The Morning Drive

I feel a set of fingers give me a not so playful pinch to my ribs, which abruptly wrenches me from my blissful doze. ‘Oww! Quit it fucker!’ I growl at the miscreant who assaulted me. Another pinch nips the skin on my bare hip. ‘OWWW! It’s not fucking funny Jen!’ This time I role over to escape your evil fingers.

‘No, what’s not funny dear is that it’s a quarter to 8 and you have to be in the office in 45 minutes.’ Had I been fully awake the sarcastic emphasis when you said ‘dear,’ would have alerted me to the fact that you actually did find it funny as all hell. But I don’t have time right now to process that. I’m in full blown, crisis mode. ‘SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.’ I’ve sprung out of the bed and take a look at myself in the mirror. I’m assessing if I can get away with just having a French bath or if I have to have a proper shower.

Looking back at me I see a face still smeared with your pussy juices and my hair looks like I’m auditioning the be the grungy member of a boy’s pop group. No way will I be able to sit through the morning meeting with just a quick scrub from a wet flannel. ‘FAAAAAAAAAAARK!’ I moan as I run to the bathroom, my pale arse cheeks the last things you see going around the corner.

Right! I say to myself. Face first, hair second, balls last. I suck my fingers which had earlier been inside you, tasting the last of your juices before I furiously start scrubbing. I’m not really taking too much consideration for gentleness at this point. A moment later you pop into the bathroom and watch me attack myself in the shower. After admiring the view for a second or two you say to me in a sweet girly voice. ‘Don’t forget you’re giving me a ride to class today babe. I’ll need the shower too.’

‘FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCK!’ No way am I going to make it for the start of the morning meeting. No way. As I think this, I start scrubbing my nuts with the body wash you bought me. It’s some tropical fruit scented thing. You tell me that it makes you think we are on holiday whenever you give me a blow job. Because I am rushing, and because I’m not being overly careful, I end up squeezing my left nut too hard as I role my soapy sack around. As pain starts to death blossom in my head, I bend over and groan quite loudly. I fight the urge to throw up.

‘Hey, you don’t have time to play with yourself! I need the shower.’ You seem to have got the wrong idea, but there isn’t the time to correct you. You pull open the shower door, just as I stand up. I then take two quick deep breaths while blinking away the tears. A quick rinse under the stream of hot water, and then I’m away.

I force myself to move forward and step past you. All I really want to do is throw you up against the shower wall and fuck you senseless. But there’s no time. I console myself with simply pinching one of your pale pink nipples on the way through the shower door. ‘Cheeky!’ you shout after me.

In the bedroom to save time when you come out of the shower, I lay out a cotton sundress for you. It’s dark blue, with lots of pretty red and white flowers. I like it because it shows off your shoulders and neck. Then I start getting myself dressed in my normal black suit, with a white dress shirt. I take an extra 2 seconds to pick my tie. A bold and solid red silk one is what I decide on. A quick brush with a comb and my wet hair is now semi presentable. Finally I spray a couple of squirts of Kouros on my neck. Then I’m rushing down stairs to start making some toast.

While I’m doing this you have come out of the shower and see the dress I have laid out for you. It isn’t what you would have picked for the first day of Post Grad classes, but looking at the clock you see there isn’t really any time to go looking for something else. You pick out a pair of fairly ordinary black cotton panties with a white lace trim, and a black thin strapped bra. The bra fits you perfectly, not like some of your others. It snugly holds your glorious 34GG breasts, so they don’t move about too much. You told me after you bought it that it was the best bra you had ever owned. You got kind of giddy about that, I thought it was cute.

Taking a few moments you do your makeup, paying attention to your lips. I am constantly telling you that you have the most amazing set of dick sucking lips I have ever seen. I race into the room mumbling, ‘Key’s, key’s, key’s, key’s.’ You shake your head. ‘Babe they are in the hall where they always are. ‘Oh right… Hurry up sexy.’ You smile as I dash out of the room, and decide at the last moment to change the shade of your lipstick, and put on a bright red shade which pretty closely matches my tie. The contrast between it and your milky white skin is pretty amazing.

