The Night Ride Home, Part Two

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He exits the Victorian home, just minutes before the original owners would show up. He see the light rail train pulling to the station, he races to the platform, hoping to catch up with the mysterious woman from the train. However, due to the ongoing traffic, he is unable to cross safely; therefore, the train takes off from the station.

Utterly at loss of breath, he finally manages to cross the street to the station, and sit on the bench to catch his breath. He missed her, but he remembers her number, and how delicious she smelled before, during, and after sex. But she never told him her name. He smiles and laughs it off, as he thinks to himself This is the best Thursday night of my life! He straightens himself, and tries to hide the missing buttons on his shirt, so he won’t look awkward for the next arriving train.

The next evening, he exits the light rail station; at his stop, and walks home. When he arrives at the stoop of his apartment, he checks his mailbox, takes his mail, and enters his apartment. Once there, he enters the kitchen to pour himself a glass of orange juice. He contemplates, whether he should call the girl from last night or forget about her, thinking she might want to play games with him. After taking a sip of juice, he finally works up a nerve to call her. He pulls the business card out of his pants pocket, and dials the number from his cellphone.

On the other line, she answers, “Hello?”

He replies, “Hi, it’s me from last night”

“I was hoping you would call, you were wonderful last night. What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing, what do you got in mind?”

Seductively, “Up for a late night rendezvous? I have plans with you.”

“Yeah, where do you wanna meet?”

“Get on the train, and meet me at Waterfront Station around 10pm.”

He smiles and replies calmly, “Okay, at the Waterfront Station. Hey uh… I never got your name.”

“You will, just meet me at the Waterfront Station.”

She hangs up on the other line; he looks at the phone with a weird reaction. He notices that she’s a real turn-on, with some kind of aloof. Normally, he wouldn’t bother with a woman like that. But there is something about her that he likes, so he goes along with it, for now.

He arrives at the Waterfront Station at 10pm, and waits for 10 minutes for her to show up. He looks around for the woman he met last night. Then, she appears from out of nowhere, and walks to him. He recognizes her from last night, and he suddenly becomes hard from looking at her.

She is much more stunning than last night, wearing a dark-gray sweater dress, with a black denim jacket, and some very comfortable night-wear sandals, that won’t change a woman’s mood on a hot date. She compliments her appearance with the lacy choker she wore from last night. As he notices her from afar, he can think of many things that he would love to do to her, while trying to be modest, by straightening his bomber jacket over his slacks, hoping she won’t immediately notice his hard-on when they meet.

Once they meet, she extends her arms over his shoulders and hungrily kisses him. They exchange a very delicious kiss, as she lowers her hand down to his side, and then further to where his harden cock is. He reacts with surprise, as she smiles in amusement.

Seductively, “Wow, you’re really happy to see me. Are you hungry? I know a place where they make excellent sushi.”

With a breathy voice, “Okay”

They exit the station, and walk to the sushi restaurant together. As they enter, he is suddenly amazed by the modern atmosphere of the sushi restaurant. It is like walking into a big office plaza, except that it is dark and exotic. The sushi bar is the only area lit with hang-down recess lights, for the chefs to prepare dishes for their patrons. The marble walls are carved into Japanese writing symbols while the mirrors are etched in Japanese art.

The place is pretty crowded, which is typical for a Friday night. The wait staff approaches them, and greets her since they recognize each other. After the introductions, the wait staff takes them to a booth section, located in the mezzanine floor of the restaurant.

The dining booth is unlike any other traditional booth, where people are crammed together to a table; it is actually a private booth that looks like a VIP lounge. The guests are able to seclude themselves with long dark drapes, a lounge table for food and drinks, and a black leather settee where couples may enjoy a romantically relaxed atmosphere.

He whispers, “Wow, you know how to pick a place.”

She whispers back, “The food is good, and I love the private booths here.”

The wait staff hands them their menus, and exit the booth. The two share a menu together, as they decide what to order. She places her hands on his lap, and caresses it. She inches her way to his crotch, and squeezes his manhood under his pants. He places his hand on her smooth silky thigh, and caresses it. She turns to him and kisses him while trying to extend her tongue in him. Suddenly, a young Asian enters the booth, carrying a pitcher of water and two glasses. He sets them on the table, and fills them with water. The young waiter introduces himself, and prepares to take their order. Taken by surprise of the waiter’s entrance, they put their heated passion on ice, and place their order. The young waiter takes down their orders and exits the private booth. He leans back, and relaxes as she leans on his chest.

“So, about last night?” He asks.

“What about it?”

“Who’s house did we break into?”

She smiles, “My former employer.”

He laughs. “Really?”

“She was a real bitch. I worked five years as her personal assistant, until she fired me yesterday, for not bringing her coffee on time. There’s much more to it, but that’s what she fired me for. So I’m creating my severance package.”

He chuckles, “She fires you for not bringing her coffee on time, Well then, I don’t blame you.”

Giving off a sassy gesture, “That’s why we’re able to eat here. There’s no way I could get a VIP booth, and be able to order two hundred dollars of food and drinks. Besides, they know me here, and they’re gonna put that on my former boss’s tab.”

