The River

It was a hot August day when Susan and I decided to go canoeing.
We had the entire river to ourselves and the day promised to be quiet and
peaceful. As we packed the canoe I couldn’t help but watch Susan as she
bent over to tie up her lounge chair to the canoe. Her body glisten with
lotion and her legs looked long and sexy. I felt my cock start to grow
and new thoughts of what the day could bring starting racing thru
my head. We shoved off from the shore and as Susan lay back in her lounger
she provided me with a beautiful view of her breast under her tiny bikini and
her legs were spread open causing my entire body to tingle with desire.

As we drifted down stream the hot sun was more than we could take so we
decided to stop on a sand bar to take a swim. The cool water felt very
soothing to our bodies and as we embraced I could feel Susans nipples
sticking into my chest. I reached around her back to untie her top and she
looked up at me and gave me a smile of approval, then kissed me hard on
the lips. I took her top and threw it into the canoe then I slowly started
licking her nipples flicking my tounge back and forth as she moaned with
pleasure. The river was flowing thru our legs and the coolness of the water
tickled my balls which were now aching for her touch. We walked over to the
canoe and I untied her lounger and grabbed a bottle of wine. We took a small
path that led to a clear water pond and set up the lounger so we could lay
together. As we sipped the wine from the bottle we both were warmed by the
alcohol and our desire for each other set in as we embraced. I stood
to remove my shorts, as as they fell to the ground Susan grabbed my cock
and started licking it around the head. She then proceeded to engulf my whole
shaft and started sliding her mouth slowly up and down while caressing my
balls. My cock was aching it was so hard and my eyes were rolling to the back of
my head, it was the greatest feelimg in the world. She would bring me to the
point of climax and then stop and lightly squeeze my balls stoping me from
cumming. I stroked her long black hair and smiled gazing into her eyes and
said it’s your turn now baby. She laid back knowing exactly what I was going
to do. I positioned myself between her legs and slowly pulled her thong down
her legs staring at her pussy of which was now glistening with her juices.

I grabbed the bottle of wine and poured it over her feet to rinse them off
then I started licking her toes. Slowly I licked her legs pausing to look at
her face to see her beautiful smile and her enjoyment and then proceeded to
her pussy. I licked the folds of her pussy apart and then flicked my tounge
ever so lightly over her moist inner walls, she moaned and pulled my head
into her and said lick me baby, lick me hard, make me cum. I darted my tounge
in and out of her laping up all of her juices until they covered my face.
With the tip of my tounge I played with her clit, making her back arch
and her legs start to tremble. She screamed so loud it hurt my ears, she
was cumming so hard, but I didn’t stop, I just keeped licking and sucking her
pussy until she lay motionless in the lounger. My dick was dripping with fluid
and I rolled her onto her stomach and raised her to her knees so as to enter
her from behind. She was still weak for her orgasm but in a quiet voice said
fuck my pussy please, fuck it hard, I love the feel of your dick sliding in
and out of me. As I entered her I did it real slow so I could enjoy the feeling
of her warm moist pussy around my dick and I pushed all the way in and then
held it there and ground my balls against her butt. Slowly I increased my pace
holding onto her thighs, she moaned and told me to to push harder, with each stroke
I would push my dick all the way up her love tunnel until my balls would slap
against her. I felt my balls start to surge and I knew I could not hold out much
longer, just then she reached back and grabbed my balls and the sensation caused
me to cum, harder than I have ever cum before. My dick strained with pain and
pleasure as I collasped over her back and then we both fell onto the sand.
We layed there quietly for sometime not speaking a word just listening to the
sounds of the river and watching the birds fly overhead. I grabbed the wine and
offered her a drink as we layed in the sand, it was a great start to a beautiful day.

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