I’m sitting in the car, as it idles in the drive way. I look at my watch and shake my head. Its 8:09 AM. Finally you come out the front door, and as you turn back around from locking it, I see you in all your glory. My breath catches for a moment. The morning sun makes your skin glow, your chests bounces sharply as you quickly stride to the car, and I watch your hips sway back and forth. Christ you are a sexy woman. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.

I watch as you pop the last corner of a piece of toast into your mouth and then open the car door. I notice how red your full lips look, and I can feel my dick start to take interest in life again. I watch as you buckle up your seat belt and how it cuts across your chest, making your fantastic tits stand out proudly. You notice where I am looking and remind me how late we are. I focus on the task at hand. In the space of — I check my watch – 19 minutes. I have to get you to Uni, and me to work. FUCK this is never going to happen.

I floor it and race off down the street. At the end there is a set of traffic lights and just my luck old Mr’s Woolsy is hitting the button to cross. My eyes are darting around assessing if I should just drive over the curb and through the light. As I do I notice your bare creamy white thighs, the hem of your dress has ridden up and their beautiful milky flesh is dazzling. Your legs are slightly parted and I think about what is between them. I can’t help myself.

As old Mr’s Woolsy starts to cross the road in front of us. I reach over and put my hand between your legs. ‘Whoa! Hey!’ You protest, as you snap your legs together trapping my hand. ‘Open your legs!’ I quietly demand. Mr’s Woolsy gives us a polite wave from the road directly in front of us. ‘Open your legs NOW Jennifer!’ You know I mean business when I use your full name. You also know the proper response. ‘Yes sir.’ You offer meekly as you open your legs. My hand is now free but still doesn’t have the access I want.

‘Wider!’ At which point you turn your back towards the passenger door, and open your legs as wide as they will go. The hem of your dress is now pulled all the way up to your hips and I can clearly see your panty covered slit. Your mound presses against the material like it’s a second skin. The contrast of the black panties and your creamy white skin is amazing. I look up and Mr’s Woolsy has nearly finished crossing the street.

‘Scooch closer.’ I tell you, and you lift up and thrust your hips forward, so when you sit back down your pussy is within easy reach. Your breathing has started to get ragged. Making your glorious chest, start to heave. Looking back up I see the light change. I instantly smash the accelerator and we fly around the corner. In the rear view mirror I see Mr’s Woolsy give us a final wave as we speed down the street.

Without looking over I start to run the back of my hand over your panty covered crotch. Your soft flesh is being pressed firmly against the gusset of those black panties. I hear you sharply inhale at my touch. I dance my fingertips along the inside of your creamy thighs. I love how supple your skin is. I look over and see that your face has flushed and that there is the beginning of a wet spot in the crotch of your panties. The situation is turning you on more than my fingers. But that’s very quickly about to change.

I give your right inner thigh a sharp slap, looking over I can already see the red mark of my hand. I then immediately start to run a finger up and down your slit. You moan as the pain gives way to pleasure. I take a moment and adjust my hand so it’s now down the front of your panties. Your pussy is absolutely wet, and my middle finger very easily slides into your hole. I feel your walls try to grip my finger, but there is so much lubrication I don’t have to push very hard to bury it all the way to the third knuckle.

While I’m doing this my thumb strums over the hood of your clit. You grip your seat belt with both hands. You twist it around your wrists, as you bite your lip. You are trying to stay quiet, but the total lack of control you have over this situation is really starting to get to you. I can hear your breathing getting faster, and the walls of your wet tunnel feel as if they are palpitating. Knowing that you are close I slip a second finger into you.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the road and what my hand is doing. You are starting to make some really sexy involuntary noises. It’s at this point that my phone rings. It startles me, and I quickly withdraw my fingers from your slit. Just like a naughty boy who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. You gasp in protest at suddenly being empty, you were so close, and now you feel as if you have been denied.