She asks, “So what do you do? You know about me, let me know about you”

“I’m a sales rep at a wireless store. I’m not sure if my life would be comparably interesting than yours.”

“Try me, I know never know.”

“Well…” He pauses, “There was this part about an old woman who demanded me to look up her husband’s phone records, because she suspected he was cheating on her. I told her that we don’t have the ability, so she threw the phone at me.”

She giggles, “So you do have an interesting life.”

“I have a boss who is so smart, he’s stupid. He always talks more than what he knows. But when he feels stupid, he turns to me for assistance.”

“Would you like to know why I really got fired?”


“My former employer and her husband, who’s a police chief, wanted to have a threesome. So she demanded me to come at her house for some assistance. When I arrived, she demanded that I participated in having sex with both of them. I walked out on them, without saying no. She should never confuse a personal assistant as a sex toy. Plus, if you had seen him naked, you would be asking yourself how can he see his dick with a belly so big?”

He laughs, and replies “It’s called a dickey-do. He can’t see what his dickey can do.”

She giggles, “I like you.”

“Me too”

The young waiter returns, with a tray of appetizers, and a pint of sake.

He pours her and himself a shot of sake, and they share a toast. They sip their sake, because it is hot, and set it down. She gazes into his eyes that reflect from the recessed lighting.

“You have such beautiful eyes. I couldn’t help myself to say that.”

He smiles, “Thank you. But what kind of perfume are you wearing? It’s smells so euphoric.”

“I don’t know, but upon cleaning out my desk on Thursday, I took it from my boss when she wasn’t looking; another severance package, along with some other things that I took.”

He chuckles, “I would hate to be on your bad side. But whatever you’re wearing, I’m thinking of skipping dinner, and take you right now.”

Giving him a sensuous evil wide grin, “It’s why I asked for a private booth.”

He tries to remain modest while enjoying the appetizers and sake, but his anticipation grows. Later, the young waiter returns with the entrée of sushi platters and chopsticks. The two begin feeding each other; with the use of chopsticks, while sharing kisses after swallowing their food. Once they finish the entrée, the young waiter returns with a delicious dessert; a tempura-fried banana topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

She takes a tiny scoop of the chocolate drizzled ice cream, and feeds it to him. As he takes a bite, a dab of chocolate syrup lands on his chin. He takes notices and attempts to wipes his chin.

She intervenes by grabbing his hand, “Don’t move.”

She moves closer and sensuously licks the chocolate syrup off his chin. Soon, they exchange a very hot kiss. Things were about to get hot and heavy, until the young waiter returns to check on them.

“Is everything… um okay?”

Feeling a little agitated, she turns to the waiter and asks, “Hey, can you come back in about 10 minutes?”

The young waiter may appear to be naïve, but he knows what the deal is, and nods his head as he exits their private booth.

With a half awkward expression, he asks, “Ten minutes?”

“Yeah, you think you can pull off a quickie in ten minutes?”

She rises from the settee, and stands in front of him. She slowly pulls down her lacy panties, letting it fall to the floor.

“C’mon, take off your pants. I want you so bad.”

He wastes no time. He unbuckles his belt, and unzips his pants. He pulls his pants down to his knees, and she straddles herself on top of him. She grabs hold of his cock, and places his shaft under her snatch, engulfing it all together. She grinds him, letting out soft moans; hopefully, not loud enough for other patrons to hear. They try to overpower each other lips with deep hot kisses, while she grinds on him aggressively. He grabs hold of her ass; with one hand, while playing with her hair; with the other. She leans forward, and whispers behind his ear, letting off breathless whimper.

“Oh, you’re making me cum.”

She grips onto him and locks herself against his harden member, kissing him profusely. He lets off slow but hard grunts, as he cums inside her. They stare at each other breathlessly, as they close their eyes once more and kiss. She gets off him and reaches for a table napkin, so she may wipe herself off. She passes him another table napkin, so he can clean himself. She picks up her panties, and puts them on, then fixes her hair a little.

“I have to run to the ladies room, just wait here for me. When you see the waiter, please ask for new table napkins?”

As he is straightening himself, “Okay.”

He sits back and enjoys his dessert, while she exits the private booth to go to the bathroom, taking the used table napkins along; for sanitary reasons. The young waiter returns carrying a check, and hands it to him. He reads the check, and receives a bill shock of two hundred and sixty dollars. After waiting thirty minutes, he becomes nervous, and then thinks to himself, Oh great! She’s gonna leave me stuck with the check! The young waiter returns, to check up on him. Suddenly, she returns to pick up the check.

“Hi sorry, I hope I wasn’t so long, I had to clean myself, and I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen in a while, are you ready to go?”

Relieved, “Yeah.”

She looks at the check and smiles sinisterly, “Well worth it.”

The two exit the private booth, but not before leaving a generous tip for the young waiter. They walk down the steps together, and greet the cashier, who also recognizes her. They talk briefly, while the cashier places the check on her boss’s tab, assumingly. Once the check is taken care of, they exit the sushi restaurant.

