The Train Ride

As you prepare to travel to Paris for work, you have a strange feeling that something will be different this time. You have a sense of nervousness or anticipation but have no idea why!?

You make your way to the train station with that feeling still nagging at you. When you arrive, you find that the train has already started boarding and the seats are filling up quickly. All except yours and the one across from you. The one facing your seat.

You take your seat in the rear and prepare to look over some papers for your job. You are so deeply engrossed in your papers that you do not notice that I have taken the seat directly in front of you.

I am wearing a tan trench coat with black very high heel shoes. I am have on pearl earrings and necklace. I am wearing red lipstick.

As I get settled in my seat, I accidently nudge your leg with my shoe and say excuse me. You glance up and realize that this is the reason for the feeling that you have had all morning. I smile at you and you smile back. You attempt to get back to reading your papers but everytime I move, you smell my perfume.

As I stare out the window, I notice that you keep glancing at me and decide to have a little fun with you. I reach below my seat for my purse and as I am pulling out my lipgloss, my trench coat gaps open to reveal a thin lacy bra. You realize that I have on only a bra and panties under the coat. As I raise back up, I ask you if it feels warm in the train and you say that its is a little warm. I reply that I have become too warm and begin to unbutton the top three buttons of the coat. As I apply my lip gloss, my shiny red lips pucker . I lick my lips and smile at you as my jacket open falls further .

You attempt again to read your paper. But as you glance up, you notice that I am using a handkerchief to wipe the area between my breasts. You look up and I slowly slide my foot up the legs of your pants, rubbing your calf sensually. I notice that the lap area of your pants has begun to rise and smile a knowing smile at you. You slowly smile back.

I reach down and untie the belt and finish unbuttoning my coat and spread it open to reveal my lacy panties and bra to you. You smile.

I ask if you like what you see and you just smile and nod. I slowly go down on my knees and begin rubbing your thighs, just teasing your groin area. I look into your eyes and tell you that this is a ride you will never forget. I reach for the button and zipper on your pants and slowly undo them. You are looking at me wit a little grin. I pull out your cock and begin to put little kisses in the head before opening my mouth and taking it inside. Your head rolls back as you try to stifle a moan. I begin licking your cock on the underside and swirling my tongue around head. Finally, I take your cock all the way in my mouth and suck on it like a vaccuum. Your hips begin to move as you begin to fuck my mouth.

Just as I feel you tighten up preparing to cum, I pull my mouth from you and stand in front of you with my jacket open. You reach up to caress my breasts and move the bra aside so that you can see and taste my pink nipples. I moan with pleasure as you suckle my breast. I slowly move closer toward your seat and pulling the coat open so that it falls around us, I sit on your hard cock! As I lower myself onto your cock, I whisper in your ear that I want you to fuck me now! I slowly rise and fall on your cock, savoring the feeling of having you inside me. You are so big that I feel your deep inside me! You slowly reach around me and insert two fingers into my ass. Our breathing is now coming in little gasps as we begin to make love shrouded by my coat. Your mouth is on my breast, your cock is deep inside me and your fingers are in my ass! I am in Heaven! I begin to feel an orgasm coming on and whisper in your ear that I want you to cum with me. This is almost more than you can handle and you speed up your trust and we both explode into a wave of pleasure.

As we settle down, you finally realize who I am. I asked you if you are suprised to see me and you say yes. I tell you that, if you enjoy our last few moments, you are in for a treat for the next three days.

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  1. awilson

    I wish i was on that train Love it

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