The phone rings again, and this time I’m not shocked, I’m ready for it. Speaking aloud I say ‘Answer call.’ A moment later the speaker phone drops me into the call. A woman’s voice comes from the car sound system. ‘Mr Andrews? Hello sir? Are you there?’ It takes me a moment and then I realise that it’s my boss’s assistant. She’s pushing 70 and is a bit old fashioned in the way she deals with people at work. She is a lovely woman, but always maintains a sense of propriety with everyone. No matter how long they have known her.

‘Yeah Ms Hay’s I’m here, just a little stuck is all.’ I look over at you and you are hardly even breathing. I look back at the road just in time to see a postman on his bike dodge into our lane. I jam on the breaks and he slips between two other cars which are stopped. None the wiser to how close he came to meeting his maker today. ‘Mr Andrews! Are you ok sir? I heard a loud screeching. Mr Andrews?’ ‘Whoa! Uhh, yeah, Ms Hay’s. I’m fine, just nearly collected a bonnet ornament. So ahh, how can I help?’

Knowing that I wasn’t in immediate danger of death her tone changed from concerned to assistant vice principle. ‘Mr Andrew’s you are aware that there is a morning meeting in 5 minutes aren’t you? Am I to take it that I should give your apologies for non-attendance?’

While we are stopped I have time to look back over at you. I can’t tell if you are breathing heavily from our play time, or nearly seeing a man killed. Either way it makes your magnificent chest rise and fall in a hypnotic way. Your legs are still spread and I can see a large wet spot in the crotch of your black panties. The cotton looks midnight black now. The car smells of your sex. It stokes the fire in my belly once more.

I move my pussy juice covered hand up to my mouth and raise my index finger to my lips. The internationally recognised signal to be quiet. You nod slowly. ‘Uhh yeah Ms Hay’s I would appreciate if you could do that. I had to drop Jen off at Uni for her first day of her Post Grad course, so am a little behind schedule…’ While I say this, my hand has snaked back in to your underwear and I insert my two fingers back in to your pussy. As my fingers enter you, you can’t help but whimper. I cough to try and cover it. ‘… I just didn’t appreciate how bad the traffic would be. I’ll see if I can sneak in the back when I get there’

‘Oh I didn’t realise Ms Phillips was going back today. Be that as it may…’ My fingers pump in and out of you as she speaks. I return my thumb to your clits hood and start rubbing it softly. ‘… You know how Mr Smyth doesn’t like tardiness. You were supposed to give us an update on how the project to relocate the production servers…’ I increase my pace. You are now biting your finger to keep from making a sound. I can feel your hips moving slightly to meet my hand as it moves my fingers in and out of you.

‘… To our new data centre, was going. Mr Smyth was particularly interested in ensuring that we had redundancy…’ I can see that you are really starting to fidget now. Your orgasm can’t be far off. I am actually quite amazed you have been able to hold it off this long.’… At all times so we can failover immediately should there be a problem.’

I start to reply but my voice cracks a little. ‘Ahem. Yes I know. Please let Mr Smyth I’d be happy to go over…’ Your hips are now totally lifting off the car seat and its becoming near impossible for me to keep my fingers in you. Your hand darts out and you dig your nails into my arm. Had it not been for my long sleeves I am sure you would have drawn blood. I think to myself what a shame it is I wore the long sleeves today. I love it when you mark me.

‘… The specs for the backup links, any time he likes. I better go now Ms Hay’s the traffic is starting to clear. If I can I’ll try and slip into the meeting if it’s still running when I get there.’ Your legs are now shuddering and the pale white flesh jiggles as your orgasm rips through you. Your nails bite deeper into my arm. Your face has flushed scarlet and so has your neck and chest. I can see that you have switched to bitting the seatbelt to make sure you don’t make a sound. Your legs snap shut and trap my hand.

‘Yes, well… We will see you then.’ The line then went dead. A loud sigh bursts from you, and you moan in the afterglow of your orgasm. ‘You are my good little girl you know that.’ The tone in my voice implies that you are anything but. Hearing this sends a small aftershock through your body.

