Waiting for a Train

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I was taking the train from Letchworth to London last Sunday.
Unfortunately there was no trains, it being a Sunday there were works on the line so I had to take a bus to Hitchin and pick-up the train from there.
There was a young blonde lady carrying one of those small wheeled suitcases that people use as an overnight bag so I helped her carry it on to the bus.
When we got off at Hitchin the Southbound line is the on the other side of the tracks. So you have to walk down about 30 steps go under the line and walk back up. I again noticed that this girl was struggling to carry her suitcase up the steps so I again helped her with it.
When we got on the platform we noticed that the train company had not coordinated the bus to the trains so we had to wait 40 minutes for the next train.

She told me she was studying in Herefordshire we talked for a while about the area as I was originally from Worcestershire the county next door.
Then she told me that it had cost her £5 to get a taxi from her hotel to the station a journey of just under a mile. “I guess I should negotiated the price before the journey”
“The only way you could have got a discount would have been if you had added in sexual favours”
“I wouldn’t have done that” she exclaimed
“True all the taxi drivers around here are pig ugly” I replied
“No I mean had sex with a taxi driver what would my boyfriend think”
“Well that’s the whole advantage of having sex with a stranger your boyfriend would never know so you can have “none guilt sex” with a different person. You know the saying a change is as good as a rest.”
She looked unsure and then said in a low voice “I’m not in a great position to negotiate sex who would want me?”
“Look you are young and pretty there is still 30 minutes before the train is due and if you asked any guy on this platform to spend the next 1/2 hour having sex with you 95% of them would say yes.”

She didn’t say anything for 2 minutes. I thought I might have upset her but I think she was just mulling this over because then she said.
“Okay will you have sex with me”
I have to point at this point, that I’m over 40. Not completely out of shape but I have never been a fitness nut either.
“Yes you said if I asked any guy to spend the next 1/2 hour having sex with me you said 95% of them would say yes so I’m asking you”
So there I was standing next to a young 18 year old who had now asked me twice to have sex with her.
Will I wasn’t going to say NO was I.

Without saying another word I took her hand and walked to the back of the platform where the Gents toilets are. I looked inside to ensure they were empty and then dragged her in.
We went into the cubicle and I told her to take her trousers and underwear off. Whilst she was doing this I placed her suitcase in the corner out of the way.

There is not much room in the average toilet cubicle. I put the seat down and now she had removed her clothes below the waist I told het to sit on it.

I knelt down between her legs, placed her legs over my shoulders, and started licking.

First I just ran my tongue over her slit, then I kissed almost biting the area between the top of her leg and her pussy.
At this point I noticed her pubic hair, it wasn’t shaved, but with her being young it wasn’t really bushy either.
With my tongue I flicked her clit and then shoved my tongue into her pussy.
She started to moan softly so this time I really attacked her clit. Sucking and nibbling at it she started to moan louder.
I then shoved a finger up her pussy twisting it, then push it in and out. Now she was getting quite wet which meant I could now finger fuck her with two fingers.
Her moaning got louder which worried me in case anyone was outside using the urinals. So I took my fingers out pushed them in the mouth where she sucked her juices off them.
I carried licking her clit until she almost bit my finger off with the power of her orgasm.

I pulled my trousers down sat on the toilet got her to ride me. Shoving my tongue down her throat to avoid her making any noise with her moaning.
As she rode me she grinded her clit into my pelvic bone.
I grabbed her arse as she rode me and then placed one of my wets finger at the entrance to her bum hole.
She started to push against my finger in her up strokes so I teased it into her.
She obviously liked this as she started to ride faster, therefore I inserted my finger further into her.
She again increased her pace so I started to really finger fuck her arse.
This double penetration worked for her and I could see she was about to cum again.
So without warning her I stood up thanks to the momentum and gravity this meant my cock went straight into the hilt and made her orgasm.

As I was standing up, I pushed her against the wall and proceeded to fuck her as fast as I could.
This position wasn’t that great for me, so I got her to bend down with hands on the toilet seat and proceded to fuck her from behind
With my balls slapping into her arse it wasn’t long before I emptied my seed deep into her.
Reuniting Herefordshire and Worcestershire once more.

We both got dressed and walked out of the toilets and caught our train.

Only time I have ever had sex not knowing the name of the girl nor even ever feeling her tits.
So ladies if you are stuck at a train station waiting 30 minutes asked any single guy on this platform to spend the time having sex with you 95% of them would say yes.

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