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I was sitting in the waiting room in the gyno’s office. I was really nervous. Everyone told me the first visit would hurt when they inserted the tools in my vagina. I had never had sex before, and so I was terrified at the thought of anything being jammed into me.
When I walked into the office, the doctor was already ready for me. He was a middle aged man. He first asked me some medical questions, which were simple to answer. Towards the end of the appointment, he said:
“I am now going to have you sit on the examination table so I can examine your cervix and vagina. You will take off your pants and underwear, and put your legs in the stirrups and open them wide.”
He turned around while I undressed. I then lied down on the table and placed my legs where he had told me too. Once I was in position, he came to stand over me.
“I this is slightly unorthodox, he said, but would you mind if I had a medical student come in and watch while I examine you? It’s important for their training”
Although I wasn’t nervous enough as is and wasn’t really comfortable with the idea, he peered over me as if I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t want to be a bother, so I agreed. The doctor left the room for a split second, and returned with a young male student, dressed in scrubs. The student didn’t say anything to me.
“Ok, the doctor said, now I am going to insert the speculum into your vagina. Now, most people find this very painful and uncomfortable the first time. If it hurts too much, please tell me. Once the speculum is in, you will feel pressure on the vaginal walls as I open you up wide”
I watched, terrified, as he chose a large speculum and covered it with lube. The doctor took his time, as the student was watching his every move closely. Finally, he gave very close to me, and said, “here it goes”
I clenched my whole body, preparing for the pain. The first thing I felt was the cold metal against my soft skin. My body jerked slightly, but the doctor told me to relax. He then, very slowly, started pushing the speculum inside.
I was in shock. I wanted to scream, not with agony, but with pleasure. The feeling of the speculum entering me was nothing like I had ever experienced. It took everything in my power not to moan.
“now, he said to me and the medical student, I am going to open her up, pay close attention.”
It suddenly felt like my whole vagina was being engulfed by the tool. I could feel the edges of the speculum hard inside of me, and my legs started to quiver. The med student began looking at my face, and all of a sudden I couldn’t help it anymore. I let out a long, loud, gratifying moan.
The doctor was startled and looked up at me. I could feel myself turning red in the face. I didn’t know what to say.
The doctor paused for a minute, while taking another look inside my vagina. Then he said, “it’s rare for people to react that way when they have a speculum inserted inside of them.”
“I know, I said, I’m very sorry”
The doctor seemed torn. I could tell I had put him in an awkward position. After a few minutes, he released the handle on the speculum, closing it, and then opened it quickly again.
“ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned, the pleasure was so intense. My whole body contorted, even though my legs were still in the stirrups
With that, the doctor took the speculum out. I thought he was done with the examination. I just lied there, mortified and helpless.
“well, he said, I think I could probably take another look, just to be safe. What do you think?” He turned to the medical student.
“most definitely”, the student replied.
With that, the doctor inserted the speculum once more, quicker this time. At this point I was so incredibly wet the lube wasn’t necessary. He then pulled it out just as fast he had put it in. Before I could react, he jammed it up again, and pulled it out. It was driving me crazy.
“how does that feel, like you little slut?” he said to me.
He handed the speculum to the medical student, so he could try it out. The student jammed it in forcefully, and slid it out, over and over again. I was panting, sweating, moaning with pleasure.
Finally, the doctor grabbed an even bigger speculum, and shoved it into my pussy. He opened the clasps so that my all the walls of my pussy were stimulated. He then jammed it deeper, and opened the clasps again. I felt the cold metal edges hit my g-spot, as he opened and closed, opened and closed the speculum.
Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. The orgasm came slowly, but lasted minutes. Juices squirted out of my pussy, and drenched the doctor’s hands. I screamed, and twisted my body so that the stirrups were swinging all over the place.
But the doctor didn’t stop. He kept jamming the tools inside of me, switching speculums until I cummed all over the table. The med student watched, and rubbed my clit at other times. I never wanted it to end, yet I begged them to stop.
Finally, the doctor grew tired, and my pussy seemed unable to take any more stimulation. As I got up and started to get dressed, the doctor grabbed my arm.
“not so fast he said, you think after all that I’m letting you leave this easily?”
He threw my clothes on the other side of the room, and grabbed my ass. He then spun me around and pushed my back onto the examination table. He grabbed my hands and placed them on my back. I couldn’t move.
“now it’s my turn,” he said.
He started thrusting his hard cock into me, and fucked me from behind. My kept one hand on my head, to keep it down on the table, and he used the other to smack my ass. He fucked me hard and good, as the med student stood and watched. My pussy was sore and wet from the speculum, but I couldn’t help but enjoy his cock as it slammed into me.
Once he was done. He kept his hand on my head. He turned to the medical student.
“you fuck her too”

The medical student then walked over to me, and ordered me to lie on my back, on the table. He then came towards me, grabbed my legs, and slid me on to his cock.
“I wanna see your tits when I fuck you, he said”
As he fucked me, he ordered the doctor to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples. The combination of both was nearly too much for the handle. I came over and over again.
Finally, they both watched as I put my clothes back on.
“I hope you had a good first visit to the gyno, he said. Once you do it once, you see that it’s not so bad. Make sure to come back for regular appointments.”
I didn’t look back as I walked out the door.

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