What My Girlfriend Wanted Was……..

I do not consider myself as gay,as I am attracted to females the same way most males are attracted to females.I have always been turned on by what females wear in the line of lingerie.Lace top stay-up type stockings,garter belt or bustier,panty’s,underwire push-up bra with lacey cups.Sometime back read a story in a magazine about a married man who tried on some of his wife’s lingerie.He claimed it turned him on and suggested other males try this.At the time I was not married and did not have a girlfriend,so I went to the lingerie department of a store and bought some items I liked and have been turned on by dressing up this way ever since.Over the years I have got into dressing up a bit more.Presently am into shaving all my body hair as I enjoy the luxurious sensation and feminine appearance when dressed up.I feel more feminine than what I really am.Periodically I correspond with others who seem interested in the various fantasies that come to mind.These are:single/married females,couples(female+male)some single/married males.For several years now I have been corresponding with Jenny and she sometimes asks me to take photographs of myself dressed up in various items I have in my wardrobe collection.A problem for me is that after my father passed away a few years back,I have been living at my mother’s house to help her out.So,I don’t have the freedom and privacy to dress up the way I like.For awhile,I would take a bath,shave all my body hair,then dress up to a degree,but concealed what feminine attire I put on by wearing sweat pants,hooded sweatshirt,socks and runners over this.Once I was out of the house,I would park someplace and remove the concealing items,put on a wig and slip on a pair of heels.Then drive to some location and park.I often have fantasy scenarios come to mind where someone approaches my vehicle,initiates a conversation and the person soon discovers how I am dressed up and claims to be receptive to my appearance.Usually it has to do with my long,slim legs encased in the black lace top stockings.The skirts tend to slip or slide up and show the lace tops of the stockings.In some cases at night when nobody else is around,I like to step out dressed up and go for walks into parks and conservation areas.With Jenny wanting me to take photographs of myself dressed up,I decided the only way I could do this is to take my camera and tripod with me and find some remote or secluded place where I could set up the camera,set the self timer and pose myself in various ways that she might like.A few times I have done this previously and it’s been a bit of a thrill to pose myself in some public places late at night when nobody else is around.Only,I must confess that I have had some thoughts where a man happens along and approaches me.Caught in the act,so to speak.I must also admit that with having had a few meetings,I have some experience with giving blow jobs,sucking cock,swallowing cum,licking a cock clean,licking a females cunt and taking a cock up my ass too.I think most males who might happen upon me out in the woods somewhere,would understand the significance of my being dressed up as I am.Basically that the opportunity is presenting itself,where he might just get a blow job and might even get to fuck my ass too.With how I dress up,from a bit of a distance,it is easy for someone to mistake me for what I appear to be.Well,the idea I have is where the person offers to help out by taking the photographs of me as I pose myself.Then as a way of thanking him,I give him a blow job and he also takes photographs of his cock in my mouth too.A variation being that he invites me back to his place,which would enable him to take photographs of me with his own camera equipment.So,I take him up on his offer and follow him back to his place.I should mention,to be discreet that I change back in to the sweat pants,hooded sweat shirt,socks and runners,as this scenario takes place during the daytime.Once behind closed doors at his place I change back.How I usually dress up is in:garterbelt attached to black lace top stayup type stockings,bikini panty’s,underwire push-up bra with gel bra/bust enhancers in the bra cups,a blouse or top,slim fitting black skirt,brunette wig and three inch black heels.At times also like to wear a few accessories of:gold/silver colored watch,matching silver colored bracelet,necklace,anklet,two small rings on my fingers and apply some Vanilla Musk perfume for a feminine scent.The man has me pose for him in various ways.Like sitting with my legs crossed,legs parted and spread wide,leaning over,bent at the waist,down on my knees,then he stands in front of me and has me undo his pants,take out his cock,hold his cock in my hand,stroke it a bit,lick his cock,take his cock in my mouth and suck his cock until he cums in my mouth.I gulp and swallow his cum,then lick his cock clean.He lays down on the floor and has me suck him till he is hard,then has me climb on top of him,I postion myself,reach down take hold of his cock and direct his cock to my hole,ease myself down,slowly impaling myself on his cock.I ease myself down a bit and back up,down a bit more and back up.I repeat this over and over,slowly taking his cock up my hole until it is all the way in me.I then raise myself up and down slowly,gradually building up the pace until I am vigorously humping my ass on his cock,much like the proverbial dog in heat.I basically fuck myself on his cock much like a female being on top.I fuck myself on his cock until I feel his cock erupting,shooting his cum into my horny hole.Once he has cum,I then raise myself up and his cock slips out of me with a wet popping sound.He removes the condom from his cock and I lean over him taking his cum covered cock in my mouth to suck and lick his cum from his cock.I then get up and put my panty’s back on,lower my skirt and sit.We talk a bit and exchange e-mail addresses.He goes to his computer and enters my e-mail address,loads the pictures from his camera and shows me the ones he took.He also sends them off to a few of his friends who he claims would be interested.A variation I have to this is where some of the friends show up before I leave and I end up sucking them off and they take turns fucking me.The man who I met tells me he is Master Hank and I am now their party gurl.He then shows me a digital movie on his computer where I am changing my clothes,sucking his cock,fucking myself on his cock,sucking his friends off and them taking turns fucking me too. Later,I change back into the sweat pants,hooded sweat shirt,socks and runners so that I can discreetly leave his residence.Later in the day he sends me an e-mail message with some attachments of some of the images where I am sucking cock and fucking myself on his cock and sucking his friends cocks and being fucked by them all.I transfer the files and burn them to a disc.Then send the disc off to Jenny.Hope she likes it.

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