the quiet ones are the sexiest

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I always knew I had a crush on him, but he always seemed too shy. I dated other guys, but always had talks with him and flirted throughout high school. So when we finally got together our senior year, I fell for him pretty hard.

it started out slow and everything was a struggle since we were both so shy with each other. the first kiss, holding hands, it was all awkward at first…but we worked on it and eventually got more comfortable and close. we started sharing our fantasies and got to know more about each other.

one night while his parents were out of town, he invited me over. his little brother was at some friend’s house, so we were all alone. let me start out by saying that “Nick” always smelled so sexy, and as soon as I walked in and hugged him, I knew it would be a great night. He was taller than me, with a great body (he played sports and worked very hard) which was built and lean. He picked me up and hugged me tight like always and told me how nice I looked.I cooked for him and we layed on the couch, kissing and cuddling for a few hours. when it got dark, we went out back and i watched him take his shirt and jeans off and change into some swimming shorts. i hadn’t brought anything to change into, so I slipped in the hot tub with my cute, lacy bra & panties on. it didn’t take long for them to come off, though.

we had always talked about this, but now we were finally doing it, and the excitment in my stomach was enough to make me scream. i straddled his waist and he massaged me all over, relaxing me, teasing me…and his body looked amazing in the water.I knew he always wanted this, and I could tell how excited he was. he moved our bodies around so that my back was against the wall of the hot tub…he slid into me and started off very slowy. (he was a virgin, and it had been almost 2 years since i had been with anyone). his hands held my hips and he knew I was loving it. (he was known in school for being strong and I loved the way he looked in his football uniform). but anyway…he started making noises and the pace got faster. I was so turned on and excited…the smell os his cologne was driving me insane and I started moaning like crazy. I guess he liked my noises and it didnt take long for him to start banging the hell out of me. I grabbed the sides of the hot tub and held tight as he took what he wanted…I was happy to give it all to him. the warm water felt amazing and when it was over he kissed me and held me in his arms. we took a long, hot shower together and I was gone before his parents were home. I can still smell his cologne and feel him holding me…it was an incredible night.

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