole. Sliding down, she stabs her pussy with the head of my stiff rod and I slide into her.

I slowly lay back till I feel the cold cement floor on my back and she straddles me. I reach up and cup her tits as she rides me, fucking me. Her body moving up and down, her hands on my chest, her hear thrown back, little cries escaping from her sweet lips. “Ohhh, yes,,,,, yes,,,oh, ahhhhh, fuck,,,,,damn you,,,,,,,,ahhhhh.” The cries escape each time she slams her cunt down on the full length of my hard shaft.

I’m grunting with each thrust, lifting my ass off the floor, trying to drive my cock right out her ass. Both of us know someone could walk into the open garage any minute, but we could care less if the whole world was watching us. I feel her shutter as another climax shakes her body, I squeeze her tits hard as she pushes down on me. She keeps fucking me, her eyes closed, breathing hard.

“Slut, I’m going to cum…….” And with that I release a load into her pussy. She holds me tight, draining every drop of cum into her. After several minutes, in which we kiss each other over and over, I slowly pull my cock out of her hot hole. “Baby, you are one hot fuck.”

“Umm, thanks. And you have one hard cock. Now do I get my battery?”

I laugh and help her up. I tell her to go to the office and call her friends and I’ll put the battery in her car. After, with both of us dress and me paying for the battery, we kiss again, our tongues playing with each other as I cup one of her tits. When the kiss breaks she turns and walks to her car and stopping, looks back bends over slightly, raising her skirt and says,

“Maybe next time I’ll give you a piece of hot ass for a tune up. If you can get your dip stick up it.” She breaks up laughing and gets in her car.

As she leaves, she remembers that she didn’t even ask his name.

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