You take a few moments to come back down. To torture you, I wiggle my fingers which are still locked into your crotch by your thighs. ‘Oh JESUS! Stop that, augh. Stop! You’re gonna make me cum again.’ I give you a wicked smile, but do as you ask. A moment later you open your thighs and I pull my hand out of your now thoroughly soaked panties. I bring my hand up into my sight line and can see your juices glistening all over my hand and fingers. ‘My god Jen, you covered my whole hand. You smell wonderful. I bet you still taste great from this morning.’

I then stick out my tongue and stat licking the back of my hand. I’m in heaven. The traffic starts to move again, and I divide my attention between driving and trying to clean my hand up. You lean your head against the car door in an almost blissful daze. Your legs still slightly parted and your dress still up above your hips. If someone was to look inside the car right now all they would see was your creamy thighs, black panty covered crotch and a madman licking his hand as if it was a scoop of ice-cream.

After I have done all I could to clean myself up, I reach over and take your hand. I twin my fingers with yours, and you sigh contentedly. We stay like that while I drive for a few more minutes. Not saying anything, and just enjoying the silence and each other’s company.

We are getting near to your Uni now, so you let go of my hand and start making yourself presentable. Before you do, I look down and can see I’ve made a complete mess of you. I can see your juices all over your thighs, and on the leather seat. So there is no doubt that they are also covering your sexy bum as well.

You do the best you can, and have pretty much finished by the time we roll up to the front gate. You lean over and give me a deep kiss on the lips, then say. ‘I’m sorry you are going to be late, I don’t know what got into us this morning. But even if they fire you I wouldn’t trade a second of it.’ I look into your eyes and tenderly reply ‘Neither would I babe. You really are best girl I have ever met.’ You move back and grimace. Your juices in your soaked panties have started to cool making them uncomfortable.

‘Bloody hell Tony, my panties are saturated. I didn’t bring a spare pair with me. I’m going to have to sit through my first class, in wet underwear. I’m not going to learn a thing!’ You give an unbelieving chuckle. Then turn away and reach for the door, to get out, but at that exact moment the central locking engages. You look back around at me, puzzled as you see my finger on the switch.

‘Not so fast there girlie! I think I can help you out.’ Confused you furrow your brow and try to think for a moment. But nothing seems apparent. ‘Give me your panties.’ You stare at me for a moment. ‘But then I wouldn’t be wearing any?’ I give you a lecherous grin and it immediately clicks. ‘No! Tony, I need to wear some panties I still have pussy juice dribbling out. I need something to soak it up. As it is I’m going to smell like sex all day now.’ I just extend my hand.

You sigh, knowing that I’m not going to let you out until I have your panties in my hand. Quickly you hook your fingers around the waistband on your hips and you slide them off. As you do your dress rides up and I see your lovely trimmed pubic hairs which cover your mound. My heart skips a beat. Your panties are all tangled and twisted up as you slap them into my hand. They are completely damp and I imagine if I squeeze them, id wring some of your juices out. I give you my mega happy smile. You shake your head and give me a quick kiss on the lips.

I unlock the car door and you open it. Just as you are about to step out I say to you. ‘As you walk away Jennifer I want you to flash me your bum.’ You turn around and look at me like I’m insane. But you know this was an order, and give me the only response allowed. ‘Yes Sir.’ I can see however that there is a wicked smile on your lips as you step out of the car.

You take a few steps away from the car and quickly flip up the back of your sun dress. Your glorious pale cheeks are visible for half a second, and I smile. You have such a sexy arse. I can’t believe it belongs to me. You turn around to see what my reaction was, and see that I am holding your panties to my face obviously inhaling deeply. You laugh and blow me a kiss, then turn back around and start walking through the gate to the campus.

I watch your hips swish back and forth a few times, in that dress as you walk away. I inhale once more the scent of you from your now crumpled and damp panties. The thought of you going commando all day makes my dick twitch. I look at my watch and see that I’m 15 minutes late. My office is only 15 minutes away, if I hurry, I might get there in time to miss Jenkins droning on about how we all need to start thinking about cost saving measures.

As I drive off I think about what an amazing morning it has been, and how much I love your body. I feel a little sad that we didn’t get a chance to screw, then I realise that the day’s only just started and I smile.

A plan starts to take shape in my head.

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