She turns to him and gives him a kiss, “I’m having a great time with you. Let’s go somewhere.”

He asks. “Where do you wanna go?”

“To the other side of town and back.”

Apprehensively, “Other side of town and back? We have such a beautiful view here.”

“I know. I want to take the light rail to enjoy it. Trust me, you’ll like the adventure I have in store for you.”

He shrugs it off, and they catch the light rail train from the Waterfront Station.
Once they’re on the light rail, they sit in the first car; separate from adjoining cars, to catch a view of nightlife activities along the promenade. They hold each other all through the ride, until they reached the last stop. They remained seated in the empty car, as the motorman exits the car and walks past them to other end of the platform. He checks his watch, and it reads 12:45am.

“So what kind of adventure you had in mind?”

Seductively she replies, “We’re now in the last car. Wait until the train leaves, because when the lights go out, no one can intrude on us.”

“What about the conductor, do you think he will notice?

“You worry too much. This is the only car that doesn’t adjoin with other cars of the light rail. We have it all to ourselves, and we can deem it out of service.”

Once the doors close, she rises from the seat and uses the key to the conductors’ booth to turn off the lights of the light rail car.

Laughing, “Where did you get that?”

With a sassy attitude, “From a friend that I know.”

The light rail car is in complete darkness, as the train leaves the station. She takes her seat next to him. Her perfume is so titillating, that he brushes off his worries and becomes aroused. He feels a sensuous rush through his body, that he caresses his hand on her lap. Soon, she climbs over him and they begin to make out. They kiss sensuously, by caressing their lips amongst each other. This passion goes on as the train makes it stops; with no passengers boarding the light rail.

They continue to exchange soft kisses, with caresses and soft biting on the lips. He slides his hands under her night dress, and works his way around her thighs to her ass. He slides his hands under her lacy panties and squeezes her cheeks gently. She sinks her tongue deep into his mouth, playing with his hair.

She whispers, “Bite into my neck. I love the way you touch me.”

She takes off her choker, and tilts her neck to the side, for him to kiss her neck. He lays gentle kisses on her neck, and then extends his tongue to make circle licks around her neck. She moans softly, as squirms her body against his. The frisson of pleasure gives him a sudden impulse to bite on her neck; making suckling noises for her to enjoy. She places her hand at the back of his head, pushing him to closer to her.

She gasps sensuously, as she whispers “Harder, bite harder.”

He moves his jaw around, while biting on her neck. She gasps with pleasure, as she dry-humps against him. His other hand, while under her night dress, works his way to her pudenda. Just feeling how wet she is, is enough to tell she’s ready for him. Instead of fingering her, he pulls down her panties; halfway, from an under-hand position. She turns to him to give him one last kiss, where they ravage each others mouths with dark appetite.

“Now. Take me now!” She whispered.

He pulls down his pants, while she stands back and pulls down her panties. Her silhouette view; taking off her panties, has him feeling a little antsy. His pants are down to his ankles, as he massages his harden member, waiting to feel her lusciousness. Finally, she walks in a seductive pose, and places her panties on the seat. She climbs on top of him, and grabs hold of his cock. She rubs the head of it, as she can feel the precum dripping on the tip.

She whispers, “Your ready for me, aren’t you?”

He whispers back, “I am.”

“Close your eyes.”

He closes his eyes, “My eyes are closed.”

She lands herself on his cock, as the two let out a soft gasp. She moves up and down on him, as they share a breathless kiss. He raises her dress a little more, and presses his hand firm on her ass, while moving herself on him. She lets off a soft moan, and playfully kisses him, teasing his tongue with hers. His heart races from their tongued sensations. She then licks his lips wildly, periodically letting out a soft moan.

Midway to the next stop, they’re in a heat of passion. Her cups are pressed up against his face, as they are pumping each other aggressively. She locks her hips against his legs, as she can feel his cock throbbing in her. He lets out a hard grunt of pleasure, when he cums inside her. She entwines herself to him, as she can feel his cum shooting in her, causing her to orgasm.

As the light rail approaches the Waterfront Station, they hesitate an eerie feeling that someone might be watching them. They turn and notice a police officer standing on the platform; afar from the light rail train, where they are unsure if the police officer can make them or not. They remain still; hoping like hell they won’t be noticed, until the light rail leaves the station. The cop doesn’t make them out. In fact, he doesn’t notice their silhouettes from outside, once the light rail exits the station. They giggle at each other, feeling relieved.

They share a kiss, as they remained entwined in the position. Silence and the smell of sex fill the air.

He asks, “So what now?”

“We wait until the last stop, and you walk me home.”

“You know, I never had sex with someone who never told me her name. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Tyler.”

She smiles, “Tyler, what a cute name for hot guy like you.”

He smiles.

“You know, I was thinking of leaving town after meeting you. But I feel like there is something about you that makes me want to stay.”

“But I never got your name.”

Suddenly seductively, “Darla.”

“Darla… what a beautiful name. It means loved one.”

She replies, “That’s just my middle name.”


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