Veronica Love, Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

TJ took Veronica out for dinner and a movie a few weeks later and on the ride home, she stopped the car in a random drive way.
“Where are we going?” Veronica asked.
TJ silenced Veronica with a kiss, which Veronica responded to passionately. TJ, sensing Veronica’s submission, used her weight to pin Veronica against the car door where she could not get away.
TJ began to roughly squeeze and fondle Veronica’s small breasts, making her groan in pleasure. When Veronica groaned, TJ pressed her even closer against the door. The car door handle digging into her back made Veronica gasp in pain, but TJ’s hands rudely massaging her flesh made her forget her pain.
TJ put her thigh between Veronica’s thighs and began to press against her pussy until Veronica began to hump her leg like a bitch in heat. Then TJ stopped, smiling wickedly. “Not yet,” she said. “I have something special planned for tonight.”
“What?” Veronica asked.
“Something designed to make you come, over and over,” TJ whispered, in her husky voice.
The sound of TJ whispering in her ear made Veronica even wetter, her clitoris hard, swollen, and erect, her pussy gushing cum.
TJ fondled Veronica for a few more agonizing minutes before taking off Veronica’s pants. She pinched and slapped Veronica’s soft and tender inner thighs, knowing that the pain would arouse Veronica until it was almost unbearable.
“God, TJ…..” Veronica groaned. “Please.”
“Please, what?” TJ said.
“Please,” Veronica repeated, moaning softly and gyrating her hips. “Please, please.”
“I want to hear you say it,” TJ said.
“Please, TJ,” Veronica panted. “Please fuck me.”
“That’s right,” TJ said. “Beg me like a bitch.”
“Please,” Veronica whined. “I need it. I need you to fuck me.”
“I’m happy to oblige,” TJ said, thrusting just one finger into Veronica. Veronica thrust against the finger, groaning in frustration.
“I need more,” she whined. “More.”
TJ added another finger and then another, until she had four fingers in Veronica’s pussy.
Veronica was breathing raggedly, her pussy gushing gallons of come all over TJ’s hand and all over TJ’s car seat. She humped against TJ’s hand, still wanting more, so TJ added her thumb.
Veronica humped frantically against TJ’s hand, feeling so deliciously full. Her clit was swollen, almost an inch long, and her pussy was even wetter.
TJ used her thumb and forefinger to jack Veronica’s clit like a miniature dick. Soon, Veronica was shrieking in pleasure as she came, soaking the car seat, her jeans, TJ’s Jeans, and everything around her. Her orgasm lasted for nearly a minute and left her breathless and shaking.

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