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So I was sitting in english class one day when this girl walks in wearing a short black skirt, spider-web fishnet tights, tight and fitted white shirt with her hair long and dark, hanging over one side of her face. I didn’t think alot of her at first, probably due to the bright pink converse shoes she was wearing and the bag hanging low and covered in tip-ex graffiti. See although i was never very popular in school i always had a thing i guess, i always went for the preppy girls, the chearleader types. I never realised i did it, i always thought i prefered dark haired girls but unwittingly i always seemed to end up with the stereotype bubble gum girls…as if im complaining or something.

So anyway this girl walks in, sit opposite me, there was only about 8 of us in this class so the teacher sat us like in a conference so we could have proper conversations about the text we were reading or whatever we were doing. She and this other guy Kevin seemed to hit it off quite well which didn’t really bother me at this point, but we sat there and i realised i couldn’t stop looking at her. Her outspoken manner made her the centre of attention frequently but when others were speaking i was looking for her reaction rather than at the person talking. I found out her name was Sarah and she had been at an all girls private school just outside of town for the last few years.

After lunch i had my business class and to my surprise she was in that class aswell. The class was divided, the guys all sat on one side and the girls on the other. I sat right at the back at a desk on my own next to my friends in the first row. So Sarah walks in, i expect her to take one of the numerous seats with the girls but she walked right up to the back and sat next to me. At this point she was all i could think about but i still wasn’t sure if i actually liked her or not.

Sitting next to her for a few weeks i realised she was a real bitch, we fought and argued constantly, we were seperated on more than on occasion for talking and fighting. There was alot of energy between us and we both knew it didn’t take alot for us to get our hands on each other. I was amazed at how open about sex she was, she admitted to loving giving head and she thought sex and booze was the best combination ever. She drank like a guy, vodka from the bottle, ciders Jack Daniels and coke, it didn’t matter. We clicked on so many levels, but disagreed on so much, kept our conversation interesting and our arguments heated. One day in English i felt something brush against my leg, run up down it, Sarah was looking me right in the eyes, i knew it was her foot, she had slipped out of her shoe. Her foot crept up the inside of my leg, i gulped and i was sure Ashley sitting next to me heard it. Next thing i know Sarahs foot was pressing against my crotch, she wasn’t looking at me anymore but i could feel her foot really go to work on me now. Rubbing into me, working my cock until it started to stiffen, she began to really get into, i was hard as a fucking rock. The she started stroking me up and down, actually wackin me off with her foot through my black jeans. This carried on for about 10 minutes with a smirk on her face and ecstacy on mine. “So what is O’Brien trying to get across to the reader here? Mister Andrews?”,”Huh? What?” i replied. Sarahs was gone in a flash, just before i shot my load in my jeans and i had no idea what was going on in the class. I quickly looked at Sarah who was just looking at the teacher and giggling away. I realised just there she had set me up. I wasn’t letting her get away with this. One of the many passtimes or rather the only passtime we enjoyed together was a sick game of one-up-man-ship.

On our way out of class i cought up with her and pulled her up about it, she just laughed and started walking away. I suddenly had an idea. I walked up behind her and pulled her into me against the wall. She laughed and asked what i was doing while hittin my chest playfully.She was only wearing her tight white shirt and black bra on her top half. I could see a teacher walking down the corridor so i quickly ran my hand up her back and undid her bra clasp. She slapped me as i walked away leaving her and the teacher to have an obviously awkward conversation.

Walking home after school that same day Sarah cought up with me, turned out she lived at the bottom of my street, althought my street is a really long road. So she cought up at the library near my house, and hit me in the arm for earlier, i put her in a head lock and we both started laughing. I walked down the street with her in head lock for a good 5 minutes until we came to the edge of a wood next to the library grounds, eventually she cought me off guard and wacked me really hard in the balls, i doubled up in pain before falling over. I shouted i was gonna get her and she replied by tellin me to bring it before runnin into the woods. I got to my feet and limped after her into the trees. I seen her run down a hill into a grassy clearing, she tripped at the bottom so i ran after her to make sure she was ok. When i got to her side she pulled me down and flipped on top of me, i flipped her back over and she lunged up and bit my neck, i fell over to the side and she again straddled me. I grabbed her ass really tightly and forced her onto her back, i came up beside her head and told her if i wasnt such a nice guy id make her suck my cock for punching it. She simply replied, “What if i dont like nice guys?” She then got to her knees and kissed me really passionately, she let out a heavy breath and threw onto my back and straddled me again, she took off her jacket and cast it aside. Then she leaned over and kissed me again, her hair falling all over the place. She started to rock back and forth, dry humping me. Eventually she got off me undid my shirt, working her way down with her tongue she came to my jeans. Undid the botton and pulled down the zip, i wasn’t wearing any underwear and my cock sprang up and hit Sarah quite hard in the face. She sat back and gasped, “Wow, that things huge, i dunno about this.” “It’s ok, you can do what you want.” She then leaned forward and took it at the base, not able to get her fingers round she grasped it below the head, “How big is this thing?” she asked. “Erm…about 9 n a half inches i think.” “Oh fuck!”

She lowered her head after a few seconds and began going to work on my cock, my god i had never had head like this before, she could suck dick like a pro. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft, following the thick vein, she spat on the tip and worked it in with her tongue, creating an amazing feeling in my head. I told her to try n take it all in, she only managed about 5 or 6 inches though. It felt great anyway, i was really gettin off on the sounds of her sucking. The sound of her lips smacking my meat. She started workin it with her hands aswell, so now shes jackin me off with both hands and suckin my dick at the same time, it was outstanding. Saliva was dripping from my balls onto the grass, this shit was messy. Sarah came up for air and kissed me again then went back down, she was a trooper. I told her to try hard n fit it all in, she said she couldnt do it so i stood up and she kept suckin me on her knees. I grabbed the back of her head and forced her head down on my cock, her muffled scream wasnt even audible, soon she was gagging and choking and then i got her to the base of my throbbing shaft and which point she pulled right off and spat all over the grass, just saliva and precum. “You fuckin asshole, what the fuck is wrong with you!?” “Hey you wanted to suck my cock, so be shut your mouth n get back to it.” We both laughed again and she crawled back over to me and started licking and suckin my balls. I told her to bend over and she obliged. I put her skirt up over her back and pulled down her tights leaving only her tiny black and pink thong. I pulled the thong down slowly, making sure to rub her pussy lips through it as i did so. She let out a little moan, so did i when my exposed head rubbed agains
t her ass crack. Then slow
ly i entered her. Edging my way into her hot, steaming cunt, her juice dripping out. She screamed as i was nearly entirely within her. I pulled out just as slowly, as much in fear of me blowin my load early as anythin. Then when i had only my head left in her pussy, I rammed my whole cock back into her, she screamed then moaned, her arms supporting her buckled and she fell on the grass and rolled over onto her back. “Gimme a sec” she urged. I leaned in to kiss her neck and she whispered in my ear “fuck me hard dickweed”. So i kneeled up and grabbed her legs pullin them apart and her towards me. She sprang up and put her arms around me neckas i grabbed my cock and aime it squarley at her snatch. She threw herself down on my long hard knob, screaming again she bit my neck hard to muffle herself. She rode it for a good 15 minutes and didnt stop screamin and moaning. She orgasmed 4 times in those 15 minutes. “Ok get up” i told her, she got to her knees and i stood up, she took my cock in her mouth until i shot a huge wad all over her face. She played with the cum in her mouth, showed me it then swallowed and laughed some more.

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