The Holloween Haunted Hay Ride 6

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shelly’s sexy story 6 Property of:Shelly L.Stonebraker
(Short Story)

Detacated to:Zombie Fans…….And Zombie Lovers…..

The Holloween Haunted Hay Ride

It was getting close to Holloween and we wanted to do something fun together.So i started looking online for some good
ideas.I ran by you some ideas but none of them seemed to catch your fancy.Then i saw a page that there’s gonna be a haunted hay
ride at a farm near enough to us to go.So i show you the page and you say”now that’s more like it”.So we agree on going.
We booked our costume fittings,both zombies,and set it all up.

Holloween day we woke up early so we could get to the costume parlor to get dressed up.It takes about an hour for them
to get us all decked out.Mostly face make up,the kind that don’t smire and has to be remove by the parlor with an oil they
use for it.Getting to the parlor they get us set up int he chairs and the magic begins.Molding and shaping,painting and blood.
My throat is ripped out and my face looking eaten.Where with your make up they did you up with a huge gash accross
your forehead with blood running down and you got contacts that made your eyes look dead.Which looked really wicked,sexy tho
for a zombie.All dressed up we hop in the car and drive to the farm.We pull up about dark and the rides are about to begin.
Getting in line we get a bunch of comments about our costumes.So we were all smiles even tho it looked funny being smiley
zombies not fitting the part but it was a cool feeling joking and laughing while we waited our turn.

When our groups turn was up we all got on the wagon that came creeping around the bend.All decked out in spider webs and
in the back hay bales for people to sit on.The driver was the grimm reaper,cycle and all hanging high in the night air.Smiling
we are the last ones to get on the ride so we got to sit with our legs hanging off the back.Holding on as the wagon starts to
move,we are so excited to have such a cool thing to do together.Going thro a small gate we hear what sounds like a chainsaw
a little ways away,then out of know where jumps a zombie brother and him not knowing we weren’t part of the show starts
jumping at the other people on the wagon.Us laughing and jumping when he does.Me grabing your coat and you loving it when i’m
scared.I always grab you when i jump, and you laugh at me.We now are coming up on the first attraction to the hay ride.There
was a creepy old house and hanging around it were bodies on hooks and body parts with blood splattered all over with flashing
strobe lights and sounds of people screaming.Then up in on the secound floor comes flying out of the window a bunch of fake blood
that covers us all,everyone making noise like their discussed but not us,we love this type of shit.

Covered in blood and looking more like real zombies all the time,our ride moves on to the next part of the show.The wagon
moving slowler almost to a crawl,we see in the trees glowing what seems like eyes.Out of the trees falls about 20 skeletons
on ropes that almost hit all of us.Everyone jumps and dives screaming,us sitting where we were just ducked and laughed cause
it was a good scare.Holding eachother now,the wind picking up a little and you know how easily i get cold.Moving still down the
old dirt road made in the trees,the next scare comes up.It’s all decked out like a cematery with hella graves,some dug up
with shovels sticking in the dirt piles.Then it goes black and there’s the sound of thunder and it begins to rain on all of us
heavy.Knowing this must be part of the show we wait to see whats next.Then one huge crack of lightning hits the ground in the
cematery and all the graves start to move as if something is crawling out of them,and we know what this means,”Zombies” our
dead brothers and sisters coming to life.The wagon has stopped so we all watched and the mud moves and hands pop out one by
one,then heads and them another huge crack and we all jump.Even you this time,and i laugh cause you never jump.

The zombies all start to circle the wagon and as they do this man runs up screaming and trying to get us all out of the wagon
to run.Then freaken out he runs off down the road into the dark.Then the wagon starts to jerk and move again,zombies grabbing
at all of us slowly as we pull away.You look at me with that look you get when your having naughty thoughts,I smile and start
looking around cause i know what your planning to do.Around the next bend you wisper in my ear”ok honey get ready to jump off”,
so i sit just right so when you go i can too.When the next attraction comes into veiw and everyone isn’t looking you pull on
my arm and off we jump into the darkness,as the light from the wagon rolls away leaving us there in the night air.

Off in the distance is the farms barn so we head for it like two sneaky kids who are looking to hide.We see the doors are unlocked
so we go in.Inside is all the the normal barn stuff.Then you notice there’s a loft to hold the hay bales .So dragging me along we
crawl up the latter to get up on the loft.There’s hay all over the floor and bales piled around.So you start moving some of them
as to block any view from down below.As i lay down on a large tarp canvess thing over a part of the floor.When your done you
step over and kneal down to sit beside me.With our make up we wonder how we are gonna do this.So we say to hell with it and kiss
eachother.Even with the make up it seemed normal.Me looking half eatin and you with your head crushed in.We kiss some more and
then you slide your hand under the dress i’m wearing and off comes my panties so you can get to playen with me fingureing me the
way i like.I pull your rock hard cock and begin to give you head.But this time you got extra excited cause from your view you
had a zombie choppen you up savagely.And with the make up it looked like i was trying to eat you dick.And you love that shit!
The make up teeth on the out side of my face moving like i was chompen away.Then once i get good and wet from you finguring me
you set me up with my ass in the air for some deep doggy penatration,and slam into me like a half dead demon.Holding my hips
with your hands so you don’t skip a beat and your heart starts to pump and pulse in your cock hard.My wet pussy sucking to it
with every enterance and exit.Making you breathe heavy and me moaning solfty.We are good at having to be quite as we tend to
love having sex everywhere and anywhere we can.After about a hour of panting and us sweating half naked with closes hanging off
like real zombies,i turn and bare down on you again and you get that chill up your spine when your about to nut from the guts
down,and you pop all over me titties as i then rub it around all over them,You Pull me up forehead to forehead and “say I love
you my zombie woman”,breathing still a little heavy i say back to you “i love you my zombie man”.And we kiss fully and hold
eachother gently but firmly.The way two lovers do in those special moments,cause this was one of those.

Then we look down to see if anyone is down there,knowone was so we climbed down the latter after getting dressed and sneak
back out of the barn.Out side,the air was cold so you knew i’d want to go now even if we didn’t finish the Haunted Hay Ride,
we got to finish with something even better.We walked to the car holding hands,you helped me in,closed my door.Headed to
your side and get in.Turning the car over with a roar, GTX’s do that and we pull out of the farm and head to the parlor to
remove our make up.We get there and they clean us up to our normal selves.Us smiling at eachother the whole time.

Then we get done,go out for dinner and talk about how much Hollween has become funner through out the years together.Then
head back home to go to bed and hold eachother in our bed warm and in love,our zombie love…..

The End……

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