Where Do I Fit In ?

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Most weekends I like to dress up after I take a bath and shave all my body hair.Usually this consists of:garterbelt attached to black lace top stayup type stockings,bikini panty’s,underwire pushup bra,gel bra/bust enhancers in the bra cups,top or button front blouse,slim fitting short black skirt,brunette wig and three inch black heels.Only,so that I can exit the house and my Mother not to know what I am into,I put the wig and heels in a sports bag or back pack.Wear baggy black sweat pants,hooded sweatshirt,socks and runners to conceal my secret.Usually I drive to some location and sit parked.Lately have been fantasizing about a particular conservation area near a lock and a dam some distance away from where I live.That I step out and go for a walk in the woods.When nobody seems to be around where I am,I then take off my runners,socks,sweat pants and hooded sweat shirt.I then take out the wig to put on and slip on the heels.After putting the items I took off into the sports bag or back pack,I wander around in the woods.I have often fantasized where a man happens along and he follows me to a more secluded and remote area that is well away from the path that leads to the dam.He approaches me,eyeing me up and down.He unzips his pants,takes out his cock and stands there stroking himself.I have to confess that whenever I see a cock I want to suck it.So,I would go to my knees in front of him and suck his cock.I slurp and suck on his member until he cums in my mouth.To gulp and swallow his cum,then to gently lick and suck his cock clean.I have variations to this where another man happens along while I am still sucking the one cock.That he may approach and take out his cock and offer it to me to suck as well.He may stay at some distance to watch until I finish sucking the first man’s cock.Once the first man leaves,the second man approaches and then has me suck him off too.Mostly I am into sucking cock/giving blowjos to men who seem to be receptive to my dressing up as I do.I do not consider myself as gay.I am attracted to females the same way that men are attracted to females.I enjoy licking and sucking women’s nipples and licking their cunts to make them cum as many times as they want.Unfortunately,men seem more receptive to my dressing up,than women do.Once in awhile and every so often,I sometimes get to meet a couple where she is not into sucking cock,swallowing cum and won’t take cock up her ass.I suck her husband or boyfriends cock,they fuck until he cums in her cunt,I lick and suck his cock clean,then lick the cum out of her cunt.It would be nice for a man to ease his cock into my ass slowly,and to fuck me while I continue to lick her cunt.As I had a girlfriend previously who arranged for individual male friends who were receptive to my doing this.

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