Train journey to Heaven

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I was on a urgent business trip on behalf of the company I was employed in to Ahmedabad from Bombay. Since it was an overnight journey and I didnot have reservations I reached the station early and bribed the coolies and got a seat in the general compartment. Once the train got underway I slowly fell asleep and didnot notice the arrival of the next station where more people got into the train. Since the seats were already occupied most of the new passengers had to stand between the seats and in the aisles of the compartment. The weather was chilly and having come unprepared I was feeling cold.

I was suddenly awoken by a warm feeling in my shoulder which felt different from the cold feeling in the rest of my body. I opened my eyes and looked up to find a lady standing next to me. I was sitting on the outside edge of the seat next to the aisle and she was standing in the aisle next to me. She must have been in her early thirties with a slim figure and full breasts and hips. She was wearing a salwar kameez with a floral pattern and looked quite pretty in it. The warm feeling in my shoulder was because the lady was leaning against me and her pussy was pressed against my shoulder. The heat radiating from her pussy through her clothes was warming my shoulder and upper arms. I looked up at her face, but she had a blank expression on her face as if she was dreaming with her eyes open. I looked at my other co-passengers and found most of them dozing. Since she didnot give any reaction and was still leaning against me, I slowly moved my left elbow away from my body and almost between her legs. She didnot react immediately, but after some time started humping my arm and elbow with the rocking motion of the train. I realised she was masturbating in the moving train with the help of my arm. After some time I folded my hands against my chest with the palms of each hand hidden under the crook of the other arm. This way the fingers of my right hand were pressed against her thighs as she stood to my left. I waited in this postion for a minute to gauge the reaction if any from her or my other co-passengers. Since nobody was paying any attention to me I slowly started fondling and rubbing her thighs and for quite some time enjoyed the silky and creamy feeling of her thighs through her silk salwar. Then I slowly moved my hand a bit up and started fingering her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy against my fingers. After Some time I found that the pressure she was applying against my moving fingers was more and more insistent and I understood that she was on the verge of an orgasm, So I immediately increased the speed and pressure of my moving fingers against her pussy until I felt her thighs tremble against my fingers. She had come against my fingers and had soaked though her clothes lightly wetting my fingers. I withdrew my hand, took it to my nose and smelled the musty smell of her come on my fingers.

About this time the train entered a station and a couple seated opposite me got up and left the train. She took the vacant seat and the seat next to her was occupied by a fierce looking man with a big moustache and bulging biceps. I suddenly realised that she was travelling with this man who was her husband because of the mangalsutra around her neck. I realised the risk I had taken and the consequences of getting caught. I thanked my stars for saving me and tried to go back to sleep.

After some time I awoke with the feeling that some one was watching me. I looked up and saw the lady staring at me across the aisle. I saw how beautiful looking she was and the couple together looked like the beauty and the beast. Her husband was snoring sitting next to her. She smiled at me and I slowly returned the smile. We continued to stare at each other for quite some time and then she slowly raised her eyebrows as if to ask “what shall we do”. I gave a shrug of my shoulder in return. she then woke up her husband and indicated to him that she wanted to go to the toilet. He roughly told her not to disturb him and went right back to sleep and started snoring again within a minute. She got up and after signaling me with her eyes to follow her went in the direction of the toilet. I waited a minute and quietly followed her. She was waiting for me in the passage next to the toilet. We looked at each other and then grabbed each other and started kissing roughly. I inserted my tongue in her open mouth, finding her tongue and wrapping my tongue around it. I drew her tongue in my mouth and sucked on it. She tasted like honey and I was enjoying myself. Meanwhile my hands had been busy and were caressing her back from shoulder to hips. I then grabbed her fleshy ass with both hands and kneaded them firmly. I then moved my hands up her back under her kameez until I encountered the strap of her bra which I proceeded to undo. I then pushed her against the wall and brought my hand in the front, moving up the cups of her bra and took possession of her breasts. I kneaded them crudely, all the while still kissing her fully on her lips. I took both her nipples between my fingers and rolled them feeling them harden and grow. I then kissed her on her neck and pushed up her kameez to her neck exposing her breasts to the open air and my feverish gaze. I bent forward and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it feeling it grow and harden further in my mouth. While I was doing this I heard her moan deeply in her throat. Suddenly she pushed me away and pulled down her kameez telling me that somebody could discover us there. I also realised the heavy risk we were taking and thought for a moment and taking her hands pulled her into the vacant toilet. She followed me quietly into the toilet. We both were breathing heavily with all the excitement and as I closed the door from the inside she giggled like a school girl who was bunking classes and taking the risk of getting caught. It was a toilet with a english style commode. She sat on the commode, pulled me towards herself and opened the belt and zip of my pant. She then pulled down my underwear along with the pants to my knees and took possession of my penis which was already rock hard. She looked up at me with a sinful glint in her eyes and pulled my penis towards her mouth. she pulled back the foreskin and licked the swollen head with her tongue. She then gave me a blow job. Her technique was pretty basic. she sucked the head with her mouth, using one hand to move the skin of the penis back and forth and the other hand to fondle my balls lightly, turn by turn. After sucking my penis for a few minutes she got up and undid the string of her salwar, pulling it down to her knees along with her panties. She then turned around and bent over the commode using her hands between her legs to direct my penis to her pussy from which she was dripping heavily. I then fucked her from behind. After a few minutes when I increased the speed of my strokes she inserted one hand between her legs and caught hold of my balls squeezing them lightly. This brought on my orgasm and I shot my cum into her pussy. She also seemed to have come simultaneously with me. We then put on our respective clothes. She then kissed me on my lips and whispered a thank you in my ears, took my business card from my pocket and left the toilet. I followed her back after a few minutes to my seat where she was already fast asleep. I also dozed off. When my eyes opened after a few hours she and her husband had already gotten off the train at some unknown station.

After a few days I got a call from her on my mobile phone, but that is another story ….

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  1. lakeboy70008

    yaar damn lucky fellow,nice fucking story, it happens in india, i am feeling really jealous of this guy

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