Twighlight Tribute

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Jacob had given me fair warning. He said that I was in love with him, but I just couldn’t see it because my love for Edward blinded me. I didn’t think I could possibly love the both of them.
I asked him to kiss me, because when he said that he was going to let himself die in battle, bowing out to Edward so I wouldn’t have to choose between them, I knew that it was the only thing that would keep him with me – out of danger. My hands were balled into fists and my mouth passive as he clutched me to him, whispering that I could do better. In my anger I pulled at the hair on the back of his neck, trying to hurt him, but he misunderstood – he thought I was finally letting myself go, finally letting myself show how much I wanted him.
It was the joy in his gasp that finally broke down my barriers. He was in such bliss when his mouth met mine again that I finally realized what he had known for so long –
I loved him, too.
Suddenly, I couldn’t be close enough to him. I pressed my body to his, molding our stomachs and legs together; his arms tightened, one hand on the small of my back, practically lifting me to him, the other hand curled around the back of my head. Though I was freezing cold and covered in layers, Jacob, his werewolf body naturally overheated, was wearing only a pair of sweatpants. His muscles rippled as he grasped me to him. He started to walk me backwards, away from Seth, toward the cliff wall that had been our shelter the night before. When my back was up against the cliff face, he used it to brace me, lifting me so I no longer had to stand on tip-toes and lean my face up to him: we were the same level now. His lips left mine to travel down the length of my jaw and neck, and to nuzzle down my chest. I was panting above him, my mouth near his upturned ear.
“Jacob –” I gasped as he grazed his tongue along collar bone, “Take me.”
He stopped what he was doing, his face centimeters from mine. “Really?” he asked. He wasn’t smiling, but his eyes were light. I knew he must be wondering if he would be my first time, if I was just asking to keep him away from danger, if I really needed it like he did – but I needed it more. Edward had never let me release all my inhibitions with him, but with Jacob it would be easy, and natural – and not dangerous. Jacob didn’t have to be afraid that, in his passion, he could hurt me.
“Please,” I whispered.
This was all the urging he needed, apparently. With another swift kiss, he removed my pants in a swift motion, leaving my boots and jacket on, probably for warmth. I didn’t need it, next to his 108.9 degree body, but I was in too much of a hurry to have him inside me to worry about whether I was naked or not. As long as he could be close to me, I didn’t care. His pants fell around his ankles and he was standing, glorious, naked, and long before me. Like the rest of his body, his dick was beautiful and larger than normal.
“This might hurt, Bella,” he whispered huskily.
“I don’t care,” I told him. I’d been hurt plenty of times before, I was sure this would be nothing.
He angled his dick into me, slowly pushing inward, making me gasp a little as I swallowed his whole length. It wasn’t unbearable, and certainly the pleasure made up for the pain.
“Are you ok?” he asked, and I could hear the urgency in his voice. He must’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I nodded quickly so he could stop feeling guilty and move on to screwing me.
Again, he didn’t take much convincing. As soon as I nodded, he grinned and started moving in and out of me. He supported my weight with one hand under my ass, and used the other hand to brace himself against the rock. His shaggy hair swung back and forth as he pumped into me, and I kept one hand twisted into it and one hand on his face, pulling it toward me so we wouldn’t have to stop kissing as we fucked. He was so strong that I didn’t have to worry about slipping or holding myself up at all – he wasn’t even thinking about supporting me.
Soon, he stopped kissing me, so intent on the thrusting that was happening a few feet below our lips. His head was bent beside mine, and we occasionally kissed each other’s necks or shoulders, but mostly we were losing control – letting ourselves moan, feeling each other’s skin slide side by side. I squeezed his arm and he bit my shoulder, crying out in pleasure as he came. When I felt him release into me, it sent me off into my orgasm, which was louder and longer than any I’d had by myself. We both stopped shuddering at the same time and leaned, weak, against the cliff face.
“Bella,” he panted, pulling his head back to look at me, “I love you.”
I looked into his black eyes. He hadn’t pulled out yet, so I could still feel his semi-hardness inside me. It was in no way a lie when I told him, “I love you too.”

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